1. iNEOline

    Install Windows 8.1 and Mountain Lion DUAL Boot (different HDD).

    Hi, I would like to ask how can I Install Windows 8.1 without destroy my current Mountain Lion installation (and the bootloader). Right now my config. is: HDD 1Tb: Windows 7 HDD 500Gb: Mountain Lion And I want to replace the Windows 7 installation with Windows 8.1 Thanks so much.
  2. Blackapple

    Windows boot priority

    Hi, I successfully installed Windows 8.1 and Mavericks, but now when I turn on my Hackintosh/Pc Windows boots automatically. I can go in Chimera when I go into the bios and boot from my Mavericks Hard-drive, but I would prefer booting directly into Chimer and then choose Windows or OSX. I can...
  3. GinoTheCop

    GinoTheCop’s DualBoot Haswell Build: Core i7-4770K - GA-Z87M-D3H

    GinoTheCop’s DualBoot Haswell Build: Core i7-4770K - GA-Z87M-D3H - 16 GB RAM - GTX770 Components Intel Core i7-4770K http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CO8TBQ0/ Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H mATX Board http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CU4L4K4/ Gainward GTX770 Phantom 4 GB Graphics Card...
  4. Jacqounet

    Dual booting with windows ?

    Hi, I've been searching this site for some time now and I'm decided to build a hackintosh following the Mac mini "deluxe" version with some different components: - Cooler Master Elite 130 case (mini itX) - Sapphire radeon R9 270X (I think its compatible :) ) - Intel i5 4570s (same sochet as the...
  5. jfdutrisac

    Jeff's Build: i7-4770K - MAXIMUS GENE VI - SLI 760s - DUAL BOOT 10.9/W7

    jfdutrisac Build: i7-4770K - ASUS Gene VI - 16GB RAM - SLI 760 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvvwg5j2Yy4&feature=share&list=UUZ4wrKm6T05o2m7aMiXi9yg Components i7 4770K @ 4.4GHz http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116901 ASUS Maximus Gene VI...
  6. greyham_666

    Bootloader/Extra to EFI Queries

    Hey Guys. Recently read the new "Install Bootloader and Extra to EFI Partition" article published and the idea intrigues me. That said i have a few queries as my system is not as simple as the one use in the example. System as follows: -i5 3570K -Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H -PowerColour...
  7. jackblack87

    Dualboot question

    hi, lately i installed windows 8 on the same SSD where osx 10.9 is installed (other partition). unfortunately windows boots now by default instead of osx. i have to boot via unibeast-usb to get osx started. i'd like to have osx boot by default. how can i fix that? thanks for your advice!
  8. lilpirate

    Persistent HDD problem with dual boot

    I have an OCZ Agility 60 GB SSD which has 30 GB for Mac 10.8.4 and 30 GB for Windows 7. I have another age old 1 TB SAMSUNG HD103SI. It has three exFAT partitions and 1 HFS+ for TimeMachine. My problem: Every time I boot into Window and I am doing some HDD-intensive tasks (copy large files), I...
  9. ShadowofReason

    HELP: Want to install Snow Leopard as dualboot

    Hello. I have an existing Windows 8 installation but i do not wish to modify it. I am willing to split my main partition so the OS X installation would have 200GB of HDD but the question is.. how do i install SL ( Snow Leopard ) as dual boot in such a way so i wouldn't lose any of my data or...
  10. haroldj97

    Dual boot Mac OS X with already installed Windows

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section or if it has been answered before (couldn't find anything on here about it) I currently have a desktop computer with Windows 7 installed on a SSD, 1TB Storage drive and a 3TB backup drive. I have always been interested in building a hackintosh but don't...
  11. mynamesmoon

    Dual Boot for Asrock p67 Professional?

    Keeping it simple, I have a mac with Mountain Lion on it. I want to DUAL BOOT on my PC, which already has Windows 7 on it. Is it possible to install mountain lion without wiping the hard drive of the data from Windows 7? Any help would be appreciated. Specs are below: CPU - i7 2600k @4.2ghz...
  12. bennipper

    Dual boot on a windows running PC

    Hi everybody, I already have a custom built PC that runs windows 7, the windows OS runs off a SSD. Now could I buy a new SSD or HHD, connect it to my PC (running Windows) and install a hackintosh OS on it? Or will I have to wipe my entire hard drive and re install everything? Also if someone...
  13. Pierre59

    Bootloader doesn't work with my dual boot

    Hello, I make a dual boot windows 7 / OS X 10.8.4 on the same hard drive (Western Digital caviar blue 7200tr/min 1To). The two systems run perfectly and the bootloader on the USB stick work too. But impossible to use a bootloader on the hard drive. I tried many differents bootloader and...
  14. ninja787x

    Guidance on Overall Software Process

    I built a midrange gaming pc, and I run windows 8 on my primary drive, however I have always wanted to build a hackintosh but, by putting it in a secondary internal hdd to run certain editing applications that I like much better on the OSX platform. I am aware of the general process to making a...
  15. jacklefrost

    compatible build?

    Kingston Technology HyperX Blu 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM (Kit of 2) KHX1333C9D3B1K2/8G Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB GDDR5 DVI-I/HDMI/2x...
  16. DrChrispocalypse

    Error: "Windows Setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware"

    This is my first hackintosh build and i was going for a dual boot. I have 2 corsair force 120gb SSDs (one for mac os and the other for windows) but when i try to install windows i get "Windows Setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware" :banghead: I have tried...
  17. syzzle

    Where can I find general information on how to set up a dual boot?

    Hi, I successfully built my hackintosh about a year ago and am now on a new endeavor, I would like to dual boot windows 7 and my current 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. Is there a website or web page solely devoted to information on dualbooting? If so, I would like the link. Also, if you have any tips...
  18. tarzann

    Dualboot OSX & Win7 (SATA = AHCI)

    Hello, I just finish to install mac os ML on my system (clean HD), in order to do so I needed to change the sata configuration to AHCI mode. I also have a different HD with win 7 on it that was disconnected during the mac installation. now I want both of the system to be enable to boot, how can...
  19. forrest0218

    Dual Booting Windows 7 & Mac OSX with Windows already installed

    Hi, I would like to install Mac OSX 10.6.8 on a partition of my hard drive that already has windows 7 ultimate installed on the other half. Is this possible to do? Will there be any problems during installation that could mess up my copy of Windows 7?
  20. raiden00

    Installing Mountain Lion on an XPS 8500 with nvidia GT640 with a pre existing Ubuntu 12.04 installat

    Hi! This forum is being very helpful so far, thanks for the help! I've been a mac user for many years, but on a laptop mainly. I currently have an XPS 8500 with a nvidia GT640 in my lab running Ubuntu 12.04 that I need to keep for my research, but I would also like to run Mountain Lion on...