1. zamah

    MacOs Ventura on AMD chipset

    Hey guys ! This is my very first attempt of installing hackintosh I've been going through many errors, but now I feel I'm close to the end (for booting at least). I followed dortania's guide, but now I'm having 2 weird errors: kernelmanagerd not active Operation already in progress My...
  2. YoussefAbozeid

    I am stuck on this log #[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START]

    When trying to boot macOS ver iMacPro1,1 from a flash drive this is the last log that appears and it doesn't move further i followed the opencore install guide but it got me nowhere. help plz. my pieces : cpu : ryzen 3 3100 gpu: GTX 780ti motherBoard : AsRock B450m pro 4 config.plist attached
  3. zulusanti15


    Hello everyone, I have a dual boot of Windows 11 along with MacOS Ventura on the same hard drive, (previously I used Mojave) but I decided to update and the truth is I'm lucky, in Mojave I used Clover. The problem is the following: 1)when I used CLOVER. with mojave and with the easyUEFI program...
  4. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.9.4 >> 0.9.5 differences

    OpenCore 0.9.5 is out. You can get it from Acidanthera. Main changes Added UEFI quirk ShimRetainProtocol, allowing OpenCore chained from shim to verify Linux using shim's certificates. It requests Linux shim to keep protocol installed for subsequent image loads. This option is only required...
  5. Yxshhh9

    Need Help: MacOS Won't Boot When Dual-Booting with Windows on Separate SSDs

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to set up a dual-boot system on my laptop with Windows and MacOS (Opencore), each on its own separate SSD. I first took out the Windows SSD that came with the laptop and installed MacOS on a new SSD. The MacOS installation went smoothly. However, when I reinstalled the...
  6. miliuco

    [GUIDE] How to install macOS 14 Sonoma beta on Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard using OpenCore

    Preface macOS 14 Sonoma is still in beta. Its official presentation is scheduled for a few weeks, so it is to be expected that there will be no major changes between now and the final version. I have been testing all the beta versions released by Apple and I have found a very stable system...
  7. jake22

    No VGA output after fixing VRAM on Big Sur (Intel 3770k)

    Hi there, I've installed Mac Big Sur on my desktop PC. My graphics was recognized as Intel HD 4000 5MB so I fixed VRAM and it changed to 1536MB. Before I fix VRAM I had output simultaneously on both VGA and HDMI ports of my mainboard (both connected to one monitor). But after fixing VRAM, VGA...
  8. venom

    Build restarts randomly, mostly after going to sleep [Big Sur]

    Hi, I recently updated to Big Sur using OC. I am very happy with the build except 1 problem. My build restarts randomly, mostly after waking up from sleep. I couldn't specific info related to this as the error also keeps changing every time. Any help would be really appreciated. EFI and logs...
  9. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.9.3 > 0.9.4 differences

    OpenCore 0.9.4 is out. Get it from Acidanthera. Main changes Kernel >> Quirks: fixed ForceAquantiaEthernet on macOS 14 beta 2. Kernel >> Quirks: improved LapicKernelPanic on legacy macOS. Misc >> Boot: added InstanceIdentifier to identify OC instance; added the ability to target...
  10. fsk2

    vault problem (I think)

    When I boot without vault.plist and vault.sig I get to the screen where I can choose a drive (but then it doesn't work when I pick one). When I have vault.plist and vault.sig created I get the error OCST: aborting corrupted config.plist file access OC: failed to load configuration I've try...
  11. Borisz33

    No sound with Realtek ALC3223 on Monterey

    Hi! I recently made my first hackintosh, and I got everything to work except the sound (audio in and out). I have already tried VoodooHDA, but that doesn't work and broke the touchscreen. But I fully removed it, and installed Lilu and AppleALC. I tried these id's: 3; 11; 12; 13; 15; 44; 45; 66...
  12. miliuco

    Fenvi T919 wifi back in Sonoma with OCLP early preview

    Good morning. My wifi is Fenvi T919. I know that it is not the ideal situation that many of us want to have the system as vanilla as possible, but what the OCLP team has achieved is amazing. I have followed TO THE LETTER the instructions that have been published here (Hackintosh notes)...
  13. miliuco

    Z390 Aorus Elite EFI with OpenCore 0.9.4 for Sonoma beta

    Also valid for Monterey and Ventura. Hardware: Z390 Aorus Elite + i9-9900K + RX 6600 XT + Fenvi T919. Original post: [GUIDE] macOS 13 Ventura on Z390 Aorus Elite with RX 6600 and OpenCore 0.8.6. There are 4 config.plist files for different SMBIOS, successfully tested on Monterey, Ventura and...
  14. MrCreeky

    Post update - instability due to graphics card

    Hello, I have been running OC for a long time now and it's been working well for the most part. This weekend a my helpful daughter installed a Mac critical update. Since that update, I was complexity unable to boot whilst the PCIe graphics card was installed. Given everything worked when using...
  15. fsk2

    corrupted config.plist file

    When I validate the config.plist file using ocvalidate I get no errors found but when I try to book I get the message "corrupted config.plist file" I'm using opencore 0.9.3. If anyone can offer any help I'd greatly appreciate it.
  16. ky91

    Opencore Bootable USB Installer Language wouldn't change to English

    I Created an Opencore (ver 0.9.3) Bootable USB Installer using this guide and to create config file for the installer, under the NVRAM...
  17. bufferoverfloww

    Opencore stuck at start::512:Successfully initialized AHCI controller

    I DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO EFI FOLDER BECAUSE IT’S ON AN EFI PARTITION Yesterday i first booted my Opencore USB with Ventura on my Hackintosh and showed the Opencore boot picker with the install image, the EFI partition and the reset NVRAM option. I clicked on the install image and i noticed...
  18. jimmyjames1stad

    Ventura 13.4.1 Build not working correctly

    So I am in a quandary and not sure where to go at this point. Here is the shortened version. I had purchased a new MB after mine got friend last month in a storm. I purchased the ProArt Z490, a new processor and new graphics card. I'm using the newest versions of OpenCore and all of its...
  19. Ariooff

    Need help with Asus U35JC

    Hello, I made an OpenCore bootloader for Asus U35JC, but it gives a panic on startup I attached the EFI folder, please help with this, because I don’t really understand OpenCore and hackintosh in general SMBios made for MacbookPro6,2 Error is: panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff801f98776f): Kernel trap...
  20. Clamanium

    UID-Compliant Trackpad not working in Big Sur

    My UID trackpad is not working in Big Sur, the laptop is a Acer Travelmate P446-M. EFI is listed below its using Opencore.