1. insertwittyusername

    OpenCore doesn't detect Phase 2 of Mojave install, Clover does but fails to boot it

    Hardware: Google Pixelbook i7 (board codename: EVE) running MrChromebox custom UEFI firmware. i7-7Y75, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB NVMe I'm trying to install MacOS Mojave, loosely following the laptop guide + some documentation I found on GitHub for my particular laptop. Made my install USB off...
  2. anotherdust

    Solved > What is the OpenCore equivalent of what the CloverBootLoader installer installs?

    What is the OpenCore equivalent of what the CloverBootLoader installer installs? I have read the entire OC web guide from Dortania but I don't understand why OC seems to be able to do without this installer. (Photo attached) With OC, we create our EFI with DSDT, SSDT, kexts and drivers... but...
  3. artick.fl

    opencore AMD vBIOS (1002_67DF.rom) RX 570

    I need to load these bios for my RX570 , i know that all i need to do on CLVOER is to move this file to EFI/CLOVER/ROM But now I am on Big Sur 11.3 with opencore, and i can't find how to load these bios with opencore. Can someone please help ?
  4. heldolein

    Stuck at First Loading Bar (after Booting Clover from USB)

    Hi, I have a problem. Whenever I try to start the catalina installer from my usb over clover, it stops right after the loading bar with the apple logo and gives me a stop sign. I tried -v and -x and different nvidia options but had no luck with it, it's always the same. With -v and -x or without...
  5. jonathanpaulpano

    Question about

    Just installed Catalina 10.15.7 a week ago on an LGA 755 C2D E8400 (SSE 4.1) Everything works great, except sleep and replaced to the old telemetry from High Sierra and SMBIOS to iMac 14,1 (sleep doesn't work for me anyway in iMac 10,1 SMBIOS) Now, there is a pending...
  6. AlexisK

    Big Sur bootable USB without UniBeast?

    Hello everyone, I’m really sorry but these times I’m a bit lost, as I started planning my CustoMac before the release of Big Sur - which seems to change some things about OS installation. I’m an IT newbie and I know that I’d probably have been more aware (in a way I got what I deserved) but...
  7. darkyto

    Can't update catalina 10.15.7 security update

    hi guys, 2 weeks ago i upgraded from mojave to catalina, i upgraded directly to 10.15.7 but right now i get an update in the control panel, which never ends. When I click on update, the computer restarts but does not enter any installation. somebody could help me?? is it a disk permission...
  8. puvellz


    Hello everyone! I have combo card wifi/bluetooth, but idk how install kext for work with that card. I'm search in the google about it, and search that topic -...
  9. rayjaken

    Stuck at apple logo after Clover menu - Catalina installation

    Hi there! I really could use some help. I'm trying to install Catalina on a computer with Asus ROG Maximux XII Extreme, a Intel i9 10900K and a RTX 2080, with 64 GB RAM. I followed the steps here at tonymacx86, using UniBeast. I created the USB drive, I get to the Clover menu, and when I...
  10. halslars

    Clover update (to a Big Sur compatible revision) hangs.

    On a fully working Catalina 10.15.7 with Clover r5120, I installed the latest r5132 to get prepared for the Big Sur transition... Now it hangs on the grey Apple bootscreen - several boot attempts done. System definition changed from iMac14,2 to iMac15,1 with Multibeast before updating Clover...
  11. pharrari

    Question about the Clover USB install

    Hello! Previously I had an issue with the boot0 on Yosemite and got that one resolved. Now I decided I wanted to attempt to upgrade to High Sierra. I used my Yosemite install to create the High Sierra Clover USB. I targeted my USB for the install. Something went wrong with the install because...
  12. iapaus

    Compatibility of Clover, Mojave and Comet Lake on ASUS Z490-A

    hi all is it possibile to build this system? Clover, Mojave and Comet Lake on Asus Z490-A, iGPU HUD 630 thx in advance for your valuable advices iApaus
  13. Ac1d

    Clover5131 can't upgrade to big sur

    I just upgrade clover to latest version.My os version is 10.15.7 I try to ota upgrade to big sur. But I cant find install macos big sur when booting my laptop. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  14. rimini

    Solved > Sierra - Problem Clover booting the wrong disk/partition

    Hi, I had to move from El Capt to Sierra as my gpu 970 crashed. So I built a Sierra with a 1060 instead. Followed the guide and everything worked nicely. But a week ago i deleted 2 users and their home folder, used Migration Assistant to re install them, and since that when I choose at startup...
  15. EmileM

    Updated Clover, now cannot see Mac disks in boot menu

    Hi folks, I have a frustrating problem that I’m hoping to get help with. I updated clover with clover configurator, and now I cannot see the Mac disks in the boot menu. Have read some posts about adding files to the EFI partition, but no matter what I try, I am unable to access the EFI...
  16. SemyonDyachenko

    mac os mojave installation stucks at 2 minutes

    Hello, there was a problem with the installation freezing for two minutes, I have already read other answers on this topic, but nothing helped me, also, unlike others, I get an error after a long wait, I will attach a photo below. I have been trying to install hackintosh Mojave for 3 days, at...
  17. Machinee

    rosa black - clover theme

    rosa black clover theme new theme based on rosa Download:
  18. jimmyjames1stad

    Lost the ability to boot from installation disc in clover

    Do I am doing the big update from High Sierra to Big Sur. I updated Sierra to the newest version and downloaded Big Sur. I started the process and when the computer reboots, on my Clover boot there is bootmac OS and recovery option but the install from the mounted disc option is not there...
  19. rambobambo20

    Preview/Quicklook not working in MOjave with Nvidia GT710

    Hello I have managed to mackintosh my pc with following specs. It is currently running Mojave. SPECS System Name DESKTOP-HRG0OV4 System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model HP ProDesk 400 G1 SFF System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3400 Mhz, 2...
  20. Axagthoth

    HELP! Can't get formerly working High Sierra build to function again

    Dear tonymacx86 users, back in the day shortly after High Sierra got released I decided to piece together my first Hackintosh build following Stork's amazing Asus Maximus VIII Gene guide. My system is a bit different than that of Stork's (the processor is an Intel i7-6700, and I use a Samsung...