high sierra

  1. akinci

    Please Help Newbie Any Help will be Appreciated

    Hi everyone, I'm a old member newbie. I'm very desperate about my slow boot time in my computer, I hope experienced users could help me. I used to run El Capitan in my old system before, I decided to upgrade to High Sierra. I didn’t want to take a risk so I decided to install on a new...
  2. aniskhan001

    Copy of apfs.efi failed: Creating High Sierra installation media from Catalina

    This looks like an old issue that has a fix. However, I think my case here is different. Please read the post. :!: The USB stick is formatted as GPT :!: I'm trying to make a bootable disk for macOS High Sierra :!: The machine I'm using to create the bootable disk has macOS Catalina installed...
  3. rajanpandit2000

    Black Screen after Apple Logo

    I have recently purchased a new graphic card Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 OC 4G but when I am trying to install High Sierra I am getting black screen after Apple Logo progress bar please help...
  4. s6884

    Broke the USB of a working 10.13, Migration Assistant copies the problem over fresh install

    Mysterious title, let me clarify: I had a decently working install of High Sierra, while I was trying to figure out how to get Ethernet to work via Multibeast I decided to try some new USB options to see if they could address my problematic USB 3.0 ports. Horrible idea, as this blocked all USB...
  5. kia

    failed getting NVRAM installing high sierra [help]

    Hi, I created a High Sierra install USB (gpt, legacy) using clover and its been a few days i'm attempting to install MacOS on Laptop I boot and enter clover then i press booting install high sierra installation and then it stops at loading installer after writing these lines...
  6. Nyak

    Post-Installation Kernel Panic

    My build has been running High Sierra splendidly for nearly two years until today. Initially, it lost connection to the internet (via ethernet). Upon restart, it got caught in a boot loop. I've tried -x and debug=0x100 to no avail. Just before booting into Clover (version 4458), it posts this...
  7. biohazzard

    GT 730 and High Sierra graphics problem

    Before all, I wanna say hi to all hackintoshers. I hope you all felling good :) My Specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-D3V-A CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce GT 730 2gb(according to info what I see in HackinTool when I run it, its GF108(Fermi?) - I'm not sure if...
  8. apour

    Solved > Mac osx High Sierra restart at apple logo

    I've installed mac os sierra about 1 year ago and updated to high sierra some months ago. it was working very well without any problem but from yesterday, it restarts at apple logo. I tried boot with -v and nv_disable=1 that some threads suggested. but doesn't help. i'll put the panic result in...
  9. Semon

    10.13.6 Asus p8z77-v i5-2500k High Fan Speed (noise)

    Hi all, I am running High Sierra 10.13.6, and everything is working fine apart from fan control. My fans are loud, cpu fan reacts to speedstep, but they are always loud. Considerably louder than when using MS Windows. I have looked at countless articles and posts regarding this issue and...
  10. Gomam0n

    Help ! Nvidia Webdrivers makes High Sierra get stuck on the login screen

    Hi there. I'm asking here as I didn't find anything that could help me here or anywhere else. If I enable Webdrivers (with nvda_drv=1) my lock screen would appear for a second , then turn into a black screen with my mouse , which I can move , then the mouse would disappear , and let place to a...
  11. Pandorica

    High Sierra Clover USB Not Booting on Windows 10?

    Hello all, TL;DR - High Sierra 8700K Hackintosh - Dual boot Win 10 High Sierra (separate boot SSDs) - UniBeast USB recognized in BIOS but when selected for boot override, does not boot from USB to Clover; instead bypasses and boots to Win 10. Issue Working to install High Sierra on a spare...
  12. 1078595847

    Reboot loop before installation

    Hi, I'm now in trouble installing my MacOS High Sierra. I follow the guide and creat my boot usb , and replace EFI/Clover with my configuration. I successfully get myself into clover but when I enter MacOS install, it shows Apple logo but immediately reboot after the progressbar reaches about...
  13. Junaid6305

    Stuck on flashing underscore after installation

    So I installed High Sierra on my computer and everything went pretty smoothly, I can boot into the drive via the boot loader on the install USB. After installation I installed clover via multibeast and when I try boot directly from the HDD I just get a flashing underscore. Asus P5G41T-M LX...
  14. domdep83

    Apfs Module Start 1279

    Good afternoon, I had MacOS High Sierra installed on my PC and everything worked perfectly. I had the bad idea of installing the bios update, switching to the latest version 1502. Now I can't get on with the installation, it stops everything at apfs_module_start1279. Can someone help me???? I am...
  15. smurfworks

    (10.13.6) Changed GTX970 to UHD 630 - Display issues

    Hey team, First of all - I'm so thankful that there's a community like you here, I'm very much stuck trying to solve this problem. I don't want to create a low effort post so please, if I've missed anything that can help figure this out, let me know. I've recently upgraded from a GTX 970 to...
  16. maulik07

    msi Gaming Laptop stuck at Install

    Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti 4GB cpu: i7 8th gen Stuck at this error Tried npci=0x2000 && npci=0x3000
  17. feulps

    Cant enable Nvidia Web Drivers - 1050ti, h110m-h

    This is my first time doing a hackintosh, I got it all to work, but now I'm freaking because I just can't have this working. I've tried so many things already, and yes, I know thats a bunch of topics with the same problem and one official topic with also have infos about this. But it simply...
  18. abomb2503

    Impossible Kernel Panic

    I’ve been having a constant problem with my hackintosh for the past month where it won’t work. i keep trying to boot in but, depending on the settings i use, the progress bar loads all the way and just stays there, or the progress bar goes like 1/16 of the way, and the whole system reboots and...
  19. goodtcgman4561

    Multibeast will not install, neither will clover bootloader.

    I finally fixed the problem with the installer boot loop on my own, now I just need help with the "Installation Failed" Error in Multibeast and Clover.
  20. ch3m1c

    macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) 4k at 120hz is it possible?

    Hey, For some reason I can't see any options to run my brand new Asus XG438Q at 4k above 60hz under High Sierra. It runs flawlessly under Win10 at 120hz. Is this problem tied with nvidia web driver or monitor support? Is it even possible to run 4k more than 60hz with latest High Sierra web...