1. johnson8ryley

    Problem after swapping i5-2500k with i7-3700k

    I had a working dualboot hackintosh with a i5-2500k and a Gigabyte Motherboard Z68A-D3H-B3. Last night I updated my BIOS to F13 and everything went smoothly. Booted into Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7 and everything worked fine. Today I decided to take the next step and pop in my new i7-3770K. I...
  2. jakeok

    Removing GRUB for Chimera

    I installed Ubuntu on my Hackintosh and accidentally installed GRUB onto the MBR instead of the partition that Ubuntu is installed on. Both ML and Ubuntu are on the same drive, which has a GUID partition scheme. I have a 2nd drive with an ML backup partition. I'm trying to get Chimera back on...
  3. Hepatytis

    Hackintoshing my Dell Inspiron N5110??

    OK SO, my life is trash. Let's start with that. :cry: Anyway :problem: ... I have a Dell 15R Inspiron N5110 with i7 NVIDIA currently running windows 7, and I'm having some trouble.. I'm trying to dual boot windows 7 and some sort of mac OS (preferably lion :thumbup: ). I've tried to do this...
  4. SJamG

    Dual Boot - Change Partition Names

    Hello, Looking for some guidance/advice. I have dual SSDs, one with OSX and the other Windows 7. When I boot up, I see three partitions ("Lion", "System Reserved" (or something similar) and "Windows 7". I then select the "System" one to boot to Windows 7. Is there any way I can have just...