1. Ellumination

    Clover macOS install showing "denied" sign

    Hello, first time Hackintosh here! I've gone through the guide for installing High Sierra (As the MacBook I had access to was too old to download Mojave). I've done everything in the guide EXCEPT for point 9 in the BIOS Setting for disabling USB 3.0. I wasn't sure how to do this in the BIOS. I...
  2. AeonProTechGaming

    Unibeast Mojave Install Hanging

    Hi there. This is my first Hackintosh build ever, which of course means I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and why I can't get to the installer anymore. The very first pass through, I got to the Install screen, but the machine was in a boot loop where the install page would say "31 minutes...
  3. notalexd3v

    Trouble while booting Mojave from USB

    Hi everyone! I’m new in hackintosh, but I’m currently trying to get my first working customac with MacOS Mojave, but I’m facing some awkward issues. I’ve made my usb stick using unibeast and I haven’t made any further customisation (except for USBInjectAll kext). After this, I’ve changed only...
  4. Pinchey

    Unibeast USB bootloader for Mojave freezing

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at a Hackintosh and I have searched extensively, but unfortunately I cannot find a solution, so i was hoping someone could help me, please. I have a Gigabyte z370HD3P which I have flashed with the most recent firmware (F11b), the processor is a i7 8700 and the...
  5. teras

    Clover works when in a stick, but not from hard disk

    Hello people I have a strange issue with my installation, which used to work for years now. Today I needed for other reasons to update the BIOS of my system, and needed to install/update/do some stuff on the Windows partition. Everything seemed normal, but when I wanted to launch OSX, the...
  6. robo731

    Selecting the EFI partition to install clover to

    I currently have a 100MB EFI partition for booting Windows and a few Linux Distros, but it is only 100MB. Rather than moving or resizing which would be undesirable in my current situation. I am planning to create a second EFI partition, but at the end of my disk at a size of 200MB. I want to...
  7. robo731

    Installing macOS alongside existing Windows 10 and Linux Installations

    My current system has Windows 10, Manjaro, and Arch all installed on the same drive. I want to install macOS alongside these other OSs and ideally chainload into clover from Grub to boot macOS, though I would also be okay with using clover instead if it would be significantly easier to do so...
  8. pep444

    MacOSX on SSD in a H61N-USB3, Legacy. Clover doesn't show SSD drive

    After install MacOsx High Sierra en my motherboard H16N-USB3 in Legacy mode. The clover doesn't show SSD drive with the installation. Now is working with APSF, but I did the instalation with HFS+ file system and isn't work too. Always start and the clover screen is without any drive and the...
  9. MelanDias

    Black Screen with ' _ ' character and reboot the system

    Im using i5-2400 processor with h61 board. Im installing sierra with clover 2.3k rev 3763 But when i select install macos sierra the process keep reboot with black screen . Im attached problem images..
  10. MatijaMilikic

    Dell inspiron reboots at 2 minutes remaining

    Hi,I need help with installing macOS on my Dell Inspiron 5758.I downloaded latest verosion of macOS Mojave (10.14.3) and the latest version of UniBeast (9.1),I configured all BIOS settings as described in the guide and pluged in my USB into the laptop.I selected verbose mode and started...
  11. onx

    Solved > System partition disappeared in Clover after update to 10.14.2

    Hi Guys! I used for a long time 10.14 (not sure .0 or .1) and decide to update from System's tab. After downloading in macOS GUI (the update file was 2.47 Gb) system restarted and when Clover loaded partitions screen there were no macOS partitions, only Windows and some external drives. Clover...
  12. MacMan

    Clover UEFI Boot Mode with Emulated NVRAM v2.4k r4862 2019-02-01

    Installs Clover bootloader for UEFI booting only to the EFI System Partition of the selected destination drive. Installs OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi, EmuVariableUefi-64.efi in /EFI/CLOVER/Drivers64UEFI/. Installs Clover rc scripts files in /etc, ~/Library/Application Support/Clover and...
  13. MacMan

    Clover UEFI Boot Mode v2.4k r4862 2019-02-01

    Installs Clover bootloader for UEFI booting only to the EFI System Partition of the selected destination drive. Installs AptioMemoryFix.efi, PartitionDxe-64.efi and ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi in /EFI/CLOVER/Drivers64UEFI/. Includes CustoMac default config.plist for UEFI-based systems. Recommended...
  14. MacMan

    Clover Legacy Boot Mode v2.4k r4862 2019-02-01

    Installs Clover EFI bootloader in Legacy mode to the EFI System Partition of the selected drive. Adds ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/AddDTGP=YES, ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/FixHDA=YES, ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/FixHPET=YES, ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/FixIPIC=YES and ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/FixUSB=YES to CustoMac default config.plist. Recommended...
  15. i.can.c

    clover wont be detected

    so I can boot mac os from my USB drive and nothing is acc working, there's no animation plus its really glitchy after I change the name of bootmgfw.efi to something else, mac os finally works fine btw I'm booting it from the EFI partition of my hard drive (i was booting it from the EFI...
  16. macfanatic

    Does it make sense to move the entire EFI partition to a separate drive?

    I currently have a Hackintosh that I am putting together slowly (i7 8700 Coffee Lake/GA-Z370 Aorus Gaming 5/32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM/AMD Vega 64), and have gotten the MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 loaded and so far appears to be stable. I have been toying with the idea of setting a dual boot system with a Win...
  17. switchintosh

    Diagnose kernel panic

    I have installed Mojave using the Laptop Guide by RehabMan. I am using the latest release of The RegabMan Clover and the recommended kexts. I am trying to install on the low-end Razer Blade Pro 2018. After I have installed macOS and try to boot for the first time, I get a jernel panic and it...
  18. Nahush

    Hackintosh Mojave Grey Screen with moving cursor

    Hey! I have installed Mac OS Mojave. I have successfully completed install through USB and then preboot from prebooter. But after that I was stuck at Apple Logo. Further I restarted in verbose mode and was stuck at various places after various tweaks. After some research, I got an EFI online...
  19. uniqe15

    HID Proxy on BCM94360CD? (BT keyboard in UEFI)

    Hi, I recently bought this BCM94360CD card which works flawlessly as there are no issues with wifi & bluetooth. The only problem is that I have no idea how to get my apple keyboard to work in the clover menu (and, for some reason auto boot doesn't work for me therefore I need some working device...
  20. ronniekinsley

    Mojave Hack stopped working with waiting on resource boot-uuid-media

    I created a great working hack of Mojave on my Vostro 14 3468. It has been working great but then I had to repair grub and now it gets stuck on this error. I should also add here that I'm triple-booting with Ubuntu 18.04, Windows 10 Pro and macOS Mojave. Once before I faced this error and after...