1. imanfz

    Help for installation config

    My component: - ASUS STRIX B360-F GAMING - ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070 8GB OC - Intel i5 8500 I'm using 2 monitors connected to the DP slot. Please check my EFI folder and config.plist, is it correct?
  2. RastaRat03

    HELP!!!! Deleted hard drives and can’t boot!

    Basically I have an iMac (2009) snow leopard Earlier this year used a patcher to get to high sierra and now installed Monterey through opencore After downloading a Monterey installer and opencore I successfully had Monterey running however it was quite slow (obviously) so I had a bright idea...
  3. zipb

    Z170x-UD5-TH /Mojave/OpenCore/Builtin Intel 530 Graphics/EFI

    I've built a Frankenstein Hack bases on this mobo from scraps lying around. I would be much obliged if someone could provide me with a working OC EFI for this combo. I would like to run Mojave, if possible. The Z170 ones I've tried lead to black screens/reboots/etc I don't mind doing some work...
  4. agroverr

    Monterey desktop installation stuck at [EB|LOG:EXITBS:START]

    I am attempting a fresh install of monterey desktop on new hardware and am getting stuck at: [EB|LOG:EXITBS:START] Thanks for your assistance. Specs: GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Elite i9-10850K rx 580 nitro+ Radeon 8gb Samsung 840 pro HD OC 0.8.4. debug
  5. huizai2007

    Damn CoreAnalysisHub

    (Sorry For My Bad English.) As you can see, the OpenCore init always stucked at Registered CoreAnalysisHub with xnu. And I had no idea with it. I almost tried everything I could think. It just liked updating the kexts file, downloading the newest SSDT for my device, but nothing worked. Always...
  6. nickwzxx

    [HELP] Getting an error while booting macOS High Sierra installer with Opencore

    Can't take image of what I'm getting on the screen. I'm getting error "Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot". Before it gets a lot of errors, panics, kernel traps and faults. Attached my EFI folder and last OpenCore log. I'll appriciate any help and provide any information to solve this problem
  7. Ordyyx

    High Sierra GT 1030 showing Display 3MB

    I recently finally managed to install MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra on my Dell Optiplex 7010 with help from a GitHub release of all the necessary EFI components for my PC using OpenCore 0.7.0 and then installed the Nvidia WebDrivers once everything was set up. However even though the drivers are...
  8. nickwzxx

    [HELP] macOS installer option not showing up in OpenCore boot menu

    I'm using latest OpenCore, and got stuck on boot menu. It shows up only Windows. If I press Space it will show 2 more options: EFI Shell and EFI (external) DMG. And when I boot EFI external dmg nothing happens. Did everything that I found on internet and nothing helped. (Trying to install...
  9. Lims

    Pentium Gold G456 and Intel HD610 without any dgpu

    Has anyone had any success with installing on the above specs without using a dgpu ? I have been trying to install Sierra on this with OpenCore but have not had much success yet. There are no errors but it just gets stuck and never displays a gui. I have attached my EFI folder. Does anyone...
  10. GameOver93

    Shutdown Problem AsRock X570 Extreme4

    Shutdown button or restart button has the same effect the Computer only restarts. (Shutdown for a second all LED turned OFF and turns back On) Someone had the same problem? I already tested: Dortania Shutdown Fix Disable / Enable ErP DeepSleep Function ACPI option to Shutdown after power back...
  11. Kaertho

    Failed to drop ACPI 54445353 - OpenCore Installation

    Hello, I'm so desperate, I'm trying to install MacOS High Sierra on a Sandy Bridge i7-2600, and it's just not working, I tried almost everything that I could find on internet, I even try to upgrade or downgrade my BIOS on motherboard Lenovo IS6XM, nothing works, every time I just got this two...
  12. eqcq

    Windows freeze after oc pickup menu

    Hi, I'm on OC 0.8.4 with monterey 12.5.1. Since I've updated my hackintosh from Big Sur, now when I boot my computer I can't launch windows from it. If I select it on the menu I have only a black screen and it freeze. If I boot my computer on the windows drive selected with the bios, windows...
  13. miliuco

    [HOW TO] Opencore 0.8.3 > 0.8.4 differences

    OpenCore 0.8.4 is out. Get it from Acidanthera. Main changes Misc >> Tools: added FullNvramAccess key (Boolean) for tools which require direct access to NVRAM. It disables the NVRAM protections provided by OpenRuntime.efi during the time the tool is in use. Leave it False except if it is...
  14. axiiiz

    Asus laptop catalina oc hackintosh | trackpad and ethernet not working

    Hi guys, so I managed to hackintosh my asus x556uj laptop with Feartech's opencore skylake guide Now I'm running catalina on it, and basically at first nothing seemed to work (brightness...
  15. Babeltosh

    Monterey OpenCore 8.3 Unstable & Random Boot

    Hi ! Managed to upgrade an old Hackintosh to Monterey by switching the GPU (Nvidia > AMD) and making a clean install with Opencore 8.3 (Z190x-UD3 / Intel I7 6700k /RX 6600)....The system (SMBIOS iMacpro 1,1) seems pretty stable when it's willing to boot...I can spend 10/15 minutes on either...
  16. kvmKillerman

    opencore big sur usb-c, vga, displayport doesn't work.

    Hello everyone. Long time since i been in tonymacs website since my build have been working great :) So what the deal here is that i wanted to hookup my laptop to external monitor via displayport or vga. Tried them both and it didn't work. I searched internet and i did not find specific answer...
  17. otgr340

    CPU runs hotter and audio is intermittent after setting up with DW1560

    My current laptop is a T450s, and I have been using premade Opencore EFI's with great success. Wanting native WIFI I decided to swap out my intel wifi with a DW1560 that was purchased on ebay. I disabled the intel WIFI kexts in config.plist and transplanted some kexts from a different OC build...
  18. Nehedar

    Updating Opencore from 0.7.2 to 0.8.3 | ERRORS

    I am running Big Sur 11.6.8 I tried to create a new EFI on a separate USB Stick with the latest OC 0.8.3 downloaded the debugg version and when tried to boot from the USB Stick the boot picker still showed 0.7.2. I read on a forum how to see the loaded OC version, and I found “change on...
  19. devina

    MacOs installer self-reboot when 12 minutes left (Monterey)

    Hi and thank everyone for reading. I am using: Opencore 0.8.3, a separate macOS drive, and a Windows drive Hardware information in my profile When I try to install Monterey it always reset when 12 minutes left. Previously, I had Big Sur working like a charm with Rx5700XT, but for some reason...
  20. ehsdeveloper

    Black screen screen on restart after installing Geforce-Kepler-patcher-V4 and OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher - Monterey

    I have installed successfully installed Monterey, post install to get graphics acceleration I have tried both Geforce-Kepler-patcher-V4 and OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher but after installing when its start on half way it shows black screen here I am attaching my EFI and config.php any solution for...