1. bankerza123

    [Guide] Install hackintosh on the same disk as Windows without deleting and erasing data.

    I'm using this method and it worked. * This Method can be risk, please backup your data before doing this. * ** Seperate Drives is the best ** Requirements (My method) 1.GParted (For Make HFS+ and EFI Partition 2.Minitool Partition Wizard or other partition program (For assign letter efi...
  2. Shad0walker

    Resize Partitions Hackintosh (Dual boot OSX - Win 10)

    I'm looking for resize my hackintosh's partitions. I have a HDD with 700GB OSX (el capitan) and 300GB Windows 10 I need a smaller OSX partition, so i used disk utility (OSX usb installer) for shrink OSX about 150GB So,Disk utility make a OSX Extended partition of 150GB Windows didn't show its as...
  3. vratnik

    << Solved >> Backup MacOS drive from Windows

    I have MacOS installed on 250GB nvme1 Windows installed on 250GB nvme2 a 8TB drive hooked to a raspberry in the other room I can backup windows drive using dd over network no problem from MacOS. Set to run regularly from cron. Occasionally I go to windows when want to play GTA so I'd welcome a...
  4. KrustyKrab

    Dual Boot on separate drives - What is the best method?

    Hi guys, This will be my first attempt at the Hackintosh, so thank you in advance for all the support and advice! I finally managed to put together my build, but I installed Windows 10 first just to make sure my machine actually works. I've currently got Windows 10 installed on an 500GB NVME...
  5. MarcinNull

    APFS on MBR

    My computer is pretty old and doesn't have a UEFI so I have to keep MBR to boot Windows. I always have Windows and macOS on the same SSD. When macOS started to check if partition is GPT during update I would temporarily change it. So when I was installing Catalina I changed partition scheme to...
  6. Chalioh

    Does my laptop can handle a dualboot?

    Hi, i'ts been about 3/4 months that i use hackintosh high sierra and it works well but i usually play games that are only avaible in Microsoft Windows and other programs and i was wondering if my laptop can handle a dualboot w/ Macos High Sierra & Windows 10. Actualy i'm using Macos in my unique...
  7. sgarf

    Probelms in partition map

    Hello, after trying to install Windows 10 as a partition of my disk (Dualboot) it gave me an error when installing it that I did not give much importance to because I do not necessarily need Windows. But when trying to get back to a single partition with Mac, the disk utility won't let me, and...
  8. vincenzo929292

    Help installation Mojave OS in Samsung Ativ NP730U3E

    Hello friends, I have a Samsung Series 7 Ultra (Ativ 7) with the following features: - Core i5-3337U with HD4000 -Radeon HD 8570M 1gb - 128GB SSD - 10gb ram I created the bootable pen. unfortunately the keyboard and trackpad does not work, which Kext should I use?
  9. sagnik96

    Need help to solve the error: "This version of macOS 10.14 cannot be installed on this computer."

    Hello I'm Sagnik Ganguly, I'm trying to dual boot macOS 10.14 and Windows 10 (already installed) on a PC with Legacy BIOS. I've two hard drives one in where the windows is installed and another which is converted to GPT to install macOS Mojave 10.14 with a partion of Mac OS Extended (Journal) or...
  10. elyo

    Upgrading to SSD - Dualboot - Clone installation?

    Hi, I have successfully installed and dual-booting win10 on a small SSD, and High Sierra on a mechanical HDD. I am experiencing that my MacOS install has significantly slower performance than my windows installation, and I expect it is because of the hdd its installed on. My plan is to upgrade...
  11. Brunoinho


    Hi everyone! I know that I'm posting in the wrong place but I don't know where I can post it. So, I have a pc that's operating Windows 10, Yesterday I Bought a new ssd to install Mac OS, but I don't wanna lose all my apps and archives from Windows. Is there a way that I can install Mac OS and...
  12. jdowd7

    Upgrading 2012 gigabyte system

    Looking to upgrade my older 2012 hackintosh thats running Yosemite. The processor is an older intel sandy-bridge with 32 gigs of crucial ballistic memory, both of which I plan to reuse. Want to support OS X Catalina and dual-boot Windows, for the purpose of eventually having the option to...
  13. vagvalas

    [Help] No success on dual booting windows 10 on legacy bios

    I have install successfully clover bootloader with this settings my HW: ASUS p5p43td prom socket 775, q9400 gtx 760 4gb ram ssd 120gb intenso Install Clover in ESP, bootaf mbr, clover for bios legacy booting (64-bit sata drivers), bios drivers 64; apfsloader, audiodxe, fsinject, grubntfs-64...
  14. Flaivo

    Radeon Sapphire Pulse RX 580

    Hi, I'm new to hackintosh and I've built one following the buyer advice on this community with this configuration: Asus Z370-F Sapphire Pulse RX580 8 Giga Ballistix 32 Gb (2x16) Intel I7 8700K Abwb 802.11AC Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 PCI Express (PCI-E) BCM943602CS Corsair CX650M Corsair H60 Water...
  15. maara

    Extremely laggy macos after installing win 10 for dualboot

    Hey all! I am having a strange issue with my 10.13.6... After days of buttery smooth daily use, I decided to install Win 10 on one of the other disks in my computer so I can dual boot (you know - gaming etc...). Everything went ok and once the Win installation finished, I booted to macos using...
  16. Plus + signs on booting MacOs Sierra

    Plus + signs on booting MacOs Sierra

    Please read Caption!!!!!
  17. Nelx

    [Solved] MBR to GPT with Windows 10 already installed

    Hello there :) I'm new to this Hackintosh world and I've been reading the stickies and other useful threads to make it work properly. I already have the USB with High Sierra (did it with UniBeast) and all was just fine. I have a single SSD disk which already has Windows 10 and noticed that...
  18. knackrack

    Using VMWare Fusion to boot Windows hard drive inside OSX

    I've tried pretty much anything but i can't get it to work. Trying to create a new bootcamp virtual machine that uses my windows disk will result in vmware complaining that windows wasn't shutted down properly (even tho it was) Trying to attach my hard disk directly to vmware as indicated here...
  19. MarGera332

    Is it possible to dual boot from a PC?

    Hi Everyone, New here and hoping that I am in the right category to post this question? So I have a gaming PC and wondered if would be possible to install a new SSD drive and install OSX on it, and then select which drive to boot from when the PC starts up? I understand that there will...
  20. gors6607

    Amalgamation of problems, attempted dual-boot from 1 HDD.

    Hello friends, I really need a lifeline here. I recently managed to get my Hackintosh up and running, most things working as they should (except Audio and WiFi), happy days. I then decided to try and getting Windows 10 up and running to benefit from some of the sweet Steam gaming action. This...