high sierra

  1. bobcatcommander

    Photoshop work very slow and lag issue

    Hello, dear friends. Recently I was make my second build High Sierra, based on Intel Xeon E5-2640 (6 cores, 12 threads), 16GB RAM (DDR3), Huanan X79 and Nvidia GTX1060 (6 GB). All work perfectly, except working in Adobe Photoshop and Figma (that strange). This programs working with big and...
  2. PedorAmaral

    What drivers should i install?

    I'm at that part on multibeast where i should choose some drivers but i don't know wich ones are compatible with my motherboard. it is a gsuo h61v10c and since it's a generic version, doesn't have any info online. :( can someone give me a hand, please? btw the chipset it's the same of the...
  3. PedorAmaral

    Black screen after clover configurator

    After i press boot macos install from install macos high sierra, the screen turns black :( help pls
  4. PedorAmaral

    UEFI or Legacy? HELP PLS!!!

    Guys, i don't know what kind of boot my motherboard uses, since it's a generic model from intel, the "GSUO H61V10C", doesn't have any info online. :( I'm at that part of the hackintosh process where i should choose between legacy boot or uefi boot and i don't know what to do. How do i check...
  5. PucePhenix

    "The recovery server could not be contacted"

    Hello everyone ! I'm a new hackintosher and during the high sierra installation when I click on install I have this message "The recovery server could not be contacted"... It's strange cause it seems like I'm in recovery mode :( How can I get out the recovery mode ? Thanks you everyone !!
  6. world-of-pies

    Mobo doesn't recognise Clover UEFI (High Sierra)

    Hi, I have an Intel DQ77MK Mobo which is working well with OSX 10.8.5 (for legacy apps), OSX10.10 Yosemite and a slightly buggy OSX10.12 Sierra. Now I've just built a couple of High Sierra Installs - one on an SSD in HFS+ format, and a 2nd SSD in APFS format. These SSDs were blessed using...
  7. ananthu04

    Transcend TS PDU3 USB 3.0 PCIE X1 card is detected but not working uPD720202

    Transcend USB 3.0 PCIE X1 card is detected but not working. Chipset is renesas uPD720202. OS is HighSierra 10.13.6. I tried below kext . it is detected as USB 3.0 Bus. No hub is showing. I have attached the screenshoot. if i connect any usb...
  8. venomInVeins

    Solved > Kernel Panic? after High Sierra to Catalina update

    I updated my High Sierra hackintosh to Catalina. The system still boots in safe mode. I am on clover v5098. Here is a video of the kernel panic. Please help.
  9. venomInVeins

    Solved > Error updating from macos 10.13.6 High Sierra to macos Catalina.

    Hi Hackintosh community, SO I basically thought of updating from high sierra to catalina directly. I downloaded catalina from appstore and it installed alright but when I boot to update drive, it runs for a while and then shows error "FileSystem verify or repair failed". I was using hfs...
  10. amclick99

    Need help with high Sierra Hackintosh

    Hello I am new to the Hackintosh community I’m trying to run high Sierra on a custom built pc my specs are i3 9100f, asrock H310M itx motherboard, 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz Gefore GTX 1060 GPU every time I try to load the high Sierra installer I get this error it’ll freeze at PCI Configuration END...
  11. davinci007

    Intel Xeon X5675 Westmere-EP OS 10.8.5 needs to be upgraded

    Hi, I searched the forum but couldnt find any successfully replies / threads for upgrading my Hackintosh. I have the following config : Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard (Dual Bios) Intel Xeon X5675 processor (6 core - 12 Cpus) - (Westmere-EP Architecture I believe as per google) Nvidia Geforce...
  12. athiqbe

    high sierra compatibility questions on new hp laptop

    so tomorrow i will get HP Pavilion Gaming 15-bc403nb with this specs : Processor Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Chip-set Intel® HM370 hard-drives 1-TB 5400-rpm SATA 128-GB M.2 SSD Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 is it compatible to install hackintosh ?
  13. carter5202525

    [Asrock z370 + i7 8700 + MSi 1050ti] Final cut pro stuck

    Sorry for my bad english first. My build is : CPU : i7 8700 MB : Asrock z370 extreme 4 RAM: Micron Crucial 2400 8G x 2 = 16G GPU: Msi 1050 ti OC OS: 10.13 High sierra My problem is when I use Final cut pro a while FCP will began stuck . When I open the activity monitor ,it shows CPU usage...
  14. isaacholtis

    macOS Installer stuck at apple logo and nearly done progress bar

    Hi, So I followed the guide to install macOS high sierra and successfully created a bootable usb stick. However, when I get to the clover screen and choose the installer icon it takes a really long time to load the apple logo and the progress bar, and then proceeds to take hours to get to...
  15. alexpriftis85

    [Guide] HP 15-ac-131nv | i7-6500U Skylake | Intel HD520 | High Sierra

    Intro First, I want to thank @RehabMan for all of his contributions to the community. Everything in this guide was built upon his guides and files. The community would not be where it is without his time, effort, and dedication. 10 days ago i had only heard about hackintoshes and always...
  16. BobanVelickovic

    High Sierra + Mojave

    I have a high sierra installed and everything works perfectly. Unfortunately my Magic Mouse 2 doesn't work on High Sierra. I want to keep High Sierra. I have two Samsung Pro M2 drives. I would like to try Mojave. Can I install MOJAVE on a separate M2 drive?
  17. chattes

    Cannot Update to Mojave(10.14.6) from High Sierra(Lenovo X1 Carbon)

    Hello Experts, I have succesfully installed High Sierra on my Lenovo X1 Carbon(3rd Gen) using this guide. I am trying to upgrade to Mojave (10.14.6) now and i cannot. It restarts in...
  18. Gusti99

    GeForce 630 with High Sierra

    Hi, I sucessfully installed High Sierra on a HP 6300 SFF with i5 and 8GB RAM with the Guide on this Website. I have also a GeForce 630 with 2GB. But i have problem to get it work. I tried a few options in Clover, but don’t realy have a plan. It always Show a Nvidia with 5MB RAM in „About Mac“...
  19. teshn

    NVIDIA GTX 1050ti and its drivers

    Hi there, first off all I am really suprised that such a big and active community revolves about hackintoshs. I am an it trainee and wanted to save me a couple of bucks, so I decided to go for this path. PC is currently installed on the following build: High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G66) iMac (27"...
  20. alexpriftis85

    Can't install High sierra 10.13.6 on HP Laptop

    Hello Guys! I'm quite new to the hacintosh ecosystem and i desperately need your help. I have an HP 15-ac-131nv Laptop with: CPU: I7-6500U SKYLAKE GPU: Intel HD 520 Graphics + AMD R5 M330 M/B: HP 8136 (CPU-Z) I followed the guide here...