1. tellaoui2019

    HP ENVY x360 Brightness Keys and HDMI port Help

    Hello Everyone. I recently installed MacOS Mojave on my HP Envy x360, using this VICE guide. I have everything working except for the brightness control and the HDMI port. The brightness keys don't work, I know I have to do some DSDT patching for that, however the brightness option does not...
  2. eklipse

    Clover, EFI & Booting

    I have some previous issues from updating Clover See Here I have been able to frankenstein my way back to being able to boot into the 10.15.6 Drive using the Clover 5102 package I installed on another drive. In other words, I can boot from Drive "A" into Clover 5102 then select the 10.15.6 OS...
  3. eklipse

    Can't boot after updating Clover to 5155

    I have been searching the forum for some way to fix this. I was wanting to update Catalina from 10.11.6 to 10.11.7 and was following the instructions here: I didn't seem to get very far - after backing up my HD, I went to update...
  4. ButchMel

    No longer booting after 2.5 years of storage - troubleshooting ideas?

    I had a perfectly functional machine working great until i stored it to leave for an assugnment abroad. Worked great, 2 monitors, El Capitan, Asus P7P55D mb, Clover. Yesterday, tried to launch it -no external drives, just one monitor, to start it as lean as possible. No success. Get to the...
  5. KAL0YAN

    MacOS 10.15.7 unable to boot after Clover & System Update (LOG:EXITBIS:START).

    I successfully updated Clover from R-5098 to R-5154 and the system itself from MacOS Catalina 10.15 to 10.15.7, but when I rebooted the system It couldn’t boot showing this error. Can’t figure the problem myself. I tried replacing the Clover with an backup, but the same thing’s happening. I need...
  6. Chicken

    Kernel mount failed :2

    Hello everyone it’s my first hackintosh and idk who it says kernel mount failed :2 attempting to load /shin/ launchd faited loading /sbin/launchd: ereno 2 IS UM Oxffffff8000713cc1): "Process t exec of 45/0.71.2/bsd/kern/kern_exec.c:5183. Frane: Return Address J: Oxffffff8000395274...
  7. chunli

    Mojave OS is not started up after restart

    Hi, I have a problem. I installed Mojave os, and have been running without any problems so far. But I restart the pc, the Mojave os is not started. The Clover is showed the boot items. I select "Boot macOS from MACOS". The progress bar is in progress with apple logo. After almost 80%. But after...
  8. CuitePiglin

    MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 reboots at "Pausing 5 secs..." (clover 5123) or at "[EB|#WL|8] 0x01 0x03 22 0x0E" (OpenCore).

    Motherboard: H61MLV2 VER.9.0 CPU: Intel E3-1230 v2 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series The attached screenshot shows the clover log. I am using clover 5123 because a higher version of clover results in a blank screen. Can someone please help me?
  9. Dunbadn

    << Solved >> MacOS Unable to boot after Clover Update

    Hey All, Moderately seasoned Hackintosher (since 2013, 4 updates 2 builds), weak software skills. I decided to take the plunge and attempt to update from Catalina to Ventura as I'm unable to keep up with needed software updates. Following this guide, I updated Clover - (referencing this...
  10. chmedly

    Clover 5151 - Doesn't create EFI folder in EFI partition??

    I've got an old Mojave installation that I'm trying to upgrade to Big Sur. I did this without issue on another hackintosh recently but something went wrongly on this one. I'm trying to make a new USB Clover boot disk because I suspect that I need a newer version of Clover. I can format the...
  11. madredeuz

    [SUCCESS] Clover to OpenCore 0.9.1 in Mojave 10.14.6 - GB Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios v12) - i9900k- iGPU Intel UHD 630

    Hi, I finally moved from Clover to OpenCore. It was a bit of a pain. I tried to create the EFI. I tried a few of them... anyway I finally did it. My system: GB Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios v12) i9900k iGPU Intel UHD 630 16Gb Corsair Vengeance 2400 CL16 Mojave 10.14.6 The only EFI that worked for me...
  12. maxitenia

    Installation Freeze over Lenovo L430

    Hi, I want to install Big Sur/Catalina in my Lenovo L430 (specs at bottom) the problem is when press install in the Opencore boot menu nothing happens, the notebook freeze, almost the same with clover just the diference is clover stuck after de "++++++++++++" bar. OpenCore 0.9.0: -Kext...
  13. eLDeus

    Lags on Monterey, Sandy Bridge

    I have Radeon HD 7770 on Monterey, but the video speed is definitely slow and it feels while working in the browsers on various sites, including Gmail. For comparison, I installed Windows on a separate disk and saw that Gmail behaves completely without any lag, unlike macOS. Is there anything...
  14. PliSsK

    USB issues with Monterey and Ventura

    I was using Catalina and Clover 5151 and nearly all my USB ports on my Fractal Design R6 front i/o and Z370 MB worked except for the red 3.2 port on the MB which was occasionally problematic. I had a 4 USB card I installed that never worked in OS X as I need to create a custom SSDT for USB for...
  15. muffie8

    Z170x Gaming 5 fails to boot after changing 6700k for a mutant Coffee Lake 8c (qtj1)

    Using Clover It was working fine until I updated my BIOS to receive the mutant i9 mobile processor (qtj1). Boots ok in Safe Mode but I don’t remember how to check any logs. Normal boot gives me a KP. I was able to take a picture of the KP screen. Any tips about how can I debug and fix it...
  16. Blompfio

    HD5500 4K Black screen on internal display

    Hi everyone! I have installed Big Sur 11.6.8 on my DELL XPS 13 9343 with i7-5500U and 3200x1800 display. The display stays black and is not recognized, the backlight is active for a few minutes after booting. My external monitor (2560x1440) works, connected via miniDisplayPort->DisplayPort. I...
  17. hexman

    Clover shows this KP while OC with same quirks boots normally in Monterey 12.6

    I tried many things to solve this problem but no luck Can't perform Kext scan : no kext summary I prefer using clover more than open core, I already have open core working with Monterey but I want to switch back to clover
  18. ayz9314

    Help on how to enable all 4 speakers of my hp envy 15t-j100 on big sur?

    Hi everyone! I have HP Envy 15t-J100 and a working mac os big sur with clover bootloader but I want to enable all the 4 speakers plus 2 subwoofers so how can i do that? However only front 2 speakers are working. Thank you
  19. Enigmactic

    Fallout from Windows 7 Error 0xC0000005

    Hi All [Clover 5151, from memory. Sierra. Z170, i5-6600.] This is a question about my being unable to access my MacOS partition after installing Windows, please. [I tend towards verbose, so I shall tell the story as I understand it, without qualifying everything.] In my 5-ish -year-old...
  20. norwayRainyday

    Black screen when booting into Windows 11 via OpenCore

    Hi there. I have 2 SSDs on my laptop. 1st: Monterey + Ubuntu dual-boot via OpenCore 2nd: Mojave + Windows dual-boot via Clover Each drive has its own working EFI and all 4 OSes work perfectly fine, even Windows! So I actually have zero problem if I stick to the right bootloader (i.e. Boot...