1. EvgeniyDoctor

    No sound via HDMI on Big Sur

    Hello. I do not have the "HDMI" option for sound output in the settings, but video output works well. I already tried: - different HDMI cables (current one is HDMI 2.0 at least); - disconnect HDMI cable and connect again; - different kexts and different versions of kexts; - some different boot...
  2. Yamen-Mac-User

    XFX RX 580 GTS XXX, is supported?

    I want you buy the XFX XFX RX 580 GTS XXX GPU, but I am afraid that this GPU wont work, even though its in the buyers guide Edit: It worked just fine.
  3. YoussefAbozeid

    I am stuck on this log #[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START]

    When trying to boot macOS ver iMacPro1,1 from a flash drive this is the last log that appears and it doesn't move further i followed the opencore install guide but it got me nowhere. help plz. my pieces : cpu : ryzen 3 3100 gpu: GTX 780ti motherBoard : AsRock B450m pro 4 config.plist attached
  4. Codenamex86

    Monitor shows 3x blurry desktops

    HD4000 graphics acceleration issue This is an old ML machine from 2012 i5 3570K Gigabyte z77-DS3H 240gb ssd Thought I’d try running open core on it while was tinkering with the amd laptop install. Acceleration seems to be working but screen is multiplied x3 on the monitor is there a...
  5. devandriev

    (AR5B93/9283) Bluetooth fix?

    Hello. I am using macOS Big Sur and I have successfully set up WiFi with my card, but the fix only touches WiFi. Now I really want to set up Bluetooth for AirDrop. I know that the card works with High Sierra as I am using HS80211IOFamily.kext with AirPortAtheros40.kext, but I still have yet to...
  6. jake22

    No VGA output after fixing VRAM on Big Sur (Intel 3770k)

    Hi there, I've installed Mac Big Sur on my desktop PC. My graphics was recognized as Intel HD 4000 5MB so I fixed VRAM and it changed to 1536MB. Before I fix VRAM I had output simultaneously on both VGA and HDMI ports of my mainboard (both connected to one monitor). But after fixing VRAM, VGA...
  7. Luckygrimer

    Opencore BigSur, stuck at "BuildActDeviceEntry exit"

    Hello everyone, I describe the problem: Hp Elitebook 840 G2 laptop, stopped downloading macos six months ago. Everything was fine, but at some point I started getting stuck on the error: BuildActDeviceEntry exit ... Pls, help me P.S. I tried a bunch of different configurations, but all to no...
  8. Blompfio

    HD5500 4K Black screen on internal display

    Hi everyone! I have installed Big Sur 11.6.8 on my DELL XPS 13 9343 with i7-5500U and 3200x1800 display. The display stays black and is not recognized, the backlight is active for a few minutes after booting. My external monitor (2560x1440) works, connected via miniDisplayPort->DisplayPort. I...
  9. GabrielKLBr

    Someone helps me with audio on Asus P8H61-M LX3 R2.0

    So for start I have Hackintosh BigSur on I5 3470 with OpenCore works just Ethernet and I tried literally EVRYTHING to the audio works. And nothing works. Someone can help me with this?
  10. Seifer

    Window server Crash RX6800XT

    Hello All, I am very new to Hackintosh. I have just finished my first build and have successfully loaded Big Sur.....I am now getting a window server crash that shows my boot args as the issue....I think. This is my first build and I am on a steep learning curve, any and all help would be...
  11. Nehedar

    Updating Opencore from 0.7.2 to 0.8.3 | ERRORS

    I am running Big Sur 11.6.8 I tried to create a new EFI on a separate USB Stick with the latest OC 0.8.3 downloaded the debugg version and when tried to boot from the USB Stick the boot picker still showed 0.7.2. I read on a forum how to see the loaded OC version, and I found “change on...
  12. Glen98

    No "Boot Bigsur Install" icon showing after first boot - Clover 5131

    First of all im a newbie I need help, im currently trying to install bigsur 11.6.8 via clover 5131, after I complete first 16 minutes of installation my system reboots and then on clover it does not show preboot volume, I dont wanna move to opencore its way complicated Please help me out with this
  13. emre71

    BigSur on Acer Predator G5900

    Hey there, i'm trying for two day's now too install BigSur with OC 0.8.0. Getting no issues to boot the install page right now, that's how far i got on my own :crazy:. This ist my first time trying with OpenCore and my last attempt i tried Hackintosh is year's back. So i followed up the...
  14. Ritesh

    Big Sur...BIG Problem

    Hello Members, I have just Fresh Install Big sur using open core in my Coffee lake build. The build versions are open core 0.7.9 and Big sur 11.6.4.The System Definition is am using is i Mac 19,1. The first problem was not able to get big sur recovery screen after booting from USB.I...
  15. dev.solution888

    macOS Bigsur: don't show the macOS install boot menu in OpenCore

    hi, everyone. My spec: model name: H170-HD3 model: Gigabyte bios date: 2016/11/03 CPU name: intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700k CPU @4GHz CPU id: 000406E3 Bios Version: F5 I tried to install the Hackintosh MacOS Bigsur on my pc using OpenCore, but I didn't. 1. I have setup opencore(0.79 and 0.76) in my...
  16. jimmyjames1stad

    Having Issues with BlueTooth on my Tower

    I'm Taking a stab that this is the right place for this and if not, where I can make this post. I am using OpenCore 0.7.8 and just upgraded to Big Sur 11.6.4, all this after Clover being ever so difficult. So I replaced my wi-fi card to the Fenvi FV-T919 which by all accounts should work out...
  17. IndoCanuck

    Installation getting stuck at "VM Swap Subsystem is ON"

    Hi everyone, Not my first rodeo doing a Hackintosh, but my first time ever doing a Ryzen Hackintosh. My system specs are as follows: CPU: Ryzen 5600X Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Wifi GPU: AMD RX 6900 XT SSD: Samsung Evo 970+ 1TB (Firmware has been updated to the latest) (I am not...
  18. Mike327

    Big Sur disk drive permissions - Disable SIP not working

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might have a solution for this problem? Basically, my hard drive that big sur is installed on has permission restrictions.. I have tried to disable System Integrity Integration and also changed the config plist code to csractiveconfig 0x67 however, still no...
  19. esteban1982s

    [Success] Big Sur 11.6.2 on Dell Latitude 3410, Intel i5 10210U (Comet Lake)

    LAPTOP SPECS: Brand: Dell Model: Latitude 3410 Processor: Intel Core i5 10210U (Comet Lake) Graphics: Intel UHD 620 Screen resolution: 1920x1080px (FHD) WiFi / Bluetooth: Intel WiFi 6 AX 201 Storage: NVME WD Blue 550 1TB + SSD Kingston A400 480GB LAN: Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCIe Audio: Realtek...
  20. parranoic

    HP EliteDesk G4 BigSur stuck at apfs_module_start:2435 + USBs get disabled

    All the details here + EFI and screen grab. HP Elite Desk G4 i5 6500 HD 530 16GB RAM CX20632 I219-lm Intel 8265 SATA SSD MODEL : MTFDDAK256TBN 1AR1ZABHA Whenever I try to boot Opencore / Clover my USB devices get shut down (my kb / mouse LEDs get disabled) i suspect it is the same for the...