1. Exxxo

    HELP, How to get a clean Install of LION 10.7.5 on a UD3H B3 U1L with 560 GTX TI

    Hi everyone, it's been two days now then I want my hackintosh install clean and stable. My hdmi port was'nt working properly so I decided to do it well, from the begining. What did I do? I flashed my Bios F10 to UEFI U1L I did set up the bios properly I did a clean install with...
  2. Rainbowhit

    Mountain Lion and Nvidia GTX550ti/Gigabyte GV-N550OC-1GI

    Hello, i wanted to ask if the GTX550ti is working on Mountain Lion now or are the problems with sleep and wake etc. still there. It would be a pleasure if someone could tell me. With friendly greetings Rainbowhit
  3. Rainbowhit

    Mountain Lion and Nvidia GTX550ti/Gigabyte GV-N550OC-1GI

    Hello, i wanted to ask if the GTX550ti is working on Mountain Lion now or are the problems with sleep and wake etc. still there. It would be a pleasure if someone could tell me. With friendly greetings Rainbowhit
  4. andytu

    windows 8 + Lion

    Hi, I am currently running Windows 8 on my Pc, and I want to install Lion alongside with it. I already made a partition to install, but I don't know exactly how to do it, and I don't want to lose my Windows installation. I want a multiboot system. How can I do it?
  5. Rudd999

    xps 420 on board audio help

    hey, i have managed to get lion installed on my Dell xps 420. The 8800GT graphics card is working great and the onboard ethernet is working a treat. the only issue i have is i can't get the onboard audio to work :( it was all going so well up until this point. anyone got any advice or...
  6. alexs8

    GTX 660 ti 2GB and 9500 GT not working together 10.8.3

    Hello, i installed the new Mountain Lion 10.8.3. Want to work with Davinci Resolve with 9500GT as GUI and GTX 660ti as GPU. EVGA 9500 GT 1GB as GUI works perfect with GraphicsEnabler=Yes . ASUS GTX 660 ti 2GB is recognised as Unknown, together installed. ASUS 660 ti 2Gb as GUI with...
  7. feluxz

    Apple retail wifi card problem

    Hello, i have been running my hackintosh for 5 months now and every thing has been working great. Today when i started the computer running mountain lion 10.8.2 the network didnt work, i had Wifi signal to my router but i couldnt access any webpage. I tried in Windows 7 and it worked so it...
  8. gado108

    UniBeast Error

    I'm trying to use the UniBeast 1.70 Lion and Mountain Lion to create a new USB install key. I donwnload Lion and Mountain Lion on normal mac they works to install both system. When I try to create the USB after 5 second gives error. My question is: UniBeast is working...
  9. HempCures

    Which OS X to install? Lion vs Mountain Lion New Build

    Hey everyone! ;) New to the forums but have been a long time reader, I have slowly been getting the parts for my build. I have a bit of a dilemma though with my very first build, so go easy on me. I am unsure of what is more stable or reliable? I have an OS X Lion Installation Thumb Drive...
  10. muskatnuss

    Post Install Problem at startup

    Hello tonymacx86 community! I tried to install OS X Lion on my new notebook. I have created an boot USB disk with Unibeast and APP Store OS X Lion. I managed to get that running on my new system and installed OS X. No at Post Install i got stuck, there are several errors showing up during boot...
  11. vincentjames501

    XFX 7950 with MSI Z77A-GD65: boot0 errors Chimera

    Hello All, I figured I'd spend the day trying to get Mountain Lion set up on my new rig. I have everything working (graphics, audio, networking, sleep, etc) with the onboard HD4000 graphics. The problem comes in when I plug my HD7950 in and try to boot. I get a boot0 error screen as seen...
  12. Ratteler


    I upgraded my UD3P's BIOS to the new UEFI one, but at the moment I only have OS X 10.7 on the USB dongle and 10.6 on DVD. I know Mountain Lion works better, but I'd like to just get my system up an running. Am I doomed? Or can an this MB work with older OS X once it's been UEFI'ed.
  13. marvelicious

    iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC

    NICE - first of all thanks to for the great effort running this marvelous discussion board and keeping it up2date...:thumbup: Is it possible to use the Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Retail DVD for the "iBoot + MultiBeast installation method" instead of the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow...
  14. maniacmansion

    Changing Graphics Card to GTX 650 in Lion

    I have been using a tiny little NVIDIA GeForce GT 210 with my CustoMac build for about a year, but its starting to die and I needed to upgrade anyhow. So I purchased a new MSI GTX 650 card, but am having trouble getting it to work. It goes to the apple logo, spins for a bit, then a grey sheet...
  15. acarterg

    UniBeast fail

    Hello all, I know there are a ton of posts but I was hoping someone would be able to look at my log and see what the issue is. I have tried Mountain Lion as well as Lion and have been unsuccessful in creating a boot stick. here is the install.log from my most recent try with Lion and Unibeast...
  16. ptonept

    UniBeast restarting - Unable to install Lion

    Hi Gang. Thanks for all the great information. It's really been useful. I've built the following Hackintosh: GIGABYTE H77M-D3H Intel i7 3770 Ivy Bridge ASUS GEFORCE GT 640 (currently pulled out for install) 16gb (2x8) Corsair Vengeance Sandisk Extreme 120gb SSD I've just flashed my bios to...
  17. msy07

    Random Kernel Panic on Bootup w/ Pics

    Hi Guys! First of all I wanna thank tonymacx86 for their extraordinary effort to make OSX run on PC. Anyway, I successfully installed OSX ML 10.8.2 on my PC with the ff specs: Proc: Intel i5 3470 3.2 Ghz Mobo: Gigabyte H77m D3h Ram: GSkill Ripjaws X 2x4gb 1600 CL9 PSU: Seasonic S12II GPU...
  18. rockero_8727

    Failed to install Mountain Lion Hackintosh

    Hardware: Ivy Bridge i7 3770k msi z77 Mpowered bigbang EVGA GeForce gtx 660 16 GB Corsair RAM 750w Antec PSU In verbose boot the last line of text says: "power management may be incomplete or unsupported" and tells me to reboot my installation. PLEASE HELP.:beachball:
  19. sdforlife

    How can I zoom in Safari?

    How can I zoom in Safari? ML 10.8.2
  20. aueagles

    Lion on Lenovo Y400?? Any One??

    Hey guys I'd really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this for me, seriously you'd really be doing me a solid. I want to buy the Leovo y400 laptop and wanted to know if anyone successfully hackintoshed it, before I buy it. Specs are: Up to 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor...