1. cpesky

    Help Please

    I've been waiting for this day forever. I have finally built my first machine! Everything works great, but when I started with Mac OS X, things went wrong. 1) boot0- I've tried a few different methods, but it's just not working. 2) Display- I have an AOC i2367fh, and the desktop just doesn't fit...
  2. Luis0004

    Utorrent causes freeze Mavericks 10.9.1

    After using Ut*****t for a while in mavericks it causes a major freeze. HELP PLS! I'm using now the Realtek/Lnx2Mc network driver provided in multibest 6.1, HOWEver, previously I had installed this one ''Realtek - AppleRTL8169Ethernet 2.0.6' HELP PLS!
  3. AZ_REAL

    HELP! trying to install mavericks on a sandy bridge with no mac for unibeast!!!

    i managed to get mavericks software but i don't have unibeast because i don't own a mac i tried using two usb drives one to mount the mavericks image and the other for mulitibeast tried to change the boot sequence ...nothing ...i also dont have the options to change certain things in my bios...
  4. niceque

    GA-Z87X-UD3H + 4770 can't boot Mavericks installation

    Hi all, have a problem while loading 10.9 installer from USB created by guide (Unibeast 3.0.1) GA-Z87X-UD3H i7-4770 GTX-650 Loaded Optimized Defaults Peripherals > xHCI Mode, change it to AUTO Peripherals > xHCI Hand-OFF, change it to ENABLED Peripherals > EHCI Hand-OFF, Change it to Enabled...
  5. spiritboy46


    Hi i am planning on building a hackintosh(obviously), however i understand that gigabyte motherboards are the best to work with. However i think that the MSI z87-g45 is best for me. Is there a difference between the two in terms of how easy it is to work with. If there is a massive difference...
  6. edvinas.sleve

    4540s i3 restart/shutdown problem

    As I read, where are interesting stuff with sleeping the computer happening on mavericks. For me I have a bigger problem. If I want to shut down or restart the computer it turn of the screen and thats all. The computer still works and doesn't shut down or restart. Any ideas why can I have this...
  7. minjam11

    Hard Drive GUID Problems

    Hey guys! I tried installing Mavericks on my rig, but I got stuck. When I try to install, the installer says that Mavericks can't be installed on my partition because it's not GUID. It's weird because I had Mountain Lion installed on it. It's ok, right? I can just re-partiton my hard drive...
  8. Milhouse_

    What Gigabyte motherboard would you recommend from personal experience?

    Hi! Is the GA-Z77X-UP5 TH motherboard perfect? If not, what kind of problems you have with it? I have the GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard and I have only one problem with it; I have to connect the sound output in the black port instead of the green. So for my dual boot, I have to configure under...
  9. Dnk_Productions

    [SOLVED]burning smell and then shut down

    I recently started to smell burning coming out of the case. Obviously that is a major call for concern. BUT I looked at the CPU temps and they were less than 50 degrees; all other temps looked fine as well. The only one that can't be monitored is the GPU. I stuck my head in the computer and...
  10. Draganko

    Will this work in any way? Is it compatible?

    I have bought a PC with the intention of having Windows on it, but I changed my mind. Can this configuration work? Motherboard: Asus P8H61 Processor: Intel Core i5 2320 @ 4 Cores 3.00 Ghz Graphics Card: AMD HD Radeon 7750 Memory: DDR3 8GB RAM (I know that RAM isn't important) I want to install...
  11. Chawk22

    Finally got it installed, now battleing Kernal Panics. Need some help/advice.

    Finally got it installed, now battleing Kernal Panics. Need some help/advice. (GTX 560) Hello x86 Members, I have recently embarked on my journey to hackintosh my computer with the following specifications i7 3770k Intel Dz77GA-70K Extreme series motherboard. Intel 180GB SSD Seagate Barracuda...
  12. en2ec

    GA-B75M-D3P + i5 3570K: system freezes after 1 - 2 hours running, not good for a server

    The problem: between 45 minutes and 2 hours after booting, my computer freezes, and I have to do a hard restart. I'm still able to move my cursor and click on a window to bring it to the foreground, but I'm unable to do anything in any app. When I do, I get the beachball. The only thing I...
  13. Some1CP

    Can't enable CUDA in Adobe apps. GPU not working 100%?

    560 Ti: CUDA not working. GPU not working 100%? Hello. I've recently installed Unibeast 1.5.3 (Mac OS X 10.8 ML) on my custom built computer. I just plugged the USB, installed OS X on a partitioned Hard Drive (MBR), booted using the USB, worked smoothly. Just installed Audio, Network (Was...
  14. harvination

    No Boot after update

    I updated to 10.8.3 yesterday without issue, but I had forgotten to reset my Audio in MultiBeast so this morning I did that. After I restarted the computer it now will not give me anything. No grey Apple screen, no color wheel - nothing. I can get to the Chimera screen to choose my boot options...
  15. g_force1391

    boot0 error mountain lion

    installed mountain lion with unibeast but when i try to boot without my unibeast usb i get the boot0 error, i tried terminal commands like cd /volumes/"usb drive" but every time I'm told that there's no such file or directory. this worked when i did it with snow leopard so i don't know if theres...
  16. g_force1391

    graphics card issues

    not quite sure where to post this but i recently installed my nvidia geforce 460 and I'm currently in the process of installing mountain lion only problem is after booting from my unibeast usb and selecting my hard drive after it gets to the apple boot screen with the spinning wheel i lose...
  17. g_force1391

    invisible files

    so, in an attempt to resolve an endless boot loop problem I get when trying to boot from the hard drive of with my new (and first ever) hackintosh build i found a tutorial explaining how to copy the "mach_kernel" file from the "/extras" folder of the iboot dmg into the /extras folder of my hard...
  18. g_force1391

    boot problems

    so my previous boot0 error is fixed but now when i try to boot snow leopard from the hard drive i get an endless loop of the chameleon boot loader screen. I've done some looking around here on the forums but can't seem to find anything though i may have and probably did miss something. any help...
  19. jackthehackin

    GA-Z77N-WIFI hackintosh audio and video problems

    i just installed OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my hackintosh i used easybeast ands the DSDT from the Database my audio works but just sounds really bad also i cant change mine resolution it is stuck on 1024x7xx(i dont exatctly remeber i will change it soon) at system defnitions it says i have...
  20. fudgesiclefilms

    White screen on Boot? Mountain Lion

    Hey guy I am new to hackintoshing and recently built one here are my specs i7 3770k geforce 640 16gb ram gigabyte H77-DS3H What options should I be selecting in multi beast and what version of multi beast?