1. weby78

    Razer Blade Stealth 13" 2019 UHD620 Can't get acceleration

    Hello, I am trying to enable Graphics acceleration on my iGPU (Intel UHD620) but I am unable to get it to work (Only showing 31mb of VRAM). I have been trying to get the framebuffer patches to work but unfortunately I have been unsuccesful, amy attempts with framebuffer patches either result in...
  2. j1m1l0k0h

    [Success] - Catalina - TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS (WI-FI) i5-10400F + XFX 5500 XT 8GB + OpenCore

    After suffering a little lol finally everything working. I am attaching the EFI OpenCore I made USB 3.x - Working Video - Working Ethernet - Working Wifi Intel - It still doesn't work BT Intel - It still doesn't work Memory is 3200Mhz printed 3007Mhz :( As soon as I get updated post. Good fun
  3. Demomangamingtf2

    Keep getting Kernal panic on High Sierra, Bots fine on Catalina - Nitro 5

    My first time hackingtoshing, on open core, and I am unable to boot into high Sierra with my current efi folder. The current efi I have now is unable to boot into Mac OS high Sierra. It currently works best on Mac OS 10.15 with uhd 630 working. When ever I try to boot into Mac OS High...
  4. ShalevElmakaies


    I Followed the opencore guide from dortania and got stuck on "acpi error method parse/execution failed..." tried troubleshooting but I'm kind of a noob at this so I need some help... :/ I Attached my latest debug log and my efi folder... Help would be amazing!
  5. talb999

    GA-H85-HD3 Problems with Catalina installation opencore

    I am trying to install Catalina using OpenCore but I am facing some issues: 1. After the selection and all the visual text loading I get black screen instead of the Apple logo. I though that there was failure in the Installation and after lots of attempts I left the computer to do it's things...
  6. kalibro8

    Disable (hide) one of disks from OpenCore? disk: I/O error.

    Hi, I made vanilla hackintosh on my t440p in w/OpenCore, but I cannot boot because of my ultrabay I guess - error i/o for this disk. I don't need use ultrabay in my hackintosh, so my question is: Is it possible to disable, turn off, hide somehow this disk from OpecCore bootloader? Or any other...
  7. bukeikhanov

    Solved > Need help with igniting Vega 56 GPU running on clover.

    Solved, new GPU
  8. lovecrim3s

    Help needed! Mouse and Keyboard Not working during installation stage

    Hi! Followed every little detail on Opencore guide and got to the installation stage with no problem. But from there, my keyboard and mouse stopped working and I can't get to the installation process because of this problem. Things I already done: - Switching different usb ports - Boot with...
  9. Agamjot

    Help! macOS Installer Disappearing in recovery menu.

    I have tried open-core bootloader, clover, and different kexts to reach the same result where the macOS installer disappears throwing me back onto the recovery menu after selecting the drive and pressing install. I tried different drivers for drives and aptio memory fixes resulting in the same...
  10. Momen.Mahmoud77

    Thinkpad E15 10510u stuck at (AAPL: [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START])

    Thinkpad E15 i7 10510U comet lake 620UHD i tried every troubleshoot option in this issue it always stuck here my EFI folder, configuration, logs and laptop hardware attached if anyone could tell me what i did wrong 00:000 00:000 OC: OpenCore DBG-059-2020-06-01 is loading in Optional mode...
  11. uniqe15

    OpenCore restarts computer instead of shutting down

    Hello everyone, I recently switched to OpenCore 0.5.9 from Clover and while everything works perfectly (sensors, DRM and other stuff that did not work before) I can't understand why the computer restarts instead of shutting down.
  12. Podlipny

    Migration from clover to OpenCore, OpenCore can't see OS X partition

    Hello, I am running dual boot Mac Os with windows and I am currently at Clover, but I would like to migrate to OpenCore. I was trying vanilla guide and USB works fine, but when I boot into OpenCore menu, I am unable to see OS X partition. Type CPU Core i9-9900K 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor...
  13. ruong32

    [OpenCore] Monitor turn off after first boot to install Catalina

    I get this trouble with OpenCore bootloader for few days and haven't solved this yet. When choosing install catalina (external) boot screen shows up and booting well, but few moment later the monitor turns off instead of going to installer. My system: - Dell vostro 3650 - i5 6400 - intel hd 530...
  14. rain.nh

    [HELP]Trackpad not working with voodoops2controller using OpenCore

    I tried several kexts including voodoops2controller, trackpad, appleps2smarttouchpad etc. nothing worked. with voodoops2controller trackpad pointer is moving, scrolling is working, also 3 finger gestures are working but touch to click and physical click not working with trackpad.
  15. rain.nh

    [HELP] Catalina Installer Boot ACPI Error With OpenCore

    Trying to install Catalina with OpenCore and followed every step from their site. Was going with online installer. I am attaching the efi file here with picture of error. Please help me here.
  16. RAFFAY

    Solved > Kernel Panic while trying to boot Catalina Installer

    I just followed the official dortania guide for OpenCore to create a bootable USB. But when I try to boot with it, I'm getting this Kernel Panic. Can anyone identify the error please? I had also attached my EFI folder. Thanks
  17. rain.nh

    Solved > Catalina unknown panic with OpenCore

    Trying to install Catalina with OpenCore and followed every step from their site. Was going with online installer. I am attaching the efi file here with picture or panic.
  18. BlvckBytes

    OC Boot failed - Aborted

    Hey! I'm trying to do a quick hackintosh here (yeah - it's never quick, right?) since I got a new laptop for work, which I'd like to run OSX on. With clover, I got pretty far (installation done, PS2 keyboard, I2C trackpad, NVRAM, USB working) but with opencore I can't even boot. I encountered...
  19. RAFFAY

    Opencore Catalina, stuck at BuildActDeviceEntry exit

    I'm transitioning from Clover to Opencore. I thought the process will be simpler but it turns out it isn't. I have created a bootable Catalina USB with Opencore but stuck at this error. I have attached my EFI and the verbose output. Anyone please provide some guidance please?
  20. nyichiban

    Asus Strix Z490-I Gaming/i9-10900/5700XT Can't install!

    So I got the EB EXITBS:START error and couldn't get past it until I did some tweaking which I couldn't remember at all as it was late night and tried any order of fixes I could find. Using Opencore 0.5.9 btw and it wouldn't get past the initial reboot to continue install. Now it just stays stuck...