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You're right. In IOJones HPET does not appear. And also OSDW returns Zero. So it's disabled. I learn every day :).
Technically, OSDW() returns TRUE when your MacBookPro is running macOS. When OSDW() returns TRUE, HPET._STA=0.
I will completely second what @deeveedee says.
It can be a completely production worthy machine. Mine is. It will run dual 4K without any problem. I am running on one 43" 4K monitor and don't see why it wouldn't do dual screen. I ran sidecar with it.

Getting an M1 Mac Mini can be very price competitive if... you don't need a lot of storage or RAM. It all depends on what you will be doing with it. Apple's base price is reasonable but not the 16GB RAM and upgraded storage versions. There is no option to go higher than 32GB and I am running with 64GB RAM and 3TB of NVME SSDs for a total net cost of <$1000. Something to keep in mind.

And yes... TimeMachine works fine. I backup and restore mine that way from machine to machine. Actually really everything that I can think of works so far with the Bluetooth accommodation of the watch unlock having been the last thing I had to fix.

I'm fine with adventure, as long as everything works as long as I don't update it. If I update it and I'm screwed, it's my fault and I'm happy to puzzle along.

I checked the MM M1 out but... 16GB doesn't feel like a lot anymore. I usually use MacOS on one screen, Windows on another screen. I have -kid you not- two USB hubs connected and two screens. I have 10GB used and 6GB free, without VMWare/Windows 10 doing it's thing. Already upgraded to a 1TB flash drive. So I don't think a Mac Mini M1 will come out cheap. Can't even get more than 16GB with the M1. Even in that config it would cost me 1489 EUR.

The i7 MacMini however... with 32GB and 1TB will cost me 2419 EUR.

I'd be insane not to at least consider a G5 built.

Or a separate computer for the Windows shizzle.

Besides that, if something breaks, amazingly you can upgrade/switch parts in a HP.

Thanks for the response rafale77 & deeveedee.
I've seen a couple of strange things since upgrading the EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini BIOS to 2.15. I have reverted to 2.14.01 and removed 2.15 from my "tested" list in Post #1. I'll report back when I have something more concrete. Would be helpful if others report any strange behavior they are observing if they've upgraded BIOS to 2.15. I don't want to quantify "strange" until I observe further.
so far no problems....used it for about 5 hours day....surfing....doing some doc work....and watched some hulu movies.. so far everything works...wifi...sound stalling or locking up....what problems you having?
Not seeing anything on my G5 either and I am convinced it is the same firmware save for the CPU microcodes. @olaf001, that’s the attitude! Guys here will be happy to welcome you and help you to where you need to be.
@turk101 and @rafale77 and others - After I updated G4 Mini BIOS from 2.14.01 to 2.15, I experienced 2 spontaneous system shutdowns/restarts with no clues in the system log (in fact, system log showed shutdown code 5 - a normal shutdown). However, the system knew it was an unexpected shutdown, because the restart shows the "unexpected shutdown" message. I think one shutdown happened when attempting to sleep (maybe both did, but I'm not certain). I have reverted to 2.14.01 and while I haven't seen the issue again, I need to monitor for a while to conclude that the problem is resolved. Prior to the 2.14.01 update to 2.15, my system was solid - no issues (and appears to be that way again after reverting to 2.14.01).

When I upgraded BIOS from 2.14.01 to 2.15, I did an in-place upgrade (via the upgrade option in BIOS) and did not perform a "restore defaults" and reconfiguration of BIOS. I selected OCs "Clear NVRAM" before booting macOS after the BIOS update (not sure this was necessary, but can't hurt?).

My EFI is attached. My pmset attributes are below. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

pmset attributes
Currently in use:
standby              0
Sleep On Power Button 1
womp                 0
autorestart          0
hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage
proximitywake        0
powernap             0
networkoversleep     0
disksleep            10
standbydelayhigh     86400
sleep                1 (sleep prevented by coreaudiod)
hibernatemode        0
ttyskeepawake        1
displaysleep         5
highstandbythreshold 50
standbydelaylow      86400


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The MS Office License sounded too good to be true (and it was). See my updated note here. you have me curious on what mine came with on windows...i have a windows 10 pro on my 2nd NVME....never thought about the recovery part...more testing!!!...nothing is safe

And i just thought of something too...i dont use sleep either...will try to play with that today or tomorrow...
so far only difference i see is that i am using VirtualSMC instead of FakeSMC....still looking...
ok...sleep seems to work ok.....and have added SMCProcessor.kext, and far everything working ok...
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