1. OverFitter

    Failed to install Big Sur (OpenCore)

    Hello all, I'm trying to install Big Sur on my Dell Inspiron 5378 (i3 7100U — HD 620) Managed to successfully boot into recovery, but failed to fully install OS. Always getting the same error: "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0" Tried methods from...
  2. markiitwo

    macOS Big Sur 11.1 OpenCore keyboard & mouse not working

    Hi everyone! That's not my first hackintosh build, and I had no issues with OpenCore by now, so here's the problem: Installer starts from USB drive, it loads with no errors (basically, I couldn't find any of them in logs), and at installation screen I can't get keyboard and mouse working. I've...
  3. Cl6ud10

    Post-Install Big Sur Beta - Open Core 0.6.5

    Motherboard - b250m-k CPU - i7 7700 GPU - hd 630 or 1050Ti (but not supported) RAM - 8 gb 2400mhz Version - 11.0 (20A5384c) Hi, I can't make the integrated graphics work on Big Sur. It's a desktop PC, not a laptop. Could you please help me ?
  4. DSS3113

    OpenCore 'Attempting System Restart' on Catalina

    I've decided to shift to OpenCore from Clover and so, I've made the attached OC folder. When I try to boot to macOS, the computer restarts. I have tried to find a solution to this problem and have even run a Sanity Check on the config.plist. There is no significant issue with it. If somebody can...
  5. mxoliveira

    UHD 630 Comet Lake doesn't work acceleration

    Hi, I get success in boot and instalation BIG SUR. But, acceleration graphics UHD 630 doesn't work... looking for a solution, I discover that's need make a first thing: apply patch -->> GFX0 to IGPU... but, making it, boot stuck on: - AppleUSBXHCI start unable to get device memory - failed to...
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  14. accord2

    Unable to disable discrete GPU and boot Big Sur

    I have a new Big Sur 11.1 Open Core build with everything working. - ASROCK Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac (Bios is v4+) - Big Sur 11.1 - i5-9600k - RX 5700 Currently running the RX 5700 and looking to upgrade to (surprise) a 3080 for gaming in my dual boot. I know this isn't supported, but I'm...
  15. miliuco

    Solved > Windows boots from OpenCore but not from its own disk

    Hello everyone. Windows 10 is on an NVMe disk. From the OpenCore menu it boots perfectly, thanks to a manually created entry in config.plist with the PCI path to that disk. From the Windows 10 disk it does not start, blue screen appears with option to repair the startup but, when finished, it...
  16. TurboPablo

    Cannot get OC USB Drive with Big Sur installer to boot

    Hello I am trying to upgrade from Mojave 10.14.6 using Clover to Big Sur 11.1 with Opencore. First time using Opencore, I have no idea what to do. I tried following the Dortania guide but now I can't boot the USB drive. (I made a backup and deleted all the previous Clover files from ssd's EFI...
  17. miliuco

    OpenCore 0.6.4 > 0.6.5 differences

    OC 0.6.5 released on January 4, 2020 is now official. There are deep changes both in the OC itself and in some utilities and kexts published alongside it. And there are also changes into the config.plist file although they are few and easy to make. As on previous occasions, it is highly...
  18. GoldTreant15003

    Post-install random issues on OpenCore

    Okey, so I have installed macOS Mojave on my AiO. I had no problems in installation and so I thought that everything was okey. I installed, restarted and still everything was working. Issues started after the first reboot. I had no sound, no ethernet and a strange delay in graphics at boot. I...
  19. ktmsulaim

    No nvram variable found Open Core 0.6.4 Catalina Installer

    Hi, I'm trying to install macOs Catalina using open core bootloader on my build. I've followed each and every steps described in Dortania, besides I did research on this forum about macOs installation processes. Any way I got stuck at no nvram variable found in verbose mode. Also, there was a...

    BigSur random reboots

    So I just installed big sue via opencore 6.4, the os boots up just fine but when the system is under med load it just restarts, Im also unable to open propertree as it says that python has quit unexpectedly. Any tips on how I can move forward would be greatly appreciated