1. samanfield

    Smbios Mojave Nuc6i5syh

    I have successfully installed Mojave on my Intel Nuc6i5syh. My hardware: Nuc6i5syh 16GB Ram Seagate 500gb Evo 970 nvme m.2 Apple LED Cinema Display Clover EFI Partition Mojave AFPS Partition My system is running fine however I have selected smbios as iMac 14,2 so about my mac shows imac...
  2. PhriXion

    High Sierra 10.13.6 - NVME not seen in Clover/MacOS

    Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well. For the last few days, I've been struggling to get my NVME drive to be recognized by High Sierra without any luck. I've read just about every thread there is related to NVME issues in High Sierra and I haven't been lucky enough to have any of them work for...
  3. ylinjohto

    Solved > Random Reboots Z370 gaming k3 + 9700k + evo 970

    I have weird problem. I manage to make quite solid hackintosh but when I start to install more programs it starts to do random reboots without crash reports. This happened before with High Sierra and I hoped that newest Mojave would be better match for the hardware I have but no. I still have...
  4. richardpsic

    Mojave on NVMe + Windows 10 on SSD on UEFI Motherboards w/o NVMe boot support

    Hi folks, I currently have a fully perfectly working Mojave + Windows 10 setup: My setup: Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H motherboard Intel Core i7 4770 CPU Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2 on a 1TB SSD Windows 10 on a separated 500GB SSD Clover on Mac SSD EFI, with dual boot I would like to upgrade my Mojave...
  5. ferianpz

    Need advice, Upgrade Motherboard to get benefit of NVME SSD?

    Hi guys, first thread here. i have been passive reader since 2014. I've been searching around about this and can not get the answer so I think i'll ask here. My current build are pretty much copy of tonymacx86's Haswell mATX >> HERE << but my board are Z87M-D3H. Its smooth with little to no...
  6. Bz16

    [Solved?] i5-8400 on H310 M-ITX: Advices appreciated on First Build

    Hi, I decided that I will try to build a medium-duty machine (no gaming/intensive job/OC) that can fit into a Mac Mini enclosure to replace my veteran mid-11 MBA. Let's not talk about Mac Mini enclosure for a while (cooling is rather hard XD) but the key components themselves. I will use this...
  7. bufferOverflow

    Graphics slowdown on High Sierra (Downgrade to Sierra?)

    Recently, I upgraded my system to High Sierra and the main motivation for this upgrade was to use my new NVMe SSD. But looks like this was a bad decision to upgrade. Graphics performance is quite bad in High Sierra (monitor not waking up from sleep, slow chrome GPU rendering) and this is already...
  8. bufferOverflow

    Is performance noticeable with NVMe SSD

    I have recently purchased a Samsung 850 EVO 512GB SSD and want to replace my existing slow SSD with this one. But I read High Sierra will have native NVMe SSD support, making Hackintosh easier to install. I'm contemplating whether I should return the Samsung EVO and wait for few months to...
  9. scorpioserve

    HP ZBook 15u G3 Laptop

    I will explain my entire procedure to see if someone like RehabMan possibly can assist. ------------------------------------------------------- Laptop booted into default Windows 10, Installed AIDA64 Engineer Version, went to Tools/ACPI Browser, Clicked "Save DSDT" to the Windows Desktop and...
  10. jkliewer

    [SOLVED] Hackintosh 960 EVO NVMe SSD (MSI Z170 M5, i7-6700K, GTX1050ti)

    Hi, it's my first Hackintosh and so far I've come pretty close to setting up my first Hackintosh properly. I got it running with an Nvidia GTX 1050ti from an old SATA HDD. But I've run into problems when setting it up or changing it to boot off a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD. I suppose for a...
  11. D-One

    [Solved] NVME Sierra Boot help.

    Hi. I have a working El Cap Hack on its own SSD and also another SSD with a successful windows install. I bought a m.2 NVME SSD 960 Samsung EVO to do a clean install of Sierra but i am having trouble getting it to boot from the new M.2 EFI boot loader. System: Z97S Krait, i7 4790k, GTX970, m.2...
  12. krachbumms

    Supermicro X9Dai (X77/C602) + Samsung 960 pro (clover)

    I ran into a big obstacle trying to boot from Samsung 960 pro on a Supermicro X9Dai, the partition simply doesn't show up in the clover bootmanager (funny enough though, the rescue partition does) Configuration: - SSD with working 10.12.3 - m.2 via a PCIe adapter card My steps: boot from SSD...
  13. atom2ueki

    Samsung 950 PRO 512GB S.M.A.R.T. Status not supported

    finally get my macOS Sierra done, but I found that, my nvme ssd cannot support S.M.A.R.T. my other SATA ssd S.M.A.R.T. Status : verified which is correct just want to check it's normal for everyone or me only the way I patch by configure clover config.plist base on this post...
  14. kiu77

    (solved) NVME on 10.12.1 (Samsung 951)

    Using HackrNVMeFamily.kext via the patch from RehabMan works very well with 10.12.0 but not on the .1 update. Tried in in different ways but no chance but crashes (I know that the chance was low). Strange: The original IONVMeFamily.kext from 10.12.0 and...
  15. jdizzle

    [Solved] Fresh install Sierra on Samsung NVMe 950 pro, Z170MX Gaming 5

    I have created a new installer using Unibeast 7, have upgraded my OS to 10.11.6 but now I would like to use the USB to do a clean install on my NVMe. No matter what I try: HackrNVMeFamily kext IONVMeFamily kext with patches applied in config.plist (or just the patches and no kext) NVMeGeneric...
  16. Travis55864

    Intel NUC5i7 no chance to shutdown or hibernate - always the system reboots

    Hello everybody, a few days ago i installed OS X 10.11.5 fresh on my nuc5i7, which is equipped with the SM951 NVME PCIe SSD. When I want to set the nuc into hibernation mode, the nuc reboots. Also when I want to shutdown the system it reboots, too. So there is no chance to shutdown the system...
  17. rafamundez

    El Capitan - Gigabyte GA Z170N Gaming 5 Problems

    Hey Everyone, I've been having issues installing El Capitan on my Skylake system. MOBO: Gigabyte GA Z170N Gaming 5 (F4 Bios Version) GFX: EVGA Titan X MEMORY: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4 2400 STORAGE: Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD WIRELESS: Broadcom BCM94352Z M.2 Wifi/BT Basically...
  18. matey

    M.2 Samsung 950 PRO SSD NVMe

    Hi there, does anyone know if i can use 950 Pro SSD With NVMe on Z170 mainboard with El Capitan and boot normaly. I have searched on diferent forums and didn't get any answer. Harware:,30135.html