1. SuperBad

    Nvidia Quadro K6000 compatibility

    I have an Nvidia K6000 and I'm having trouble with it. I need some help figuring out what I need to do to make it work properly in a stock 2013 Mac Pro running 10.8.5 or 10.9. I'm not experienced in hacking hardware, but I think that's what I'm doing, since this card is not made for a mac and...
  2. Uni15

    Boot failed after MultiBeast installation. (not the same problem that florent522 has)

    GA-Z77-DS3H i7-2600K Radeon HD 4870 I installed Mountain Lion 10.8.5 today and also MultiBeast but when I try to boot there is no Chimera boot screen. All that happens is there's a black screen that says; "boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error"...
  3. Informer123

    No Mouse or Keyboard after 10.8.5 Combo Update

    Today, October 20th 2013, I installed the 10.8.5 combo update from 10.8.0. This combo update apparently already has the supplemental update. Before restarting i ran Multi-beast 5.5.3 to install the ALC877/888b "Current" audio drivers. I then allowed the combo updater to restart my computer. It...
  4. wali22

    770 on eternal grey screen

    That is the problem. I already tried "GraphicsEnabler=no". This is the configuration: *GA-X79-UP4 *CORSAIR PLATINUM 2X8 1333 *Gigabyte winforce gtx 770 *Intel s2011 3820 *OSX 10.8.5 sup All works perfect if i put my ATI HD2900 in dvi. ¿Any help?
  5. zanonale

    Dynamic Switch iGPU and dedicated GPU on Desktop.

    Hi, I've an i5-i4670 (HD4600) and an Radeon HD6870 with an GA-Z87-D3HP running on ML (10.8.5) with the latest Multibeast and with both Graphics cards up and running (GraphicsEnabler=No + IGPEnabler=Yes). Right now i'm using my Monitor (Dell u2440) connected to the DVI port of my...
  6. gabe152006

    Random Kernel Panic? It stops booting

    Sometimes when I boot it gives me either one of these kernel panics. but then I restart it again and it works, it seems strange. What can be happening here?
  7. falco

    mountain lion 10.8.5 on dell xps 15 l501x

    Hi, i have a Dell XPS 15 l501x with: intel i7-740QM 4 gb ram Nvidia Geforce 435M 2gb intel hm57 with 10.8.2 all ok but when i upgrade to 10.8.5 sound etc doesn't work... Anyone have links to make this computer works with 10.8.5? Thanks
  8. Salvo

    Storage IDE drive not recognised on 10.8.5

    Hi Everyone, Today I have successful upgrade my Hackintosh from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5. Everything is working better then before however, I cannot see the second drive (IDE) anymore. It contains very important files that I cannot lose. The drive was seen on 10.6.8 and I could access it. I have...
  9. hackpaul

    Targeting different hard drive with Multibeast

    Hello all! So I had had (keyword: had. sniff) a fairly stable 10.8.5 build, but as I was trying to resolve an issue with Messages not letting me sign in with my apple account, I seem to have killed it. One of the recommended ways of resolving the issue was to boot into a different startup disk...
  10. bru3

    10.8.5 running - but 3 simple questions

    Hi All! I've updated my ML to 10.8.5. Gigabyte X79-UD5 After that it took me 5 hours to find all the settings needed to be changed that it works again, I still have 3 questions. 1. change npci=0x3000 to npci=0x2000 2. add dart=0 to boot file 3. tried update HWMonitor to newest release to get...
  11. AppleFanboyNZ

    Success with H87n-wifi 10.8.5!

    Hey everyone. When I was researching the parts for my hackintosh, I noticed many people asking whether anyone had had success with the h87n-wifi or z87n-wifi but no one had any answers, so I've decided to write a post. First up my specs: Intel core i5 4430 3ghz 16gb (2x8gb) 1600mhz...
  12. dinosaurcam

    New Haswell i5-4670K and gryphon Z87 and gtx 670 OC 4gb Cannot install, Need HELP!!

    Haswell (10.8.5) i5-4670K and gryphon Z87 and gtx 670 OC 4gb Cannot install, Need HELP!! I am having issues doing this install. Trying to get 10.8.5, I have had a few hackintoshes before, but have been out for a while. I am trying a new build. I can't even get to Mac install screen. I tried...
  13. fsckit

    GA-B75-D3P 10.8.5 refuses to boot. Help!

    I've been wrestling with this for over a week now, and I'm beginning to tear my hair out. My Hackintosh refuses to start the desktop. You can see what it does in this video(you'll have to tilt your head sideways because of my incompetent camera work). As you can see, the screen displays the...
  14. moura


    Hello everyone, this is my first post here - hope you guys can help me! I have this fully-working system I've built from scratch. It works really fine, it never crashes, it's a really great system to work with music production. The thing is, I would like to upgrade my system from Snow...
  15. lganunes

    Weird behaviour ALC887 10.8.5

    Hello, After weeks struggling with video problems, now I have audio issues... After installation, no sound at all. Installed ApleHDA modified to ALC887 and now I have this bevahiour. The output changes from Internal Speakers to Headphones randomly. I've put a online video to show the...
  16. latincorsario

    Ati 6950 2Gb Gigabyte no works!! Mountain Lion

    hello i have my Ati radeon 6950 2Gb Gigabyte, but it no works with my computer, only see white screen. i´ve tried kext, GE=Yes/No, Chimera, etc.. but nothing! help please.. now i am using my HD 4670 ati, but the 6950 ati is better... PD: my english isnt good..! thank!
  17. JustinisaLai

    How to Login Without Having to resort to -F GraphicsEnabler=no?

    Hi guys, I have a Mac Pro on 10.8.5. After updating, I found I could only boot in with -F GraphicsEnabler=no. I configured GraphicsEnabler=no on Multibeast, but I find I still need both -F and GraphicsEnabler=no or I get a kernel panic. How do I solve the underlying issue at hand?
  18. daniesy

    Mountain Lion 10.8.5 USB3 Problem

    Hello! I've just installed the latest update from Mountain Lion, but i can't get my usb3 ports to work properly. The only way i could avoid kernel panics and get the usb3 visibile in System Information was with some patches for Clover. Although i can see my drive in System Information, there are...
  19. sonicseamus

    Z87N-WIFI with 4670K and HD4600 won't boot...

    I was hoping someone have some suggestions for my friend (snackbardan) and me as we try to get his Z87N-WIFI up and running. He's using the integrated HD4600 graphics on an i5-4670K over HDMI to a 1024x768 TV. We updated the BIOS today to F4 and installed OS X (using 10.8.5 and Unibeast 2.1). We...
  20. taymeslayer

    (Success) Mountain Lion 10.8.5 GA-B85M-D3H LGA 1150 mATX i74770k

    This is my build to use as a Logic X and Pro Tools DAW. I will post hardware specs with links if someone will verify that I am allowed to link Microcenter as this was the place that I bought the parts. Created USB Image using Unibeast 2.1.0 and Retail Apple Mountain Lion 10.8.5 release...