1. Highwell

    Problems with Clover! Help me out, please!

    Hi everyone! :) I just installed clover on my new hackintosh machine. Well, everything works great inside OSX(i think, some freezes sometimes) but when i boot up with Clover i got into a problem. How to fix it? Look at the image.
  2. hayesy1233

    Possible Graphics Problems when booting? OSX Yosemite

    I recently installed OS X Yosemite 10.10 onto my PC using the guidance of the MW Technology and succeeded but had to restart after using multibeast. So I did and to start OS X I had to use "GraphicsEnabler=Yes and USBBusFix=Yes" to get into the OS and the apple logo showed up on the screen along...
  3. YK97

    Seagate Hard Drive is not read after upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.3

    I had the same issues with my Seagate HD a few months ago, so I sent it to be fixed and they changed the board of the HD and it worked on my previous install 10.10.1 I decided to upgrade to 10.10.3 to fix some issues, and now the HD won't register on my computer. It runs, and it works, I can...
  4. icedcolt

    Hackintosh or the real thing

    Hackintosh or the 2010 Mac pro I have been looking and I don't know what to buy i have the choice between a 2010 12 core Mac pro with 96gb of ram and a gtx 980ti or titan x or a z97 core i7 hackintosh with 16gb and dual 980's both will cost around the same price but I don't know what would be...
  5. iDiot

    Geforce GTX 650 SC Multiple Display Problem

    As the title shows, I've got a Problem with my Graphics Card. My System Runs OSX 10.9.5 smootly. Recently I've found a 19" Monitor which I think runs a Resolution of 1400x900. I want to hook It up to my Hacki, but if I want to use it it just doesn't scale correctly. Do anyone has any kind of...
  6. ITheSpazI

    Yosemite Build Has No Audio,Randomly Freezes,standalone boot loader failure

    I am having a hell of a time finding the right Audio Kext for my Asus Maximius Impact because it uses a different audio solution than everything else. It uses the Supreme FX Audio whatever that translates to. ( i actually broke OSX last night from installing one) the computer will randomly...
  7. ProjectInfinity

    HP 2170p Yosemite install trouble

    Hi, I am having some trouble with my HP Elitebook 2170p when installing OSX Yosemite 10.10.4, so I made a text file where I keep track of what I do. Please let me know if I am missing something or not doing it right. Machine: HP Elitebook 2170p Intel Core i7-3667u 16GB RAM Intel Graphics HD...
  8. scourtois1985

    Hackintosh restarts after shutdown

    Hey everyone, so I have this strange problem that once my computer is fully shutdown (lights and fans turn off) the computer restarts after about 1-2 seconds. I turned every function in Mavericks and in bios off that indicates any kind of "wake after..." function. This is my setup: Gigabyte...
  9. ryansandlin

    Yosemite Stuck at First Login - HELP!

    After finally getting OSX Yosemite to install on the designated drive, when I try to log in after the first boot configuration I get stuck logging in. To be more specific, I try logging in to my account in Yosemite after the first time configuration and when I type in my password and hit...
  10. minejuli

    Which BIOS version should I install? GA-Z97-D3H

    Hello guys, I have a question: Wich Bios version is the "best" for my Matherboard Motherboard: GA-Z97-D3H Bios Link: I want to update my Bios becaus I had in the past many problems with my Hackibntosh. I am running Bios Versin...
  11. BrickPig

    My Computer stops at System uptime in nanoseconds: .........

    Hello, i have a problem with the installation of Yosemite on my Pc. Every time it stops at System uptime in nanoseconds: ......... CPU Intel i7 4790K MB GA-z97x-UD3H SSD Samsung 840 EVO GPU Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 G1-Gaming 4GB What should i do? Please Help
  12. itsyaboij

    No matter what bootflag I enter, it always stop here HELP!!!!

    I've tried these combinations to get this far -v -x cpus=1 dart=0 -v -x cpus=1 PCIRootUID=1 -v -legacy cpus=1
  13. slim.jim

    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    ---------------------------- As of the 10.10.5 driver there are no longer the checks in the distribution file for system profile and if the hardware is installed. It only checks for the OS X build number. This makes problems 1 and 3 obsolete. ---------------------------- This is a guide to help...
  14. charliezayas

    Done Once

    Well done my first build, and only had problems once I' updated! So what to do? I'm thinking... First I' already erase it, should I try again, (maybe i don't like OSX after all, I'm so use to Linux); Friends I didn't try Ethernet, cuz after update the Wifi didn't work even with the Wifi card...
  15. vinz.vinz

    Audio ports switched O.o

    I am using an ASrock H77m-itx on Mavericks. I am using the old mountain lion driver .kext for ALC892, becuase some people said, that the drivers from the new Multibeast version won't work. Everything worked fine, until the Audio Output stopped working. But surprisingly it just switched ports...
  16. wyldtwyst

    Yosemite problems with booting, audio, and App Store - are these related?

    I've had a working hackintosh since early 2012 thanks to all the great info here. However, I'm starting to have a ton of problems, which makes me think I'm missing something really simple. I'm no pro at this [think n00b that can follow most instructions] but I can usually find what I need when...
  17. cescotakeoff

    TP-Link WDN4800. It's ON but it doesn't work

    Hi guys! i have some problems with my wifi card. The first day it worked well, no connection problem. today is the second day and it started having some troubles. The wifi card is switched on and connected to the router but internet doesn't work. If i switch it off and then on again, it works...
  18. DerBuilderAlex

    Hackintosh Installation Stops At "BluetoothHCIController -completed"

    Hello, i want to install it via usb, but it stops (with the command -v) at the Bluetooth HCI Controller. Can someone help me ? I tried it with graphicsenabler=no. The screen is connected to the graphics card. Is there a solution ? PC: i5 750 Dell DH57M02 4GB DDR3 1333 500gb HD GTX 750 Ti
  19. Doccool

    Newbie trying to triple boot, looking for some help.

    Hello! So i recently decided to multiboot my computer, more specifically Windows 7, Yosemite and Ubuntu 14.10. I am able to complete OSX installation, go on and install windows and up to this point everything is fine (as far as I can see) except that I have to boot into Yosemite with...
  20. unini2014

    Installed Yosemite, cant move forward.

    Installed Yosemite. It seems to work until I use Multibeast and after restart, cant get in to Yosemite. What am I doing wrong? My setup: GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD5H Intel Core i7-4790K Crucial Ballistix Sport 8 GB RAM 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Radeon HD 6870 Video Card 27" Cinema...