1. Jeremy123

    Yosemite ATI Radeon issue

    I have installed Yosemite on my desktop pc. Everything seems to be working by now except Graphics card. I have installed some kexts via kext Wizard but they didn't appear in Extension folder so i staged kexts there manually. checked info.plst my graphics card id exsits there. Also as you can see...
  2. StevesMacFix

    Stuck booting from USB. Verbose boot images provided.

    Hello tonymacx86 community. This is my first hackintosh build. I am chipping away at the problems, and now stuck booting from clover. I initially didn't get this far and checked my BIOS settings so it let me get further into the installation process. However I am stuck here now. The...
  3. Ccheese4

    Black Screen before Clover (Legacy)

    Hi all, I'm trying to get High Sierra running on my old desktop that I originally built back in 2011. I've never done anything like this before, so bear with me. I've followed the Installation Guide as closely as I can. I'm trying to do a Legacy install (which doesn't appear to be as well...
  4. yveno76

    El Capitain 10.11.6 login screen Reboot loop - Clover

    Hey Guys, My Hackintosh Keeps Rebooting Every times it Gets to The Login Screen It Freezes After i Put My Login Info And Restarts Sometimes It just Works For Weeks with No Problem Safe Mode works Fine My Windows 10 Works Just Fine Please Help Thank You in Advance Hardware: Motherboard...
  5. EmanuelTheDude

    [Solved] Cannot boot without stick

    Hi, I build the CustoMac mATX with the following configuration: My problem is that the Hackintosh cannot boot without the USB Stick. If I boot without the USB Stick then the Clover Boot Manager starts. It shows the correct...
  6. Nelx

    [Solved] Still waiting on root device (prohibit sign)

    Hello there. I'm currently having problems at this step. I've been reading many information I found using the search feature and most of them suggest to use USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 (which I did). Also using the USB ports located at the rear, trying on different ports but I had no luck. I'm...
  7. alfinauzikri

    Success: ASUS X441UVK / I3-7100U / INTEL HD 620

    ASUS X441UVK LAPTOP [95% Success] on Mojave 10.14.1 Specification BIOS : X441UVK.320 CPU : Intel Core i3-7100U (kabylake) Graphics : Nvidia 920MX (Disabled) and Intel HD Graphics 620 Network : Qualcomm Atheros AR956X (AR9565) and Realtek 8106E Trackpad : ELAN 1200 Touchpad + Multitouch...
  8. nikischwerin

    Random seed then reboot

    Hey, i´m trying to build my first hackintosh, so i don´t have any experience with that topic. I made the boot stick with UniBeast and High Sierra and plugged it in to my Acer Aspire 5 (A515-51G-55K5) and booted from it. While the booting progress i get this output (IMG_7966.JPG): Then i´m in...
  9. everwisher

    High Sierra and Clover loops at base system installation with Samsung PM981 NVMe SSD

    ===STATUS QUO=== E3 1230v2 + Asrock Z77 Pro4 (with mod bios for NVMe boot) + Samsung PM981 SSD via M.2-PCIe X4 card GPT structure sequence: ESP - MSR - Space Reserved for Hackintosh - Windows 10 Windows 10 1803 has been successfully installed using dsim and bcdboot (installer can't pass due...
  10. emlynb

    Building Clover with secure boot

    Hi, I'm looking to make clover work with secure boot, which means compiling it with the ENABLE_SECURE_BOOT flag and signing all the binaries with a valid key. Following the fork and instructions here: What I really want to know at this point is what macros...
  11. nicholasandrien

    [High Sierra] Fail to boot into OS after setting wrong graphics configurations on Multibeast

    This is my first hackintosh, as well as PC, build ever. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to PC Installation and building. I built a fresh PC setup for this with the following items: Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 (Wifi won't work at the moment, looking to buy a wifi card) Intel i7 8700k Balistix...
  12. gamervzla

    Kernel panic + no efi partition mount in safe mode

    Hi, Trying to improve my hack i got it Worse... now i can´t boot (kernel Panic) and can´t mount efi in clover configurator (safe mode -x) i was trying to improve the performance and know im stuck. any ideas? Osx 10.13.6 z370 gaming 7 ---> bios f7 i7 8700k @ 3.7 --> (can i take it to 5? in...