1. ness91

    Lion on Haswell?

    Is there any chance to install 10.7 on a Haswell CPU? With a patched Kernel or something. I need this for my Pro Tools version
  2. Baby_Vegeta

    H77m-Dh3 Sierra?

    Hi, i'm wondering if i could install this version of mac on my computer. I don't want to upgrade the hardware, cause it works very well. I've seen that people with the same motherboard and a gtx 560(non ti like mine) were able to get running osx,yosemite,mountain and mavericks. My computer has...
  3. BlackFed

    Help with Dell inspiron 1420 OS X Lion 10.7

    Hi, I've tried everything but without success. I've managed to het the installer to work on my laptop, but when I actually install it, after installed, it won't boot in any way,tried with a thousand of flags, no luck. it stuck on Waiting for root device. Of course I've AHCI enabled in my bios...
  4. alexander750

    Dual boot El Capitan/Lion with Clover; no audio in Lion, DSDT question

    After getting my Hackintosh all squared away with El Capitan, I took the next step and went for a dual-boot setup with Lion (for legacy apps, mostly games, from my MacBook) on a second internal drive. Knowing that graphics would be problematic with the GT 730 in Lion, I went to nVidia's download...
  5. alexander750

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R 1.0/F12: First Hackintosh, en route to El Capitan

    Prologue: I need something to run the latest iTunes, for iOS 9.x support, for the latest iPhones (5s, 6, 6s), because that's what my new Honda demands. To run the latest iTunes, need at least ML, ideally El Capitan. To get El Capitan via a legit route, need something that can also run Lion, so I...
  6. jonahcolor

    Chimera: Apple Logo for a second, then reboot! Help!

    MOBO: H97M-ITX CPU: Intel i3 RAM: 8 GBs Graphics: Integrated Intel So I used Unibeast to install Lion onto my USB and everything was going swimmingly, and when I booted to Chimera for the first time, I pressed enter and the following is the chain of events that ensued upon pressing enter...
  7. darrin.ram

    Dell Inspiron n5050 Yosemite?

    Good day and I apologize in advance if I ask the same question as somebody else but.. I have a Dell Inspiron n5050 and I was doing research into how to hackintosh this device I know that it is Lion compatible What I would like to know is if it is compatible with later versions of Mac OS X...
  8. Latin-Flyer

    MAC Still required

    OK, well it seemed like a good idea at the time! Sadly, everything is currently stalled for the lack of access to a MAC which is seemingly needed in order to create the 'Beast' Flash Drive? I've got to say I'm disappointed to be 'stuck' in the starting gate so to speak, especially after having...
  9. onemotime

    Change the default Graphics card boot order

    I recently added an EVGA Nvidia GT220 graphics card to my 2008 Xserve 2.1 running OSX Lion. I can't install Final Cut because the system has the original Radeon X1300 as the default card with only 64mb of ram. How do I get the Bios and OSX to load the Nvidia card as the primary card? Thanks for...
  10. Wazzer71451

    OS X Lion Installation Multibeast options

    Hello all, I am installing OS X Lion onto my PC, Here's my specs Motherboard: Foxconn CM-45 CPU: Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.13GHz Graphics: GeForce GT220 1GB RAM: 2GB I am unsure what multi beast settings to choose, this is my first time hackintoshing so i don't know a lot. I also have a USB WiFi...
  11. LucaCarrera

    Lion 10.7.5 w/GTX680 don't work. Help me!

    Hello, I installed Lion 10.7.5 on this Hackintosh: CPU i7 3770K EVGA GTX 680 Graphics GA-Z77X-UP5 TH but I can not get it started. Removing the graphics card the computer boots without problems, when I insert the GTX 680 after the apple logo tells me to restart...
  12. Shirikatsu

    Random Freeze Crashes on 10.8.5 GA-Z77-DS3H

    Hi guys, I built my Hackintosh about a year and a half ago: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Intel Core i3 3220 Gigabyte GTX 650 Ti Kingston HyperX 4GB x 4 And starting about a few months ago I have been getting random freezing that renders my system completely unresponsive. The screen remains in the...
  13. Thedarkbobman

    Where do i get the OS X Yosemite installer?

    I have the original OS X Lion installer from a while back, but i don't seem to have the Yosemite one. I am also running Yosemite and can't find a way to get the installer. When i try and create a new unibeast bootable drive, i can only create one for lion. Where do i get the installer for Yosemite?
  14. pholdensgaard

    Update from lion to yosemite

    I've searched around, trying to figure out how to update from lion to yosemite but without any luck What is the easiest way to update??
  15. zolo185

    Cant get Gtx 760 to work in 10.7.4

    Hi guys , The rig is MB: Z68xp-UD3 i7-2600K 16 GB Corasair Vengeance (untill now GTx 550) Recently bought a GTX 760 so i could upgrade to Mavericks but i still stay in Lion due to the Drivers for audio hardware that i have are only updated up to lion. Id like to be able to dual boot into...
  16. pinci

    Lenovo M5400

    Hi guys , its Lenovo M5400 supported any version OSX?
  17. treyfh

    Booting Issue

    This came up recently without any changed to my system. I'm running multi beast with Lion. I've tried both options that are displayed and neither gets me anywhere. Can someone give me some help. This system was built for me so I'm a novice when it comes to Hackinstosh problem solving.
  18. EricFish

    Any AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Help?

    Howdy there, I've been on 10.6.8 for a while now, and finally decided to step it up to Lion. Install went fine, and I was able to boot up into Lion using the -x boot flag. Once there, I used the Lion MultiBeast, and I think I messed it up somewhere, because now I can't boot into anything...
  19. ktlnjcksn

    Clone everything from Mac to Hackintosh

    Hello I currently have a Late 2006 iMac running OS X 1.7.5 Lion with a ton of stuff on it and I'd like an exact clone of everything to be on my new Hackintosh. I am still looking into even going the Hackintosh route and being able to have everything exactly how it is on my iMac transferred onto...
  20. heyeg

    LION 10.7 Running on ASUS x201ep

    Hello all,. i've tried to instal lion on my tiny Asus x201ep by replacing all intel graphic.kext with custom Intel HD 2000.kext ., and it's successfully installed. :D And i got the following hardware compability error.. Works. -shutdown, sleep, restart feature -VGA port for external display...