1. llanyort

    MAC MINI - C2D 2.0Ghz

    i recently upgraded my mac mini to a C2D processor(not core duo). could i use Unibeast to load Lion onto my mac mini? i know this sounds weird to try a "hackintosh" approach to upgrade my mac system. thanks, llanyort
  2. zufl88

    lion does not start

    I installed it on my pc lion Mountain 10.8 I used this guide use multibeast for drivers and boot but when I restart I get stuck with the following screen: while if there is no entry for the...
  3. jricica2

    Lion Installer Hanging on 4530s

    Hello all, I apologize if I am overlooking something silly, but I have yet to be able to get the Lion installer to load on my 4530s. I previously owned one and sold it, but missed it so badly that I purchased another used one on to hackintosh. I have reset the BIOS to default settings and...
  4. indy7500

    Went from Lion to mavericks, did not work... On this guide, I got to step 6. Then I skipped a-j, as I was using lion.When I installed mavericks, I installed it onto the hard drive for lion (existing install). Then, I rebooted, to do multibeast...
  5. henkjanes

    how to remove a SleepEnabler kext??

    Hello guys, The last day's I'm trying to get osx lion running on a quite old pc: cpu: e8400 motherboard: p5kpl-am i had almost everything working, only a driver for the internal graphics was missing and the hackintosh didn't want to go in sleep mode.... to get sleepmode running i found this...
  6. otosan

    [GUIDE] Alienware M15X - 100% Working 10.8.5, SpeedStep, FullAcell Graphics & Native Airport

    Just want to post a successful installation on my Alienware M15x, :D My spec is : - i7 920XM 2.0Ghz (Turbo 3.2Ghz) - 16GB 1333Mhz - GTX 460M - Intel SSD 160GB + Seagate Momentus XT 500GB - Dell Bluetooth 370 - Tenda USB WiFi 802.11n --> UPDATED 1 : Now with Fully Working Airport...
  7. Aqil

    Stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!

    Can someone help me? I installed OS X on my hard drive after I patched my BIOS using pmpatch but when I tried to boot from it, it stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport. I've tried to boot with; -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No but still failed.
  8. aperfectcircle1994

    Install problems Asrock Extreme4 Z77

    Hey guys :) I´m stuck installing mountain lion on my pc... I can boot from the Unibeast stick, but everytime i got a grey screen with "pls. restart your computer" (pictures in appendix). I testet some hours with bios setups, i flashed my biod with a "mod bios", but it doesn´t run...! When i...
  9. joepshoulak

    GA-Z77-DS3H leads to infinite loading screen after install

    Hello. I have a GA-Z77-DS3H board, which I have gotten working with Lion in the past. I am now attempting to install ML on the same computer. I made the bootable thumb drive, went in and used disk utility to erase (but not reformat) the drive, and continued to install ML. After it said it was...
  10. ghostyroasty

    ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 2.90 Bios Need Help!!

    I've read and read and read, and I am stuck with an install that is going nowhere. Here are my specs: AsRock Z77 Extreme4 mobo Unmodified 2.90 Bios (My Windows 8 install is my main OS and I'm wary of modding the bios for fear of messing with my Windows 8 install. The Mountain Lion is going to...
  11. milesholt

    Unibeast failed - Lion OSX

    Hi, I've downloaded the OSX Lion app and getting only these lines in the console - 08/09/2013 12:24:44 Installer[1108] The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. 08/09/2013 12:25:16 Installer[1123]...
  12. cpk33

    Stuck on ML boot screen with spinning wheel

    Hey all, New to forums and want to say thanks for all of the great resources. I built my machine with the golden Moarfish build as the basis. -GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H LGA 1155 Intel B75 SATA 6Gb/s...
  13. beelzebozo

    History of Site Supported OS X Releases

    macOS Sierra macOS 10.12.6 macOS 10.12.5 macOS 10.12.4 macOS 10.12.3 macOS 10.12.2 macOS 10.12.1 macOS 10.12 OS X El Capitan OS X 10.11.5 OS X 10.11.4 OS X 10.11.3 OS X 10.11.2 OS X 10.11.1 OS X 10.11 OS X Yosemite OS X 10.10.5 OS X 10.10.4 OS X 10.10.3 OS X 10.10.2 OS...
  14. cvt07

    Error Boot0

    system was installed and turned off the laptop and then left that screen. not boot dvd. does nothing. black screen with boot0 error boot0:gpt boot0:test boot0:test boot0:gpt boot0:test boot0:test boot0:error
  15. zeroblitzt

    EVGA 550 Ti on Mountain Lion - Panic on boot

    [solved] EVGA 550 Ti on Mountain Lion - Panic on boot Hey all, after much head scratching today, and a few clean installs, I managed to get my first ever hackintosh system working... sort of. It works great using my on board graphics, but when I try to use my EVGA GTX 550 Ti, with or without...
  16. Cydonia22

    [SOLVED] Unibeast failing consistently despite usual troubleshooting - please help

    To start, I've been through the Unibeast Troubleshooting Guide, but my installs keep failing every time. I've tried numerous settings and every time it fails the same way. I've also searched the forums to no avail. Here's my error log from the Console: 7/27/13 2:02:41.376 AM Installer...
  17. UnKnown863645

    Problem: Lion won't boot!

    Hi, I recently built a powerful desktop all hackintosh ready since it can run Lion AND Snow Leopard in virtual box, but i'm having a bit of trouble installing it to a hard drive. I was going to install it via Unibeast and my Lion Install that I've had in my applications for a while, but I have...
  18. CzNazzaa

    Can't load Installer in chimera boot loader! Please Help

    Hey this my first ever hackintosh build and the software is driving me crazy.:banghead: CPU- Intel i5 3570K Motherboard- Gigabyte Z77-DS3H Graphics- Intel HD 4000 Ram- 8gb SSD- Sandisk 120gb Extreme So I installed snow leopard but I have to use iBoot all the time as Snowleapord is not...
  19. MacWINtosh

    HELP ME PLS!!!! BIOS are very buggy

    if i open the BIOS (GA Z77 DS3H) it looks really buggy and i can't read anything and i need to enable vt -d for vmware fusion. What am i doing wrong? how can i enable my Graphics card under lion 10.7.5?
  20. asujosh1

    CMOS Checksum error on Unibeast 2.1.0

    I have a Hack running Snow Leopard that I've been having random issues with for a while now. I tried installing Lion on it a while ago but couldn't build the USB with Unibeast, it always seemed to error out. I moved to a Macbook Air and was able to build the Unibeast installer USB. Drop it in...