high sierra

  1. manosvouts

    Final Cut Pro - Problem In Launch

    Hey guys im running hackintosh high sierra 10.13.6 i installed many final cut programms and no one works it shows me the following message when i open it. Can someone help me to fix this problem?
  2. leandroprz

    Suddenly my USB stick is not booting and I can't install High Sierra

    Hi, I've tried with several USB pendrives using Unibeast for High Sierra v8.1.0, v8.3.1 and v8.3.2. Everytime I boot with my USB I get this logo instead of Clover bootloader: I'm formatting the USB using the settings as described in this guide. This is my setup: GA-Z77-DS3H Intel i5 3570k...
  3. russkitosh

    Solved > Bluetooth randomly stopped working, on Windows too

    Hey everyone, I've got an ASUS ROG 270-E, which has both onboard WiFi and Bluetooth (Qualcomm Atheros QCNFA364A). On Windows the Bluetooth driver reads as QCA61x4A and is disabled (the whole Bluetooth category in Device Manager is greyed out). In summary, here's what the situation looks like...
  4. Mattuz

    Solved > Pc reboot after 30 sec on utility tools

    Hello, guys as a member suggested to me I would like to install High Sierra (because I own a gtx 1080). So I created the bootable usb but when I get to the utilty tools to install macOS my pc reboots after around 30 seconds. I'll attach the efi folder. Thanks in advance! Solved by changing the...
  5. LuigiBros02

    kextd stall "IOHDACodecFunction"

    Hey everyone, I've installed High Sierra on my PC after a long time and It's all working great except for the audio... My PC uses a Fujitsu Celsius R670 Motherboard which for some reason uses the ALC663 codec for laptops, however my issue is not patching the codec it's... loading the kext...
  6. geraltofrivia

    High Sierra 17G66 Nvidia Driver

    Hey everyone, I am currently trying to get my NVIDIA GeForce 750ti to work on High Sierra on my Mac Pro 4,1. One solution I often found being suggested was "bash <(curl -s https://vulgo.github.io/webdriver) 387." After running this in the terminal, it asks me to disable SIP...
  7. alt

    Problem with installing High sierra on HP Pavilion dv6500

    I am trying to install High sierra on my laptop HP pavilidon dv6500 : CPU : Intel core 2 duo T7500, VGA : Nvidia Gforce 8400M GS 128 MB MEMORY : 4 GIG 609 MHZ DDR@ SDRAM And this is other configuration : lspci -nn -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/t3KbYsCY4b/ I formatted my Usb this like this: I...
  8. TylerHoang

    High Sierra Won't Boot After Clover Update

    Hi, I recently updated my Clover and now whenever I try to boot into my macOS High Sierra installation, it goes into the Clover Bootloader, then attempts to boot up my drive. But then afterwards my computer just reboots and I'm stuck in this loop of reach the bootloader, having it try to boot...
  9. russkitosh

    Installed IntelMausi, uninstalled, now Bluetooth not working

    Hey gang, so to get my WiFi working I figured I'd give IntelMausiEthernet a go. Still no WiFi network interface, but I worked around it by using an old TP-Link router as a client and hooked it up through an Ethernet-to-USB cable. Very DIY but hey, gets the job done. Anyway, in the process, once...
  10. Silizium

    Strong Hardware for High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hello, I would like to Build the strongest Desktop with HighSierra running. More cores as better. Need: -Ethernet -HDMI -Bluetooth -USB (any) -OpenGL Don't need: Wireless DGPU, if the iGPU supports OpenGL. Otherwise yes... need a GPU that supports OpenGL Does someone know the Processor and the...
  11. knightmare085

    well this work? Asus B350F Gaming / Ryzen 5 3600 / GTX 1070

    hey guys this is my first time here and this would be my first time doing this i have the specs as mentioned im planning to install High Sierra or possible higher mac OS on that system its either running at least 80% of functionality like i dont mind if sound is not working or gpu as long as its...
  12. varunbiday

    Solved > Lines on Monitor (Responsive) After Installing Nvidia Web Driver and Booting on macOS High Sierra

    I have been trying to fix this for over a week now. I have installed macOS High Sierra on an NVMe SSD on my desktop using a UniBeast made USB. Every time I come to post install, I have only two things which are not working: Audio and Graphics card. Audio gets fixed by applying the HDAS to HDEF...
  13. robotsharks

    Solved > High Sierra reboots infinitely on WebDrivers

    So I had a successful install through Unibeast and after I installed Some of the Multibeast things, I decided to install Nvidia WebDrivers, after it was complete, I rebooted the system crossing my fingers, hoping to see some GPU acceleration. But it just restarts everytime I boot with...
  14. Gutz_Otoole

    Boot HDD to SSD, Clone or Restore? (High Sierra)

    I've been putting this off for ages, but yesterday a windfall rekindled my interest. I received a refund from Amazon in the form of a gift card. I'm tempted to spend it on a 1TB SSD (2.5" form factor) and use it to speed up my old reliable 10.13.6 hack that also boots Win10 from another HDD...
  15. rvilbert

    Help with High Sierra 10.13.6 Installation on Asus X99 Deluxe

    Good afternoon, I have been trying to install High Sierra 10.13.6 and i get stuck onto "PCI Configuration Begin" which seems to come from another issue "Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass<...." I have tried (I believe) everything but i can't figure out where the issue is coming. My...
  16. schwdim

    Trouble upgrading to High Sierra

    I have a working Hackintosh Sierra build that I made a few years ago with the followings specs: Intel I7 4770 3.4GHz 16 GB DDR3 RAM NVIDIA GTX 760 ASUS H87M-E Motherboard Everything is working flawlessly on Sierra but I am trying to upgrade because DaVinci Resolve 16 only works with HS or...
  17. pblpblpbl

    fault cr2 fault cpu mach reboot im going crazy

    Hi all! :) i'm new to hackintosh world and I wanted to install Mac OSX high sierra to my pc since I have seen other people who managed to do it with my components: Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix Z370-F gaming CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K RAM:Corsair Vengeance Rgb pro 3200mhz cl16 (2x8) GPU: Asus Rog...
  18. fubar072

    Solved > Message when booting High Sierra without the USB

    Hi everyone, I got this (see attached photo) every time I boot High Sierra without the USB, and booting takes a bit longer. Please help.
  19. Piero2411

    Solved > automatic shutdown at startup after power failure

    Last night the power went out while my hackintosh was on. This morning as soon as I reactivated the power and I access the hackintosh to get to work I have these messages and then the computer turns off completely by itself. Do you have any advice? (I have Mac OS high Sierra) Thank you
  20. Unixian

    Solved > 2nd Monitor Connected to DVI-D on High Sierra Not Being Detected

    Hello, Recently did a successful install and was able to successfully able to install web drivers without any issues. However, I noticed my 2nd monitor was not being picked up and the one with HDMI was being used as the main. Should I downgrade? Any potential fixes? I've tried asking around on...