1. blackburst

    Geforce 680, Lion, 3+ monitors?

    Has anyone managed this since the 10.7.5 update? All 4 outputs would be amazing but even three (simultaneously). Apparently "native support" doesn't imply that all the card's outputs are working (?). Can't update to ML, but I really need a 680 to work.
  2. hlehofer

    No sound after upgrade to 10.7.5

    After the upgrade to 10.7.5. (Combo-Update) I no longer sound. I've tried to re-install the drivers with MultiBest, but this did not help. The board is a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 Previous upgrades worked without any issues. Any ideas?
  3. dmvdberg

    GTX580 ... which one?

    I've been puzzeled about this for about a week now ... Two weeks ago I succesfully build a Hackingtosh with i7 2600K, 16Gb Ram, Gigabyte board and a EVGA GTX570HD SC. Sadly that gfx isn't that available anymore :'( A good friend asked me to build a hackingtosh for his film editing work...
  4. maxfieldk

    Can't install lion!

    Hi im trying to install osx lion but i cannot get to the installation screen. I have a asus rampage iv formula motherboard, a evga 4gb 670 GPU, and a intel 3930k (sandy bridge) processor. I have tried the PCIRootUID=0 and graphicsenabler=No flags. When I use the verbose command these are the...
  5. last.ride

    Lion Installation fails - com.Apple.Driver.AppleACPIPlatform kext not found

    Hi guys, I prepared a Lion Stick under MacOSX 10.6.0 as it is described on but when I try to install Lion or start the already installed Snow Leopard I get the following error message...
  6. mazenmardini

    No OpenCL on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 with XFX ATI Radeon HD 6850

    Hi, do anyone know to get OpenCL fully working on Lion? I'm using XFX ATI Radeon HD 6850 and I'm getting this error from Luxmark: OpenCL ERROR: clBuildProgram(-11) It's really strange because I thought my graphics card was compatible with Lion and even Mountain Lion. Besides the Luxmark...
  7. energy534

    Please Help Me get my Mountain Lion Going (If possible)

    I have been trying to get Mountain Lion up and running and have tried so many things. I haven't been able to get it close to getting it working can anyone point me in the right direction on getting this working. Here's my Hardware Asus P8Z68-V-Pro/Gen3 i7 2700k Galaxy Gtx 680 Corsair Vengeance...
  8. i2pro

    Slow boots far post-installation

    We are editing digital video on our hackintosh, its a GB H77-DS3H, 3.49 i7 Sandy, and a Radeon 6850 1 GB. It has been a killing machine as we have a fast setup of 16gb ram, decent HD (NOT SSD like we would like), until recently. We do move this machine around a bit from home to office depending...
  9. Livegeek

    Installation on Sabertooth P67, Loading roor emblem

    Hi, Just to start of with here are my computer specs: Asus Sabertooth p67 i7 2600k WD 1TB HDD Asus Matrix Nvideo GTX 580 1000W PSU 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM (1600 MHZ) My current BIOS version is 3209 because someone told me that was the best to start of with. If I need to install...
  10. kpro

    GA-Z77x-UP5 TH install issues

    Hello fellow hackintoshers, this is my first post here and I seem to have quite an issue. I have built myself a Z77x-UP5 hackintosh but the install seems to flat out not work. I have a USB Lion install that I am trying to get to work and it just keeps resetting my machine. Like if I select the...
  11. georgechow

    My hack repeats powering on for a few seconds and shutting down for a few seconds

    I am using H61-S2V-B3 mobo for my hackintosh build and other hardwares are typical, such as an i3 processor, Kingston RAM, SSD. After successfully installing Lion and running it smoothly, I experienced it suddenly goes to repeating turning on and shutting down. Except I open the chassis and...
  12. fuzzylollipop

    Ableton Crashes on start because of Graphics

    Ableton Live 8.3.3/4 Crashes on start because of Radeon 4890 I have a Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon 4890 HD. It was working just great with Ableton Live until Lion 10.7.2. I upgraded to 10.7.4 and Ableton Live won't run anymore, crashes at startup. I have done all the Google research I can, and...
  13. hackintose

    Lion Ivy Bridge GA-Z77-UD5H i5-350k

    Hello everyone! Im new to this community, but not the osx86 scene, I successfully ran osx86 10.4 on my P4 around 5 years ago with the newly released "Dead Moo" image. I've done extensive googling and have assembled most of the hardware for my new build. Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD5H Bios has been...
  14. ShadeStorm

    IDE Hard Drives Not Working

    Hiya... iv been using this installation of lion for about 2-3 weeks and it's been working perfectly (apart from a hiccough with ram). I wanted to use Final Cut but it turns out it needs a sepperate scratch disk (HDD) to actually edit. But my IDE drives (my only spare HDD's) wont show up in...
  15. azactro

    Battery problem + 4530s

    I have ML on my 4530s, but for some reason my laptop won't run on the battery. Not sure if it is a hardware or software problem. I bought a new battery and it allowed me to run the laptop with out the AC, but the laptop wouldn't charge the new battery and if I was running off the battery and...
  16. Milhouse_

    Z77X-UD5H and i7-3770k Boot loop problem before install - need a hint!

    Hi! I have a GA-Z77X-UD5H F14(latest BIOS), a i7-3770k cpu, corsair 16gig of ram(4x4 low profile kit), using the IGP HD4000 with the DVI port and an old dvi monitor. First of all, Windows 7 installed perfectly. But when trying to install OSX Lion, I am getting a boot loop right where...
  17. bcos

    nVidia GT520 On-Off Problems in Lion/Mountain Lion

    Hello guys... I've got myself a nice, working hackintosh, two actually, one is i5+h61 motherboard, other is old c2d+asus p5g41 motherboard, and I've had a ton of problems with getting my graphic cards to work... so, I bought Gigabyte GT520, which has native support in Lion, installed it, card...
  18. siddharth.shekar

    Netgear wg111v3 with Mountain Lion

    Hi I have a wg111v3 usb netgear wifi dongle which doesnt seem to be compatible with Mountain Lion... Is there a way around it??? I bought it about 2 years ago and it was compatible with Snow Leopard. It was somewhat compatible with Lion (it is odd. it was working with 7.2 a couple of days ago...
  19. bebopfan

    Intel Q67 Mini-ITX Build

    Good morning everybody, I've searched throughout the forums but can't seem to find an answerplenty, so I'm coming to you for help. I want to build my girlfriend a little Hackintosh. Specifically, she wants to use the following case...
  20. chasewd

    ASUS P8z68 Motherboard, i7 2600k, HD 5770, and 8GB of RAM. What am I doing wrong? (POST INSTALL)

    I am able to install OSX Lion using the Unibeast method. I have a legit mac that I am using to troubleshoot. Everything seems to work fine until I start using Multibeast. Im not sure exactly what kexts I need to use based on my hardware. Ethernet seems to be supported out of the box with 10.7...