1. renzo971917

    Problems with brightness and the battery indicator

    Hi, everyone. I'm new here, and new in Hackintosh. Recently i installed Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6 on my laptop (Asus X455LA) with Clover. Is working: -Graphics -Keyboard and Touchpad -HDMI (Image but no sound) - Camera - USB - Wifi and Bluetooth But i can't enable the control brightness and...
  2. Minicoopergardh

    Post install help!

    Hi so far I been able to install mac os just fine on my pc but havent really been able to figure out exactly what settings to use to be able to boot it without the usb. I also happen to have windows on it already. So if anyone could help me with that I would be really thankful. Preferably with...
  3. DeltaUnit38

    Unknown problem with EFI mounter and Multibeast

    Hello So after I have installed my MacOS installation, I noticed my sound didn't work nor did my GPU, even though I used Multibeast for the sound drivers and the Nvidia web driver for the GPU. Now when I tried to reinstall the drivers through Multibeast, an error came up that said the...
  4. latelunch

    Are Sierra and Clover compatible with older X79 builds?

    Hey guys, I built a machine 2 years ago with an X79 mobo and it runs Yosemite flawlessly, but recently I tried to do a wipe and fresh install first of El Capitan and now Sierra. Neither made it to the OSX installation page. When I try to boot from my Sierra / Clover USB drive (I followed all...
  5. AppleCK

    Sierra install problem circle with slash

    I tried to install mac os sierra but all i get is an circle with an / in it (see picture) if i want to install it I followed the legit guide and set al the setting even when i remove my gpu it still doesn't want to boot! My hardware: i7 4790k - not overclocked atm gigabyte z87-hd3 16gb ram 1600...
  6. rmadhavan

    SUCCESS! OS X SIERRA Intel i7 4790 with a Gigabyte Z97 HD3

    Encountering some problems with my first build / installation. Installing Sierra for the first time I am following tonymacx86 Sierra guide word for word - I have my graphics card unplugged...
  7. aim4chaos

    windows 10 usb ... halp! I have tired everything

    For brevity I won't list every method i have tired but it does get creative! All to no avail. I cannot get a windows 10 USB that will boot. I am trying to install windows 10 onto a separate SSD The three main problems I've had, 'insert proper media' (I felt like inserting a punch to the...
  8. adderr

    Installing El Capitan on ga-z68x-ud3h-b3, i7 2600k, gtx 770

    Okay so i have been trying to get my windows machine running os x El Capitan for my last year of uni as well as my main development machine as my work laptop will be going back soon and I have learned to love programming on os x. I am trying to get my machine to duel boot windows 7 and El...
  9. Er4gon

    Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 [Question]

    Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 is a good Mobo for Hackintosh build, but I heard about a problem with USB's and sometimes this problem can corrupt the OS. Is it an usual problem with this Mobo? If it is an usual problem, how can I resolve this problem? I wanted this Mobo because Wi-Fi and Audio are...
  10. FalconUnlocked

    Stuck on loading screen

    Hey, i just installed the iso on my hdd. It automatically rebooted and started loading with the hackintosh loading screen.It loads halfway and stops. Please help asap
  11. g_force1391

    Chimera legacy problem

    hope i'm posting in the right place, if not i'm sorry. I'm trying to update from mountain lion to El Capitan. I've made the unibeast usb drive as per the instructions on this site but upon restart after installation of El Capitan the machine runs chimera instead of clover which of course...
  12. jubilein

    Problems with AMD graphics card

    Hey everybody, i've got some problems with my AMD Radeon R9 390. Everything is working well, but the screen is flickering. In the options i saw that OSX is using just 5mb of my vRAM. But how can i change it? I already tried to install the .ROM file of my GPU, but i did not know how it works...
  13. trent9645

    Yosemite USB 3.0 problem

    I've been looking to update my GPU for awhile now from the 970 to the Titan X but I've read that you have to have Yosemite or El Capitan fully running to support the Titan X. I have Mavericks running completely right now and trying to get everything working on a test drive with Yosemite and I...
  14. alexander750

    After 10.11.4 update, must use Safe Mode (-x) to boot

    (See previous post here.) So far, I can still only get 10.11.4 working in Safe Mode. Tried using Verbose Mode; after the usual startup abracadabra I get these two lines: Sound Assertion in AppleHDADriver at line 3685 Sound Assertion in AppleHDADriver at line 1103 and then repeatedly hfs...
  15. dolgarrenan

    Z77 DS3H DSDT Optimisations impossible to make!

    I have no choice but to post in the end.. I've been looking everywhere to find a solution to all this optimisations which I would love to solve in my board but nothing:( I've not been able to find a patch for the problem or at least I haven't identified which one would work, since I'm new to...
  16. Waffel-mastar

    Hackintosh takes a lot longer to boot up Here is my Hackintosh booting in verbose mode. It seems to stop for a while at "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport". My hackintosh used to boot within 10 seconds on my SSD but after I updated my BIOS to F11, I get this in verbose mode.The rest of my hackintosh...
  17. TheAmazingBaboon

    No AHCI boot mode

    Hello! I'm new so please bear that fact. I'm having trouble making my hackintosh. I am running dc7800, and in the boot options, there is only RAID and IDE. I am running Windows XP Pro. I have selected AHCI Boot Mode and at the moment I am trying Legacy boot mode. If it dosen't work I will post...
  18. neon90

    Problem booting El capitan

    Hello, I am trying to install el capitan on a ga-z97n-wifi card but during boot i get the missing bluetooth transporter control. How can i surpass this ...
  19. Timbord

    Clover Bootloader Stucks, Mac won't boot

    Hey guys, i'm really happy . I have successfully installed Mac Yosemite with Clover. All works perfectly except the Bootloader. I have installed the Clover Bootloader over the Clover Tool on my Hard Drive. If I boot the Hard Drive, Clover shows the single partitions but if i press enter to boot...
  20. SFenster

    10.10.5 Update Problems

    I have updated directly from the App Store and now I can not boot without using safe mode (-x). I put a screen shot of the latest boot try using -v Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my main computer that I use for school, etc. Thank you in advance.