high sierra

  1. Razak87

    Surface pro 6 - Kernel panic After 6 seconds.

    Hello everybody. I am trying to install 10.14 on a Surface Pro 6 (release in oct 2018). Some owners of Surface Pro 5 have successfully installed (guides in links) Mac Mojave and High Sierra. I stuck in Kernel Panic and even it froze before showing the Kernel Panic message. The process stops...
  2. Lucioconner


    I need a guide to make a usable usb from hgh sierra, on mojave. I have an original mac where installed majave updated to the latest version and I need to make a usb for high sierra and I need a guide with unibest
  3. HunterCrafter1

    GTX 780Ti stuck at idl

    H, Ive been running my hack for a while with a GTX 780TI and GTX 710 on high sierra with a 8600k OC to 4.5 currently, use the 780ti for gaming on one monitor and the 710 on other for side stuff while i'm gaming, withc has been working pretty good with games in osx, card ramps up and clocks like...
  4. motionworks

    RX Vega 64 With 2 1080 GTX

    I have been using my hack over 4 years. Mostly for visual graphics and 3D works. I have 1 Titan Maxwell + 2 1080 Pascal in my Rig. I am on High Sierra. Unfortunately latest Nvidia drivers are not compatible for After Effects. I am stuck with 378. I decided to buy an RX Vega 64...
  5. dr.floyd

    Problem booting after replacing MoBo with same model.

    Hello guys, Just replaced my MoBo Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming after failing with the exact same one but nor old internal High Sierra installation nor the installer from USB will boot. I believe I've made the necessary steps on BIOS settings but maybe I'm forgetting something .... Hope...
  6. FullMetalDude

    Working Hacktosh for few weeks suddenly boots to black screen.

    Hi All, So 3 weeks ago i dit an OSX upgrade from el capitan to High sierra.(latest) That worked out much easier then expected. Had some issues with my USB 3.0 was still in the progress of fixing them descent with the DSDT (Din't do it yet cause is't a new step for me and still was searching how...
  7. GroShrek

    Nvidia Quadro 4000 black screen issue High Sierra installation

    Hi ! I have a hackintosh that was working fine on El Capitan up until I decided to upgrade to High Sierra. I have spent hours trying to figure out what is wrong. Please help ! My build : - Asus sabertooth Z77 - i7 3770K - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - SSD Hard drive. I have tried all methods in this...