high sierra

  1. J0hnny007

    USB-ports do not appear to work after crash. [High Sierra]

    I received a batch of ESP32 Cam modules recently and wanted to test them out. I had a spare ESP-01 UART-adaptor laying around and tried to flash some stuff on to the ESP with the ArduinoIDE. But after unplugging the UART-adaptor my Hackintosh crashed. After rebooting I noticed that my keyboard...
  2. gbkbrant

    Solved > Fault CPU MACH REBOOT - Asus z390-e Gaming 9900k

    I had a running High Sierra build with the currently listed parts on my profile. Bought and upgraded to an Asus Strix z390-E Gaming and 9900K. I've attempted to replace the EFI folders on my working drive with proven EFI folders for this motherboard I found on the site, but obviously I don't...
  3. MacMan

    UniBeast 8.4.0 - High Sierra 8.4.0

    UniBeast is a tool by MacMan and tonymacx86 to create a bootable USB drive from any Mac App Store purchased copy of Mac OS. This all-in-one bootable USB drive can also be used as a rescue boot drive for system recovery. Support Note: UniBeast 8 uses Clover as the bootloader and supports macOS...
  4. Sephiroth84

    Installation of High Sierra stop at 2 minute

    Good morning guys, I have a problem with installing High Sierra. I installed Mavericks with Unibeast and never had a problem. Now the installation freezes and restarts the pc 2 minutes from the end of the process. I have activated verbose mode but I cannot understand what he writes because it...
  5. Yafizan

    High Sierra Shutdown Problem on Acer 4755G

    Hello dear Community! I have a Hackintosh with the following specs: Acer 4755G CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M iGPU: Intel HD 3000 dGPU: Nvidia GT540M RAM: 6 GB DDR3 Ram OS: High Sierra 10.13.4 When I want to Shutdown the laptop doesn't finish the shutdown process. Instead I have to push the power...
  6. Sakaa

    Does anyone have issues installing High Sierra 2020-001 security update ?

    When I’m trying to install the security update, an additional boot option is appearing in clover as usual. So when I boot on it still loads a few seconds but at a certain point it turns into a panic and I’m stuck. I can still hold power button and reboot in High Sierra without installing the...
  7. dlzx

    Nvidia difficulties, black screen for ASUS VIII GENE

    Hello all, I am encountering what seems to be a common Nvidia web driver problem, but I've tried various methods without any luck. It has been almost a week of troubleshooting and reinstallations, so I thought I should just seek advice and tap on the collective wisdom here. So a little...
  8. sfw.jimmy

    10.13.6 weird graphics issue

    So I have an optiplex that I’ve converted into a hackintosh thanks to the high Sierra guide on this site but whenever I try to boot into the desktop with nvidia drivers enabled I get a spinning buffering wheel that looks exactly like the one you get when you shut down a Mac or an iPhone and I...
  9. hoangthu117

    High Sierra on Acer aspire laptop

    Hi! I have a laptop Acer Aspire E5-573G-53A4 Core i5 5200U Intel HD 5500 8 GB DDR3 RAM Nvidia Geforce 920M 1 HDD 500GB Tell me how stable the High Sierra or other operates on this device?(I used Clover to boot high sierra 10.13.6 but it stuck as the following image) Thank you!
  10. Sakaa

    Solved > Black screen on my primary monitor, but my second is still working

    Hello everyone I've had my hackintosh for a few days but I can't get my primary screen to work, it's detected by macos but nothing is displayed. I tried everything, I would be really pleased if anyone knows how to fix this issue... My monitor is working perfectly on Windows, plugged to my gpu...
  11. hottikop

    Asus Vivobook Pro 17 N705UDR - How to install

    Hello, A few months ago I decided to install MacOS on my laptop. Not only High Sierra, but some kind of versions which will work. And all my attempts pushed against installation process. It just always stopped So can you tell me completely about installation, may be it's just impossible with my...
  12. hackingToshack

    Solved > Making Salvaged iMac SSD Bootable

    Hi I hope this is the right part of the forum to post this message on. I had an iMac die a few months ago and the only thing I could salvage from it was the SSD with High Sierra installed , which is now attached to my new system. During playing around with clover and trying to install...
  13. underfl0w

    Reinstalling Windows 10 on dual boot system

    Hi all, I want to do a fresh install of Windows 10 (from a bootable USB stick) on my Windows assigned SSD as it's becoming a little cluttered and slow. I have High Sierra installed on a second SSD and two HDD's (each acting as storage for both respective OS's). I'm worried that when I perform...
  14. PietrobonAndrea

    Everything lags continuously

    Hi, I updated after some time clover to the latest version but now the interface has started lagging. When I move the mouse when I scroll the pages ... In short, it has become almost unusable. Some advice?
  15. impalax33

    [Q] Intel DH67BL

    Hey guys Somebody happens to have my own mainboard like me and has a working EFI folder for me so that I can use my Hackintosh problem freely My Specs: Intel DH67BL Intel Core i5 2320 16 GB DDR3 Ram MSI Geforce GTX 750 Intenso 120GB SSD I really want to use High Sierra because of the Nvidia...
  16. dotpourri

    Upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite failed

    Hi there, my Hackintosh was running on Mavericks super solid, but after some years i wanted to upgrade to Yosemite (and finally HighSierra). I´m using it for some daily use, but mainly as a Media Storage Bay. First: I have done a Time Machine Backup before I started! I removed the Nvidia...
  17. Erizur

    High Sierra wont boot in normal mode but it boots in verbose mode.

    Hello everybody. After i read about mavericks and why i cannot use my nvidia card on there, i decided to upgrade to high sierra and i got it fully working without graphical or other issues. The only problem is, when i boot high sierra, enabling the nvidia web drivers bootflag and InjectNvidia...
  18. rajanpandit2000

    Randomly Freeze High Sierra

    Hai, I have i 5 2500k GA-Z68 AP D3 Rev.1 Motherboard 16 GB Ram Samsung EVO 500GB SSD Gigabyte Rx 560 OC (4 gb) Graphic I have installed High Sierra with unibeast and Multibeast Everything is fine.. sometime it freeze... Booting is Ok. Login is OK. during my work, it freeze please help to...
  19. brunopassoni

    Can't download apps from App Store

    Hey guys I'm new in this forum (first post), but I have experience with Hackintosh builds. I've tried every single solution I found in the forum, but none of them solved my problem. My system version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G11023) I have a new hackintosh up and running. Everything works 100%, but...
  20. seanwalker9

    Kernal Panic at startup

    I have owned my hackintosh for 2+ years and it has worked wonderfully. Some things that happened before the kernel panic appeared: I was unplugging and plugging in the HDMI cable that went to the monitor frequently while working on a project, and just a couple days before I had connected my...