high sierra

  1. scrolljam

    High Sierra on GA EP45-DS3

    Hello everybody! I have old pc that I would like to update with High Sierra. Currently it is on El Capitan and its very unstable. Does anyone have correct efi folder that might work with this machine? Graphics card is GT 220. Thanks in advance!
  2. hkisthebest

    Multibeast version options

    I installed my first hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.6 (17g66). Everything stopped working after I unplugged my usb and reboot. My ethernet, audio and graphic card(GTX 1050) doesn't work, although the graphic card never worked before, but I'd like to find a solution for it, because I can't find the...
  3. jhonmay

    Problem with all installations

    I tried Mojave and High Sierra, UEFI and Legacy, but on installation, it crash and reboot. My PC’s components: MSI H310M Gaming Plus Intel i5 8600K 8GB DDR4 MSI GTX 1060 3GB I set all configurations on bios, i don’t really know what is... but i’m getting anger... It arrives at installation...
  4. Ballie

    Hackintosh gpu drivers issue gtx 1080 ti

    #1 Hello there, I've been trying to install my graphics drivers for quite a while now. I've been using the following tutorial: due to the fact that this helped me about a year ago when I build my previous...
  5. cardiac4

    Crashes before Installer Opens

    I am getting a kernel panic when I go to install HS on my desktop. It crashes before I even get to the screen with the option to install, open disk util, etc. I am hoping to use this build to edit FCPX. Let me know if you think of additional settings to change. I have bios set as such: VT-d...
  6. ironwood

    10.13.6 Security Update 2019-001

    The new NVIDIA web driver 387. to match "Security Update 2019-001 10.13.6" has been released. In case it's helpful, my update went very well as follows: Backed up my main SSD as a clone to my backup SSD. Downloaded the 40.118 web driver from Downloads at and placed...
  7. WahlyWorld93

    Solved > Progress bar get's stuck at 100%

    Hey guys, I've been going through and tweaking things bit by bit and finally got it to actually reach the Apple logo and progress bar this morning. However the progress bar will load all the way to 100% and then get stuck and never reach the installer. I re-booted it in safe and verbose mode so...
  8. erwan123

    Dual Nvidia Gpu

    Hello there, I have a workstation with two Nvidia GPU. I run on High Sierra 10.13.6 and everything was fine until I added my second GPU (GTX 1060). I use it for 3D render, not for gaming or SLi etc. MacOs is very fluid, but when I use Cinema4D or Houdini the viewport is very slow. I have...
  9. yorki

    Intel HD630 - Boots to black screen on Asrock H370M-ITX // Can't install

    Hi all, I have been trying to get to boot an Asrock H370M-ITX w/ i5 8400, 16GB Ram. But after booting in verbose mode and getting a list of text the screen goes black. No amount of time (at least half hour) brings anything back. It just hangs in that state. A flash drive with High Sierra was...