OC 0.6.7: Unable to add GUI to boot

    This seems trivial task. Prior to OC 0.6.6, I was able to enable GUI at boot just fine. However, I followed the same procedure with 0.6.7 but still have to GUI. It boots with default OC boot loader. Can someone point out what am I missing here. My EFI is attached.
  2. EmileM

    Updated Clover, now cannot see Mac disks in boot menu

    Hi folks, I have a frustrating problem that I’m hoping to get help with. I updated clover with clover configurator, and now I cannot see the Mac disks in the boot menu. Have read some posts about adding files to the EFI partition, but no matter what I try, I am unable to access the EFI...
  3. Graaanityy

    Booting into Big Sur Installer ends up in black screen

    Hey folks, due to the release of macOS Big Sur I created a USB installer by using createinstallmedia command. I followed Dortanias OpenCore Guide to create a good EFI and to get the right SSDTs, drivers and kexts I need. Even Sanity Checker says everything is OK. When I'm trying to boot into...
  4. thomstark

    opencore bootloader menu: cannot get rid of "EFI" menu item

    The opencore documentation says: "HideSelf: If you want to hide EFI partion on OC Bootloader choose YES" But apparently HideSelf has been removed in a recent version. I added it to my config.plist and was given an error saying it wasn't valid. That seems like exactly the setting I need to get...
  5. josetomas95

    How migrate from Clover to Opencore? (Catalina)

    I have been using Clover for years and I have decided to investigate to switch to Opencore, I do not have much configuration in the bootloader but I would like to know if I would have to make any changes with my current configuration. If someone understands how it works and can help me, I would...
  6. joostiphone

    [Solved] OpenCore boot menu

    Hi, I'm using OpenCore as my bootloader. It's boring but reliable. I'm used to Clover with all the themes etc., and I understand that this is not possible with OpenCore. But I'm running OC on both of my build and the boot menu differs. Below pictures are examples, not actual pictures of my...
  7. fivos1996

    Need help migrating from Clover to OpenCore

    Hi. I have a functional hack laptop running Mojave and I would like to test OpenCore. I was following this guide: And I'm not able to boot. I get an instant early reboot after trying to boot from...
  8. msingh2007

    Clover bootloader - Unable to use keyboard/mouse

    During the installation of macOS Catalina, I am able to use the mouse and keyboard without any issues and perform the installation. But when the system reboots after performing the next phase of the installation, it comes to the Clover bootloader menu and I am not able to use the keyboard or...
  9. CallMeChad

    Trouble booting Clover from USB

    Hi guys, this is my first post and also first Hackintosh. I'm trying to achieve a Dual-Boot Hackintosh solution using Intel Graphics for macOS and RTX for Windows (I know that I have to disable my dGPU from my MoBo but it's fine.) The thing is that even if I try my hardest, I cannot seem to...
  10. phoenixAL

    4 Years Later, MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) from 10.11 (ElCapitan)

    I have been running El Capitan (10.11.6) for 4 years with only minor issues. Now more and more programs are starting to drop support for older operating systems and I am forced to update. Can I update straight from the app store? Are Nvidia drivers supported? I am running a dual boot...
  11. joostiphone

    Solved > Clover; which version to choose?

    I've installed my hackintosh successfully using the Clover version of Dids. When I click on Clover in MacOS System Preferences I see that there is an update. There is however no update on Dids his Github page. See attached screenshot. My question; can I update using the System Preferences...
  12. DylansDecoded

    Attempted overclock on 9900k and now macOS wont boot just +++++ and nothing else

    Hey guys, I am new here but have been browsing the forums from quiet some time and today I attempted to overclock my 9900k and once I did that it will no longer boot macOS from clover bootloader. Instead all I get is a bunch of +++++++ and nothing else. My hackintosh was working fine until I...
  13. planetpatrick

    how do i get rid of this bootloader?

    how do i get rid of this bootloader? i tried installing os x but now it never starts, just keeps restarting. so im just gonna install linux or something on it, but this bootloader wont boot linux or windows. so i want to get rid of it. if you can help? all i can boot into is mac os x install...
  14. redbearaz

    MultiBeast looping reboot

    After a successful install of Mojave, I ran MultiBeast to install the boot loader to the hard drive. After I restarted the computer it was looping the clover boot loader over and over. On MultiBeast I used 1. Quick start - UEFI Boot Mode 2. Audio - AppleALC 3. Disk - 3rd party SATA 4. Network -...
  15. LennyLu

    Sierra installation boot error

    HI I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on my pc and its always failing... If I only use verbose boot flag it gives me just a row of pluses. Then I tried using Nvidia web drivers and verbose and then this error came out "Error loading kernel cache (0x9)" I'm using an Asus p8h61-m Le...
  16. ddklassen

    Black Screen when trying to install OSX Mojave through Clover Bootloader (Asus Z390-A)

    I finally attempted to build my hackintosh, based on the guides provided here, and I have run into my first major snag that has forced my hand into registering for this site and begging the community for help. First off, thanks to everyone for getting me this far, anyone who has contributed to...
  17. SteveGary

    Clover bootloader gone after shrinking partition in Win10

    Had both Windows 10 and macOS on the same SSD in dual boot. On Win10 disk utility, all the space used by Hackintosh appeared as unallocated space so I had half of the drive for Windows 10 and half for mac (unallocated). I needed to shrink a bit the Windows partition and I did, but what happened...
  18. jagman28

    Updating Clover Bootloader is a nightmare

    Finally i got everything working after 3 months of trials and errors. But Clover Bootloader seems to be the hardest. After updating clover bootloader through Clover Configurator, My mac wont show in the bootloader. I have to use the original USB to load it. Then put the EFI folder from the USB...
  19. ldaniel-jmz

    MacOS partition suddenly missing from Clover

    I followed most of @RehabMan guides to install macOS and get most of the functions working on my laptop. I've been using it for about 6 months without any concerns. One day I started the system and the macOS partition didn't show up on Clover, in fact there is no partition showing in Clover. I...
  20. Machinee

    rosa - Clover Bootloader Theme

    rosa Hello people, back with another minimalistic theme. I call it rosa. Feel free to try it out. Current OS icons Debian Fedora Legacy Mac Mint Ubuntu Windows Features Banner Custom checkbox Custom font Custom icons Custom radio button Scrollbar Download release on GitHub!