Failed getting NVRAM error while trying to boot

Feb 19, 2023
MSI B360 Gaming Plus
RX 480
Hello! I created a Hackintosh High Sierra by docs and i can get to OpenCore, but when i select the hackintosh dmg it gives me the following error. Why?



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Hello! I created a Hackintosh High Sierra by docs and i can get to OpenCore, but when i select the hackintosh dmg it gives me the following error. Why?

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May not be an error there ...

Which "hackintosh dmg" are you using?
high sierra
high sierra

No, I understand that bit.

I meant where did you download High Sierra as a "DMG" file, that's all.
Okay :thumbup:

Did you use Windows to download the files and create your installer?

Do you still have a Windows drive connected?

It is better to upload ZIP files rather than RAR as macOS has no native RAR support. More people will try and help.

So, just trying to understand what you have done so far ...

The screengrab you include does not tell us exactly what the problem is.

For example we can see the NVME messages, so I would ask what model SSD you are using? Some Samsung models cause boot isses.

However there is not enough information there to go further.
1) I want to dual boot hackintosh linux and windows, maybe later hackintosh and windows

2) i will update a zip file.

3) its not samsung its an "sp m.2 pcie gen 3 ssd"
Had a look at your EFI folder from your post #1. My comments follow.

There are inconsistencies between your EFI/OC/ACPI folder contents and your EFI/config.plist/ACPI/Add listings.

1. You might want to consider replacing both SSDT-EC.aml and SSDT-USBX.aml with the single SSDT-EC-USBX.aml file.
2. The OpenCore Guide does not suggest that SSDT-HPET.aml is required for the 9th generation (Coffeelake Refresh) CPU you use. Perhaps try without it?

3. In ACPI/Add/0, SSDT-EC-USBX Enabled Value is YES, but there is no such file in EFI/OC/ACPI.
4. In ACPI/Add/1,2, and 3, the Comment and Path names do not match the filenames in EFI/OC/ACPI.
5. In ACPI/Add/5, there is no SSDT-EC-USBX.aml in your present EFI/OC/ACPI folder.
6. In ACPI/Add/6, 9, and 10, the ENABLED Values should all be YES.
7. In Booter/Quirks, SetupVirtualMap Value should be NO unless your particular motherboard requires it.
8. In Device Properties/Add/2nd item, AAPL,ig-platform-id Value should be 0300913E for a dedicated graphics card like your RX 480. Also the frame-buffer-patch-xx entries can be deleted. They are only required for the IGPU to run a display.
9. In Kernel/Add/4, the Enabled Value should be YES (for Ethernet activation).
10. There is no listing for "XHCI-unsupported.kext" in Kernel/Add.
11. In Kernel/Quirks/CustomSMBIOGuid, the Value is YES. However the Guide says:
Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 4.36.31 PM.jpg

12. In UEFI/Drivers/0 LoadEarly Value is YES; should be NO.
13. In UEFI/Drivers/2 this item is a duplicate of 0.

Good Luck!
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Oh thanks for the detailed answer, but yesterday i got it working. But thank you it may help somebody else