1. zastin17

    How do I fix yosemites boot logo in clover bootloader?

    So Im using clover for yosemiite because it used the real boot.efi for the boot logo. When booting the bar loads about 1/4 of the way then the screen flickers for around 5 seconds then I'm at the desktop. Is there a way to make fix this issue. I want it to be smooth transition like a real mac.
  2. TunnelView

    Installing Yosemite on an Asus laptop with Clover

    Hi everyone, I am trying my hand at making a Hackintosh for the first time, specifically installing OS X Yosemite on my UX32LN laptop from Asus (specs should be in my profile, if something is missing please point it out to me). I have been using this guide for the Clover bootloader to the best...
  3. therealniloc

    Booting Everytime with -f

    Hello. I recently setup my hackintosh build. :D My parts are: CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k Mobo: MSI z97 LGA1150 Gaming 5 Ram: Hyper x fury 1600mhz 2x4gb SSD: Samsung 850 EVO series 250 GB HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 970 4GB Strix PSU: Corsair CX 750W semi-modular ATX...
  4. trtiichd

    OS X Yosemite on custom built PC failing to boot via Clover, but boots with USB

    Hi, I recently installed Yosemite successfully on my custom built rig. I used the Unibeast+Multibeast method. I couldn't boot with Chimera so I decided to go for Clover. I followed Bob Roche's (cpukid's) tutorial on how to install clover as a boot loader. It worked fine but at the end I get a...
  5. ITheSpazI

    Yosemite Build Has No Audio,Randomly Freezes,standalone boot loader failure

    I am having a hell of a time finding the right Audio Kext for my Asus Maximius Impact because it uses a different audio solution than everything else. It uses the Supreme FX Audio whatever that translates to. ( i actually broke OSX last night from installing one) the computer will randomly...
  6. Maccer90

    What now???

    So as you may have guessed it I just installed a copy of Yosemite on my machine. My specs are listed on my profile but I am having some issues with the sound driver. My motherboard uses an Realtek ALC 887 codec and I cant figure out which kext to install on Multibeast. To sum it all up these are...
  7. mortfell

    Chimera 4.1.0 Boot Loader will not load after full shutdown

    Hello everyone I'm experiencing a strange boot issue. I have a system that dual boots Yosemite and Windows 8. Both operating systems where installed with them being the only SATA drive connected. I reran multibeast to install Chimera with both drives connected. It was working perfectly for a...
  8. ThatOneEddie

    Computer will no longer boot into Mavericks

    I was trying to update to Yosemite and accidentally edited /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plistby adding these two lines of code<key>Kernel</key> <string>/System/Library/Kernels/kernel</string> without thinking too much about it. It fixed the USB problem of it saying it "couldn't find mach_kernel but...
  9. F3RILLA

    Problem Hiding Partitions Using Clover Bootloader

    SOLVED: Problem Hiding Partitions Using Clover Bootloader Hey guys, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Yesterday I managed to install and dual-boot Yosemite and Windows 8.1 (UEFI Installation) on my first hackintosh :), but here's something that I'm quite annoyed with, when I boot-up I...
  10. CustoUserName

    Best Method (bootloader) to Install Win8/Yosemite Dual Boot on fresh built Rig w Buyer's Guide Parts

    I’m building a new rig. I chose most of my parts from the CustoMac Buyer’s Guide for maximum compatibility. I’m going to install Windows 8.1 on one HDD and OSX Yosemite on the other HDD. I will be booting into Windows by default as it is the OS I use most of the time. What is the best way to...
  11. Deathoffully

    Blackscreen on booting-up with GPU

    Hello Guys and Girls, When I boot-up my PC using my GPU I'm getting a black screen until the login screen appears. With my onboard graphics card I'm able to see the bootloader menu and the system startup. The problem is that I'm using a multi boot system in which I need to use the bootloader...
  12. CrisCrossX

    Installation Help

    Hey guys, Im trying to install Yosemite on my Asustek G10AC. Its a Core i7 4770 with an Asus Geforce GTX 680 graphics card. Ive done everything the tutorial says up to the point where when i load the boot loader and choose Yosemite, it either stays black for a second or so then automatically...
  13. newjanson

    HELP! Invalid partition table

    Nothing happens if I press enter. Please help I don't wanna reinstall my hackintosh. I've tried to download bootloaders it said that it was successful but none of them worked :-( :oops: :banghead:
  14. frkino

    Reboot = No Wi-Fi???

    Reboot = WDN4800 No Wi-Fi??? Hello :) I have been struck with this weird 'Your Wi-Fi Only Connect Once' trouble. I use the TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI Express in my hackintosh build. Sadly, it can only connect to my home 802.11n (WPA2-PSK) connection at the first...
  15. jj254

    Black Border Around Bios & Boot Permanent Fix

    Okay, so there are probably half a billion forum posts about this issue, but none of them describe the solution that works best, despite acknowledging that it exists:
  16. LiteGaming

    Chimera EFI? Reasons

    It will be nice to have a EFI Multibeat and Unibeast also to make Unibeast to Multibeast to have a all in one tool because the R9 series and Asus motherboard nO NO GUID boot and moving it to EFI will help me to get my sweet R9 280x to work and also don't say use clover tryed it all it always...
  17. aleeusman

    Yosemite not booting using Chimera Bootloader in the Hardware

    Yosemite not booting using Chimera Bootloader in the Hard Drive I installed yosemite using nv_disable=1, then I installed Nvidia Graphics driver for my GTX 460. I restarted the computer and GrpahicsEnabler=Yes worked for me. Then my Graphics was working perfectly. I installed Chimera boot...
  18. Zaur.k

    Chimera didn't work on Asus G10AC

    Hi everyone, i just installed OSX Yosemite and Chimera 4.0.1, but i can't start OSX without USB anyway. Motherboard is H87-PRO, BIOS Version 1101. Can someone help me? I already tryied to Install Bootloader and Extra to EFI Partition but it didn't helped ((( Sorry for my English.
  19. theorange0

    Any bootloader capable of starting in RAID mode?

    Hey guys, I'm currently using Clover bootloader, only really because of it's UEFI boot, although I'd be willing to switch to Unibeast or any other bootloader if they support booting in RAID mode. I have a 2TB HDD that uses a 64GB SSD as a cache, with Win8.1 installed. I also have a 500GB HDD...