1. jhbjhbjhb

    Hackintosh stuck on loading bar

    Hey guys, I really need help here. I've been trying for days and I haven't got anywhere. When I go to install hackimtosh high Sierra the progress bar below the Apple logo shows and starts loading but then it suddenly freezes at a certain position. Then a loading icon shows below the progress bar...
  2. ThatPoppy

    Clover Bootloader not working

    hello, I have ThinkPad t420 and I followed instructions from reddit. Everything was fine until I booted it into usb. After that, I faced problem like this one. I tried getting HFSPlus thing and apfs copying in EFI folder but nothing much changed. Im just lost and you guys are my only hope.
  3. Fjordn

    [Solved] Choose which OS to boot to before restarting?

    (apologies for any incorrect terminology; it's been a while since I messed with my installation) tl;dr - is it idiotic to use a script to alter the .plist file on my "Boot OS X" volume so I can restart into any OS, bypassing the need to manually select one at the bootloader? I dual-boot...
  4. nawabaarij

    High Sierra Clover Bootloader Theme

    Here is a theme for Clover Bootloader with the High Sierra background. This is just an edit I did to the original Yosemite by xenatt/ El Capitan by: CosmosCJ/宇宙 Here is the link for the El Capitan theme: (Credits to the Yosemite Author) My High...
  5. TripleYoThreat

    My UEFI Clover Can't Boot My Windows Installation, and I can't boot a Legacy Clove

    Hi, so this is an issue I have put off for a while by just selecting the windows drive to boot. My Clover bootloader, UEFI, cannot load my Windows installations. Those are set to boot legacy, so I can understand that. But I cannot get legacy Clover working! When I install it to my drive and set...
  6. isostarec

    Cant Install High Sierra Image to USB via UniBeast

    I am running into problems with Unibeast, trying to install High Sierra on usb, installation gets stuck at: Installing Bootloader. Host machine running High Sierra 10.13.2, Unibeast Log file as follows: 12/26/17 16:31:26 - Starting UniBeast 8.1.0-20171111 12/26/17 16:32:13 - Copying Files...
  7. GriffinBabe

    USB Device boot to Hard drive, what config.plist is being used?

    Hello, I'm pretty new with hackintosh and something is still unclear in my mind... If I'm UEFI Clover booting from my USB Device to my Hard Drive where High Sierra is installed, what config.plist is being used, where the kext files are loaded from? The USB Device one or the Hard Drive one...
  8. Nyak

    Sierra hack won't boot without USB

    I've made it through the OS install, I've run MultiBeast, installed Clover manually on my SSD, edited my config.plist, and installed all necessary kexts via Clover Configurator, but my new build still cant run without the install disk inserted. I think all I'm missing is a functioning...
  9. RaZ0rZzX

    Buggy clover bootloader

    Heya, Today I finally succeeded building and installing my first hackintosh. The installation went well but after restarting the pc I noticed that clover started to look really weird. Clover bootloader by RaZ0rZzX posted Oct 7, 2017 at 7:21 PM In the bootloader you can see 5 partitions: 1...
  10. Merobieboy

    Create High Sierra USB from REAL Mac?

    Is it safe to create a High Sierra USB from a real mac? The creating the USB isn't what I'm scared about, it's the bootloader install on the USB. The guide says to check the "Install Clover in ESP" box, however, I am scared that is will somehow install it on the EFI partition of my MBP. Is it...
  11. calvincosta1

    How to remove EFI macosx boot entries from BIOS after uninstalling macOS

    System: CPU - Intel i5 4670K Motherboard - ASUS B85Plus RAM - 16GB Graphics Card - Zotac GTX770 PSU - Thermaltake 650W Black Edition Case - NZXT H440 Problem: Hi there all, I am wanting to please find out how to remove EFI macosx boot entries from my BIOS boot options. A few months ago I...
  12. ttasdfarch

    Why is it necessary to have the size of Efi partition at least 200mb? The articles says the default size of ESP is 200mb. The information from this link is that you will not be able...
  13. kafre

    The Clover bootloader does not show windows but before it did

    I have a problem. Just install the latest update of OSX on my system, and everything perfect, in clover bootloader I had the option to enter OSX and Windows, as always. But right now, I reinstalled Windows 10, on another hard drive I have, and since then, clover bootloader no longer shows me my...
  14. Spencer7220

    Installing Clover from Multibeast Destroys My System

    I don't know if this is a problem posed by MultiBeast or Clover--but I install Clover with the EXACT SAME SETTINGS as my USB drive, and it completely prevents my system from booting, and I'm forced to go into the recovery HD to delete the EFI partition. From there I can boot using Clover on my...
  15. thejazzhands

    System uptime in nanoseconds issue

    I had a running version of sierra on this computer but after having tried to fix my bootloader so that I didn't need the usb it no longer can boot. The usb has now changed name from UEFI ------------ to Legacy ----------. I can select the usb drive and it takes me to the same old bootloader but...
  16. Jeractus

    TP-Link WN881ND - Wifi won't work on El Capitan

    SOLUTION Fixed instantly when upgraded to sierra and installed IO80211Family.kext, although speed I'm getting is just a third of what my other apple devices receive. --- Hi, after spending a good 6 hours today trying to get wifi to work nothing has seemed to work with the TP-Link WN881ND...
  17. Jeractus

    [Solved] Can't access bootloader as in clover fast boot mode

    Hi, I bought a wifi pci-e card today (TL-WN881ND) and with my clover configurator checked boxes for AddDTGP & FixAirport in the ACPI > DSDT fixes section as this was a recommended way to get it to work. After adding this I restarted and now have a kernel panic: panic(cpu 0 caller...
  18. rossjackson

    Sierra won't boot without USB

    I have tried tons of ways to try fix it, but I can not boot to clover unless I have the UniBeast USB plugged in. It says there is no operating system installed. I tried copying the EFI folder from the USB but that also did not work. Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks
  19. PacDeMan

    Can't Reach The Bootloader

    Hello, as the title says I'm struggling reaching the bootloader. I've booth used Clover and Unibeast in every possible configuration, (both for MBR and gpt) both UEFI and LEGACY. Both formatted in different MBR and GPT tried booth of them. And yes i've tried using both F11 to choose what device...
  20. orfeas

    dual boot questions

    Hello all, FIrst of all, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area as I couldn't figure out where to put it, so let me know if I need to move this elsewhere. I set up my system as a dual-boot years ago (Mac OS 10.6 on one drive and Windows 7 on another) and have been using it without too...