high sierra

  1. cedpowa

    GTX 970 is not recognized. Only display 5mb. Tried all possible solutions.

    Hello there, This is my first Hackintosh and I will listen to all the recommendations of this community. I have created a bootable USB with macOS High Sierra Installer using Unibeast and successfully managed to install macOS High Sierra on my HDD. Posteriorly, I used Multibeast for the post...
  2. threequartersearth

    Solved > System Restarts With Anything Above cpus=6 (High Sierra)

    Hello, I just got High Sierra up and running on my new machine, however I've run into a major issue, which is that my system seems not to be stable unless I use the boot flag cpus=6 (or 1-5). Above 6, or without the flag, the computer will restart after about 30 seconds of being logged in. I...
  3. elyo

    Upgrading to SSD - Dualboot - Clone installation?

    Hi, I have successfully installed and dual-booting win10 on a small SSD, and High Sierra on a mechanical HDD. I am experiencing that my MacOS install has significantly slower performance than my windows installation, and I expect it is because of the hdd its installed on. My plan is to upgrade...
  4. theeccentric

    Reboot and select proper boot device on fresh High Sierra install

    I've made 4 Hackintoshes successfully following threads etc. My old GA z77 UH5 started black screening so I decided to just put in a new HD and start fresh since I wasn't sure what had changed. I friend was using the computer and may have updated the OS. Anyway I am stuck now with the message to...
  5. fredmbarros

    Stuck at "insert proper boot device"

    Hi, I have a GA-Z97m-d3h with a i5-4690k processor. I've used it as a hackintosh for a long time (until El Capitan, iirc), then decided to run Linux on it for a while and now I'm trying to get macOS on it again, but without success. I tried following the Mojave guide, had some issues because...
  6. Adi2541

    HELP!! ASUS ROG Strix Z270E WIFI Driver?

    Hey guys, a few weeks ago I've did my Hackintosh on High Sierra and everything works quiet well, except for the Wifi. I don't know why but Bluetooth is working and so is the normal Ethernet. I've tried everything and searched trough all Forums but haven't found anything useful. I hope someone...
  7. ijustwantamac

    Sleep Mode won't work after Clover update

    Hello, so I updated Clover from I believe 4630 to 5033. Since then I got some issues with sleep mode. Every time I want my Hackintosh to sleep, it just wakes up again right after the fans stop and my monitor shuts down. What I tried to fix it so far: - Removing all my USB devices (front &...
  8. VanessaRollins133

    High Sierra not recognizing Nvidia GPU

    Hi! I am new to Hackintoshing, I just downloaded and installed High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G66) and am unable to get my GPU recognized as well as downloading any drivers. The Nvidia web driver always gives me errors and I have tried every version on the Tony Mac website.Cuda isn't even picking up...
  9. devlos1000

    Can hackintosh brick your motherboard?

    I think it's trying. When tried to boot into the fully functional installation of High sierra 10.13.6. my mother board has these problems instead of post screen or splash screen, the ultimate force, is frozen. I can only change dpi on mouse button at this point. Nothing I do can make it go past...
  10. Axiz

    Lenovo u410 sleep mode 10.14.6

    Hi everyone, I have a Lenovo u410 computer and High Sierra installed. As a result, almost everything was sorted out, but it is not possible to start sleep mode: the laptop gradually falls asleep and immediately comes out of sleep mode. Also Wi-Fi after the "wake up" can not find any network...
  11. flynnwinch

    NVME-caused kernel Panic

    Hi, So I just bought my first NVME SSD, a Samsung EVO Plus 970. As soon as I installed it, I started having kernel panics. My computer would only stay on for about 5 to 10 minutes. I am booting from an SSD, the NVME was simply plugged in and empty. I uninstalled it after about an hour of this...
  12. jcbroncanoc01

    High Sierra doesn't boot when a DVI link is connected, only HDMI [Nvidia GTX 970]

    Hi! I have installed High Sierra on my PC with the next configuration: - Gigabyte GA H97M D3H - Intel Core i5 4690 - Nvidia GTX 970 4 GB - 8 GB RAM System works fine, even graphics and sleep... but only with one monitor connected throw HDMI. If I try to connect another monitor with a DVI link...
  13. CairoC

    Graphics Acceleration

    I have a dell optiplex 790 with high Sierra -i5 2400 -4GB ddr3 ram 2 500gb hdd I followed a guide on here and think I installed a kext or something cause it locked my graphics card to a Radeon 5450 3mb I have tried to use my r9 380 4GB and A gt 710. The 710 works but it’s not using the...
  14. meeloshmedia

    iMac 27" 2011 with eGPU over mini PCIe port (EXP GDC)

    Hello to all, I am new to this site and forum so I would like to say sorry if some rules are broken by my side. I wanted to create this thread since there isn't one anywhere that I found. Let's start from the beginning: I am YouTuber in making and wanted to create a channel around how-to and...
  15. mcshell8

    Pictures in and way too dark

    Hello there! As the title says, all pictures are too dark in the mentioned apps. The finder preview shows correct black levels. Do you have an idea how to fix it? Thanks I have an attached screenshot. I am using high sierra 13.6 hackintosh and have calibrated the display.
  16. TheITBaron

    Update from el Capitan direct to High Sierra question

    Hi, I would like to upgrade my rig [profile specs], from el Capitan to High Sierra, and would love some insight before I begin. I have read through the install guide [] And I have combed through numerous posts on...
  17. gbfactory

    Solved > Rebooting immediatly at "Installing on" phase

    Hello, today I'm installing my first Hackintosh but I ran into a problem during the "Installing on" phase: the installer says "18 minutes remaining" but it restarts immediately. This is the error: My build is: i5 6600k Asus z170 pro gaming with the latest bios 16gb (2x8) ram GSkill TridentZ...
  18. TiffanyMOBO

    High Sierra 10.13.6 fresh install can't detect Ethernet - Gigabyte z270p-d3

    I'm having trouble getting my Hackintosh to detect and connect to Ethernet. I had the Hackintosh working flawlessly for a couple years, and as of the last update was running High Sierra 10.13.4. However the OS became corrupt and needed to be reinstalled. I formatted everything, downloaded the...
  19. akshayd

    Stuck at black screen while boot up

    I was trying to solve shutdown issue with my hackintosh (High sierra) But dnt know where i went wrong . I copied these two files to /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI folder and restarted then its just goes black when i enter from clover I tried also -v and - x to Safe mode or verbose mode but...
  20. hkisthebest

    Win10 couldn't boot after restarting, "Your PC needs to be repaired." Error.

    I wanted to dual boot a win10 on a transcend ssd with a High Sierra(Samsung Evo) which is what is used to have. So I followed the instructions: Unplug Samsung Evo. Plug in Transcend ssd. Install win10. Disable update. Shutdown. Plug in Hackintosh ssd. Add clover to the UEFI firmware boot menu...