1. adriorjales

    Installation in a Dell Vostro 15-5568 laptop

    Hi I need help installing mac osx in my laptop. I explain my situation: I am blind, and mac osx is the best accessible operating system, but as we know, it's very expensive. I decided to use my laptop as a hackintosh, but I am novice and I've seen that the hackintosh world is very hard to...
  2. Pepo31

    OpenCore build keeps randomly rebooting but otherwise it works perfectly fine.

    Hello all!! My Hackintosh build keeps randomly rebooting but otherwise it works perfectly fine. I recently switched the system from Clover to OC and in clover I did not have this issue. I used the same hardware but I did erased the NVME SSD writing over the data in my Fedora box prior to...
  3. VortexisTV

    Opencore Asus Zenbook Kernel Panic Catalina

    Hi, I've been trying to get to the installation screen of Catalina 10.15.7 using the OpenCore method. I made sure I got the right kexts and bios settings for my system, and followed every step I could take on Dortania's opencore github guide but I was met with kernel panic. I sanity checked my...
  4. Nehedar

    From Clover to Opencore | P9X79pro i7-3820 | Success

    I have been struggling for a while to solve the CPU Power Management and finally found the solution. This MOBO requires some patches that I was using in Clover and finally found how to “translate” those patches to Opencore. Followed the guide in Dortania. I am currently running High Sierra since...
  5. miliuco

    [GUIDE] Unlocking CFG with OpenCore and CFGLock.efi

    What is CFG Lock and MSR 0xE2? CFG Lock is a BIOS setting that allows writing to a specific register, in this case MSR E2 (MSR = Model Specific Register). An MSR consists of one or more registers in blocks of instructions used to do certain tasks on a CPU. MTRs are also used to control CPU's...
  6. halorocker89

    OpenCore is now failing to boot

    I was able to get to the macOS Big Sur Beta installer, format my drive as APFS, and try and boot in, but between OpenCore and macOS there would be an early kernel panic. I tried reformatting as HFS+, but now not even OpenCore will boot. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 17-7779 with an i5-7200U and HD...
  7. smcpipint

    [success] - Big Sur Beta on Sandy Bridge/Z68 and Haswell/Z87

    I updated my two systems, one Sandy Bridge/Z68 and one Haswell/Z87. I largely followed the Dortania guide, with only two major exceptions: The Doratania guide on Sandy Bridge is unclear (to be nice about it) about handling the EC controller; I created an AML file that works for both my Sandy...
  8. REd83840

    Opencore Kernal Panic on ivy Bridge Laptop

    Hey, i am getting a kernal panic at the end of booting with opencore 0.6.2 on my ivy bridge laptop. Any help?
  9. jdavidson

    Sidecar Not Working - Black Screen - OpenCore iMac17,1

    I recently purchased an iPad Pro and decided to make the jump to Catalina so I could take advantage of Sidecar. Been using Clover for years, but I heard some good things about OpenCore, so I decided to do a fresh instal on another SSD. Install was easy; everything seems to be working great...
  10. tannerblakem

    OpenCore High Sierra Installation Failure - GTX 970 - i7 4790k - Z97MX

    Hello! I'm working on my first Hackintosh and I keep running into the same issue, despite all the troubleshooting I've done. I'm using OpenCore and following Dortania's guide. Unfortunately, the guide's troubleshooting section doesn't address my particular issue. (To my knowledge, my...
  11. VinventN

    Headphone jack on laptop

    I am almost finish setting up my first hackintosh using Opencore. The final problem I am having is that my headphone jack is reconised as a digital output, and sound comes out from my headphone as well. However, as the it is reconised as a digital output, the volume cannot be adjusted. I wonder...
  12. miliuco

    [GUIDE] OpenCore and macOS Catalina in Z390 Aorus Elite

    OpenCore as boot manager instead of Clover on a PC with Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard, i3 9100 Coffee Lake, RX 580 graphics card and macOS Catalina, with iMac19,1 SMBIOS, with integrated graphics card enabled and not configured in the config.plist file and USB port map specific for this...
  13. martincpt

    How to detect what prevents my Open Core ryzentosh to fall a sleep?

    This beast on a x570m Pro4 mobo with the RX580 has a lot of power but not perform well when it's time to sleep. I've heard the number one problem is incorrect USB mapping but how can I know it's the real source of the problem? When i hit the sleep button, the OS goes away and i get the dark...
  14. Texangeek

    Help Needed - Catalina on OpenCore 0.6.1

    So I have an existing hack that is running High Sierra that I would like to update to Catalina. Hardware is a Skylake CPU (i5-6500) on a ASRock H170M-itx/ac motherboard. I'm using integrated graphics so no graphics card to worry about. To make sure that I don't break the existing machine I...
  15. adrisf

    Successful opencore i3 10100 and asus tuf b460 wifi hackintosh

    So pretty much its all in the tittle. If someone wants my efi folder I would be happy to upload it. The only thing that doesn’t work is wifi as is. But I used the itlwm kext and is working great. Continuity tasks doesnt work tho:( if someone knows how to make it work pls share it
  16. robomartion

    OpenCore Ryzen Guide - Gigabyte A520I - Ryzen 3600 - RX 570

    Guide For those interested here is a quick guide for Ryzen that should take you roughly 15-30 minutes instead of hours or days. All necessary files are linked. However if you want to get a good grasp on everything that is happening feel free to follow the original guide. The reason I created...
  17. AlvinGenius

    [SUCCESS] Catalina 10.15.6 on GA-B150-HD3 using OpenCore 0.6.1

    Hello guys, I was able to successfully installed macOS Catalina 10.15.6 using the OpenCore 0.6.1 Hackintosh Guide What's working : Audio, iGPU, iServices, and Ethernet. Bugs : Sleep/awake. I'm gonna include the EFI in the attachment in case you need it as well for reference. PS: I've...
  18. thomstark

    opencore bootloader menu: cannot get rid of "EFI" menu item

    The opencore documentation says: "HideSelf: If you want to hide EFI partion on OC Bootloader choose YES" But apparently HideSelf has been removed in a recent version. I added it to my config.plist and was given an error saying it wasn't valid. That seems like exactly the setting I need to get...
  19. matt4077

    Solved > Big Sur / HD530 / OpenCore / Z170N Skylake

    Getting this to work was a rather annoying process, as countless threads asking for help attest to. I somehow trial-and-errored my way to a configuration that works better than ever before, including a 2640x1440 resolution on the DVI port that exceeds the maximum listed in Intel's specs. Even...
  20. PaulHerter

    USB Headset audio is glitching while do something.

    Hello Community. I Installed Mac OS Catalina with OpenCore on my PC My Problem is that if I Play sound, like a YouTube video in Safari, and then do something like loading an App, the Audio will start to glitch, sometimes it just glitches randomly. Its like a Crackling, Noise idk how to describe...