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  1. onursarigul

    Mojave 10.14.4 Black Screen After Monitor Reopened

    Hi guys, I just installed the Mojave and having a problem with my screen. When I turned off and turned on my monitor it's going black and does some glitchy things like showing a little screen for a moment and repeats some sort of things like that but no screen I'm afraid. I did a little research...
  2. christto1991

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6. It Shows up on the first startup of the computer. But then if i restart the computer the HDD disappears. Then for it to show up i have to shut down the computer and then turn off the power supply to the computer and then when i...
  3. sm0nster

    Searching budget, well-proven working coffee lake motherboard with m2

    Hi everyone! I have one Hackintosh on High Sierra working flawless and I’m trying to build new one on Mojave, main parts are: - i5-8400 - MSI H310M PRO M2 - Intel iGPU UHD 630 (Correct me if I’m wrong but I think rest is irrelevant) But damn, I have nothing but issues with it: - sound is not...
  4. dandelionclock

    [Guide] Dell XPS 8930 Mojave 10.14.4, RX580/UHD630

    This is a new write-up based on my earlier guide on High Sierra on the same system: Dell XPS 8930 High Sierra Guide 10.13.6 (Nvidia 1050 Ti) Model: Dell XPS 8930 CPU: i7 8700 Coffee Lake Chipset: z370 Graphics: Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 / Intel UHD Graphics 630 Ram: 16GB Audio: ALC3861 Ethernet...
  5. cowcowpod

    Solved > [Help] 10.14.4 UHD 620 random panic, AppleIntelKBLGraphicsFramebuffer

    Solved - reinstalled MacOS 10.14.3, restored from backup, updated to 10.14.4. It was probably an issue with a corrupted driver or kext.. Hi! My hack panics in later boot stages, or randomly afterwards if it boots properly. I've tried spoofing to Skylake but it's pretty much the same. According...
  6. leoaudio13

    (HELP) Alienware 17R5 GTX1060 10.13.6 - UHD630 problem

    Hi, I've managed to install 10.13.6 onto 17 R5. Only problem is : I couldn't be able to get the UHD630 working on the laptop. Please help. Pretty much everything works except brightness control and integrated Intel graphic. I've attached my Clover folder here so you guys can help me out. Thank...
  7. HazemAM

    Nvidia UI freezes and lags (High Sierra)

    Hi everyone. First, thank you all for sharing your experiences here, it was really helpful and made things a lot easier for me building my hackintosh. So I'm using an Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti GPU, and hardware acceleration seems to be working fine. But there's a weird issue with the UI. Every now...
  8. cowcowpod

    Solved > Stuck at gray screen with cursor/mouse

    Fixed by installing Rehabman's fork of VoodooTSCSync. *sigh* this took me way too long. Hi! My device hangs at a gray screen, with a movable mouse (and since it's an installer, there's legal text at the bottom). I've found numerous similar posts, most of which point to graphics. The actual...
  9. filippo0002

    Clover error post update

    Hey guys, what's up? Specs: i78700k, aorus gaming 5 z370, gtx 1060 6gb, ssd samsung evo 850 evo 250gb, OS high sierra 10.13.3 So i had a bit of trouble recently with my hackintosh... I was trying to install windows 10 on another drive on the machine and by error i took out the windows bootable...
  10. cowcowpod

    Hang/stuck installer usb before language selection screen (Asus Vivobook S410U UHD620 i7-8550U)

    Deleted, moved here
  11. Lord Kamina

    Solved > Can't boot Mojave USB: gIOScreenLockState 3 + panic on safe mode

    First: This was a previously-working HS install. I've been having trouble booting lately (related to NVME I think) and I wanted to boot a Mojave USB installer to take a look at a couple things. But I can't boot due to the problem mentioned above. I have tried:Enabling and disabling InjectIntel...
  12. rcc622

    Solved > Legion y530 MOJAVE 10.14 installation

    Hi, this thread is made it to post and search solutions on Legion y530, installing 10.14 (MOJAVE) KEEP in MIND, this is not a step by step Guide, patient you must be to be capable to read and follow all the information that are on this platform. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND KEEP CALM The commun...
  13. HackinMax

    GA-Z370N WIFI / i5-8500 / Intel UHD630 / Mojave Update and Request

    @CaseySJ @jaymonkey @jb007 This is in reference to my "SonOfZee" (As in son of zee b****) The configuration in the title will be of some interest to you as I have taken the skills taught in our previous FrameBuffer battle-royale (which, unfortunately, ended in a draw) and, made a bit of...
  14. bjgo

    [Great Success] mini HTPC: ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac - i5-8400 - UHD 630 Graphics - Mojave

    bjgo's Build: i5-8400 - Asrock Z370M-ITX/ac - UHD 630 Components Intel Core i5-8400 Processor Noctua NH-L9I CPU Cooler (300-2500 RPM, 4pin, TDP 65W, 15-24dB, Al+Cu...
  15. mariorodrigues

    [SOLVED] Z390 Can not boot from M.2

    I followed this guide: The installation was smooth but when I try to install Clover on my M.2 SSD I get a black screen followed by a HDMI signal loss on my monitor. What puzzles me about...
  16. kirainmoe

    Can't get sleep/hibernate working on 10.14.2 (CoffeeLake)

    Hi there, I have installed macOS Mojave 10.14.2 on my CoffeeLake laptop, everything seems to work well except sleep/hibernate. When I try to sleep, in 10 secs (or so) I can wake it up by clicking; and after that time if I try to wake it up, I may meet with a black screen or no responding. And...
  17. yorki

    Intel HD630 - Boots to black screen on Asrock H370M-ITX // Can't install

    Hi all, I have been trying to get to boot an Asrock H370M-ITX w/ i5 8400, 16GB Ram. But after booting in verbose mode and getting a list of text the screen goes black. No amount of time (at least half hour) brings anything back. It just hangs in that state. A flash drive with High Sierra was...
  18. MusicGuy92

    i9-9900K iHack Pro build for Logic Pro X

    Hi! First time builder here! I have been scanning through the forums (reddit and tonymacx86) to piece together a proper build for music production, adobe tools and general game development. Im willing to have a large(ish) budget for this build as its going to be my main workstation. What...
  19. Greens

    Hackintosh Pro $4000: i9 (8 cores), AMD vega 64, LG 5K, mojave 10.4.x

    Do you have a recommendation? or experience with the same components? thanks. I buy components for a new Mac, with this configuration, to do maybe little better from the iMac Pro (basic model). OS: macOS 10.14.x The last change of this configuration is at the bottom of this post direct link...
  20. ShAdOwPH

    Can someone help me with installing High Sierra?

    Hi guys. My PC is: Mobo - ASUS PRIME B360-PLUS CPU - Intel Core i5-8400 RAM - Crucial 8Gbx2 (16GB) PC4-19200, 2400MHz HDD - WD Caviar Blue 1TB SSD - Samsung 860 Evo SSD 250Gb PSU - Corsair CX850M Case - Zalman Z1 Neo Screen - Samsung C24FG73FQI...