high sierra

  1. PlatformDisphoria

    x299 OpenCore with NVIDIA Issues

    Hello All! I'm having a bear of a time with opencore trying to actually enable hardware acceleration and DRM support. I know it is most likely a configuration issue(was working with clover bootloader), and I was wondering if someone who had a similar system wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing...
  2. OverClocker

    Core i3-540 graphics start

    Hi, my config is Core i3-540, Asus EAH 6670(Radeon 6670) 8 gb RAM, I can’t get the graphics either built into the processor or external, who can help? If necessary, I can throw off config.plist. High Sierra launches, but the image in resolution is very small, while I have 1600x900 (I know a...
  3. fcc-pt

    Dual Xeon E5-V3 with Radeon RX580 poor video perfomance

    This is my first Dual Xeon E5 V3 build and after some valuable time I was rewarded with a system that works but with poor video performance. I have no idea why but video card performs so badly but I suspect that must be due to the absence of iGPU, the video card installed is an RX580 and the...
  4. MarceloMoura

    Help with slow Hackintosh

    Hello everyone! I would like your help. I set up my hackintosh in June 2018, to work with FCPX, Logic, After Effects and etc, and recently I changed the GTX 1050 TI 4Gb video card to an RX580 4Gb but I can't see a big difference, mainly in the editing and rendering of the After Effects. I...
  5. nittoo2997

    Second monitor is not working in high sierra after installation

    The second monitor is not working in high sierra. It works when i disconnect the other vga monitor but when i plug in vga monitor the dp monitor stop working and shows no signal. My system config MSI Z97 Gaming 3 i7 Geforce gtx 750ti
  6. stevencc27

    Stuck at "using 16384 buffer headers and 10240 cluster IO buffer headers"

    Hello. I am trying to use Clover to install High Sierra on my ThinkPad. However, I didn't manage to see the installation screen. On verbose mode, the computer shows "using 16384 buffer headers and 10240 cluster IO buffer headers". The line before it is "AMFILoadTrustedKeyFromNVRam: Failed...
  7. Pineapple68

    Stuck at Apple logo with USB unibeast key

    Hallo guys, I am getting into the hackintosh after a while, because I need a High Sierra Mac for some old apps, and it's not the case to by a real mac for that. My mobo is the same Asrock z270 Fataliy mini ITX I used to create my Hack Pro mk II I know the base method, in the past I created a...
  8. brunokraucher

    Dell T5810 xeon 2630v3 no boot!

    Hey guys, I've made some research here in TonyMac forum before buying this machine, it is a t5810 upgraded with xeon 2630v3 instead of 1620v3. So all the EFI folders I got here and the problems solved on other machines are not helping me at all... I'm trying both install a clean high Sierra or...
  9. paulclaude

    Move Sierra bluetooth drivers to High Sierra (downgrade)

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to transfer (downgrade) the bluetooth module from Sierra to High Sierra. On my iMac 2011, equipped with a bluetooth 4 dongle, I have three partitions: one with Sierra, one with High Sierra and one with Catalina (patch). There is no way or program to...
  10. Hemmo2407

    Stuck on this. see pictures.

    Installing High Sierra 10.13 Help me please my laptop is Acer aspire 3 i3. Thank you in advance.
  11. americanhawk1

    Best GPU for High Sierra

    I have a few questions regarding the NVIDIA GPU's on High Sierra, and their performance. If I wanted to get the fastest GPU acceleration possible on a Hackintosh, would I want to go the NVIDIA route for my build? I know that a lot of the 10 series graphics card are supported on High Sierra, and...
  12. Avshabol

    Stuck at Apple logo, full bar, (Kernel issue?)

    Hello, I have been trying to make a Hackintosh since March and have been running into the same problem every time, no matter what forum or post or YouTube video that I follow. Every time I just get the Apple logo with the bar loading all the way with nothing afterwards. just stops. I got tired...
  13. Chalioh

    Does my laptop can handle a dualboot?

    Hi, i'ts been about 3/4 months that i use hackintosh high sierra and it works well but i usually play games that are only avaible in Microsoft Windows and other programs and i was wondering if my laptop can handle a dualboot w/ Macos High Sierra & Windows 10. Actualy i'm using Macos in my unique...
  14. Pale

    Help with Clover Bootloader

    I need Help installing High Sierra (with NVIDIA web drivers) or Mojave/Catalina with iGPU, i have a lot of random freezes in clover bootloader, NVRAM problems and random Kernel Panics... at this point I don't know if it is my board or it is me that makes error... I have followed a lot of guides...
  15. rpdp-X

    PLEASE HELP to recover Windows

    This is what happened : I had a working windows 10 + high sierra running on my laptop. There were two bootloaders. The windows bootloader and clover. It was working perfectly until one day I accidentally replaced the EFI folder with the one from an OpenCore install USB of High Sierra. It ruined...
  16. speedscater1

    Experienced Hackintosh Builder Stumped

    Hello Fellow Hackintoshers! I'm at the end of my rope here and have exhausted all my resources! I've googled more times than I care to count and just can't seem to figure this out. I have a full new build (This is my 3rd) and everything seems to be functioning except it won't shut down, instead...
  17. icxlawi

    I Need Your Help! High Sierra 10.13.6 Stuck at 2min Installation. I9-9900KF

    I'm a beginner to the hackintosh scene. I've been trying to install High Sierra 10.13.6 on computer for about a week now. First I encountered an error which I fixed using @tonymacx86's ACPI PATCH. Then this error where after I select the installation disk it runs and then it freezes at 2min...
  18. Markt2017

    Solved > Screen now only black - seems like no signal - without updates

    Originally I started with a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950 card but owing to the lack of support in later MacOS versions I upgraded to a Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 card and removed the nVidia drivers and made sure my kexts were up-to-date. All went well. However, after leaving my PC on overnight (as I...
  19. Venom0077

    Intel HD 610 Not working on High Sierra

    I have seen the posts related to my problem graphics fix and acceleration for intel hd 610 and also tried to fix but its not working for me. I am also having a graphic card Asus Geforce 210 1GB if this works i can also use this. I also want the hdmi audio driver and wifi utility which can...
  20. ibnsina1212

    Slow High Sierra HP Probook 4530s & Trackpad issue

    Hello I have a HP Probook 4530s with the following specs - i5-2430M - 8gb RAM - Intel 3000 Graphics As I'm new to hackintosh. I tried several guides and I have finally got an almost perfect build on a vanilla High Sierra. However I'm facing two issues. 1. This build seems a bit slower than...