1. axiiiz

    Asus laptop catalina oc hackintosh | trackpad and ethernet not working

    Hi guys, so I managed to hackintosh my asus x556uj laptop with Feartech's opencore skylake guide https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-booting-the-usb-installer-using-opencore.296375/#post-2108796 Now I'm running catalina on it, and basically at first nothing seemed to work (brightness...
  2. axiiiz

    Asus X556UJ clover catalina installation stuck at [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to run catalina with clover on my old X556UJ laptop with I5 6200U, Intel HD graphics 520 and Nvidia Gt920m it's been hours so far and it doesn't boot and gets stuck at [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] EFI folder attached and this is a screenshot:
  3. Rasala

    OpenCore Progress bar stuck at apple logo

    Hi, I have a problem, I made a pendrive to make a hack (monterey, I use opencore) and everything works normally, I start the computer, the inscriptions appear, the menu appears, I choose the macos installation, for a moment I have a black screen and then the apple logo and a progress bar appear...
  4. axiiiz

    Asus X556UJ clover installation & ports mapping

    Hi everyone, I have and old Asus x556uj laptop with I5 6200U and gt920m and I'm willing to install Catalina on it using clover. I managed to find this fully working EFI clover configuration by milanista18 https://github.com/milanista18/ASUSX556UJ and I would like to know if it would work for...
  5. wolder

    Stuck at [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] macOS Monterey

    Hey guys, for the past couple of days I've been trying to install a macOS Monterey on my PC. To do so I used the official Dortania OpenCore installation guide. Unfortunately, I am stuck at a quite popular [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] error. I feel as if I tried everything, I followed this tutorial...
  6. Glen98

    No "Boot Bigsur Install" icon showing after first boot - Clover 5131

    First of all im a newbie I need help, im currently trying to install bigsur 11.6.8 via clover 5131, after I complete first 16 minutes of installation my system reboots and then on clover it does not show preboot volume, I dont wanna move to opencore its way complicated Please help me out with this
  7. nolaisqt

    Problem with installation mac os monterey

    I have a problem when trying to install hackintosh on a laptop HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Dk-1028LA, cpu: intel core i5 10300H GPU: Nvidia GTX1050 3GB ram: 16GB Crucial HDD: Toshiba MQ01ABF050 , and the problem is that when trying to install hackintosh gives me the following error: 00:000 00:000 OCS...

    Hackintosh Dual AMD Opteron 6386 SE

    I am looking for help creating the EFI and USB Installer for this System.
  9. mahyar

    Drivers not working

    I am newbie in hackintosh and I updated OC to latest version and also tried to update kexts and then I updated Catalina to Monterey. it boots now but it seems the kexts didn't updated well because none of my drivers work. It is a bad situation because I can't download new kext or use usb. so I...
  10. Asnappie

    Stuck on verbose

    Hello, I have a problem every time I try to start the installation the verbose screen stops on "HID: Legacy shim2" Then I tried to remove the voodooI2C kexts as it could be my trackpad interfering but that did not work and resulted in it stopping on "appleintellpssi2ccontroller...
  11. HumerousGorgon

    My X99 Setup Won't Post and I'm About to Lose My Mind (Please Help Me)

    Hello there! I am seeking guidance on helping to get my X99 setup stable and booting. I've tried posting on other forums; either no one knows how to fix it or they don't want to reply. Is what it is, no grudges here. I'm hoping that some of you may have a bit more of an idea as to why my system...
  12. Teddy1122

    Help Me Decide

    Im planning to build hackintosh, Im not into gaming but in daily driver like work, browsing, no edting staff, so im thinking i5 10400 is my best choice, but im not sure which motherboard would best fit to this, could you me help decide which motherboard to buy? Thank you
  13. Pyromethious

    Re-Pondering Hackintosh Build

    So it's been a while since I bothered with a Hackintosh as I eventually acquired a Mid 2012 MBP since I last built one. The two devices have basically similar core specs except for the better GPU and 32Gb of RAM in the PC. The latter is the real reason for the pondering as system memory has been...
  14. dafenbro

    Dell Vostro 1540 1st Gen Clarkdale

    Hello everyone , i tried to hackintosh Vostro 1540 , but i tried many thing with the efi folder , the problem is when i boot to the usb it's just a line (-) loading , can i hackintosh this type ? if yes which macOs version and efi folder , thanks!
  15. malee

    << Solved >> Catalina Install Previously working flawlessly will now not boot

    Hello. My problem started today, I had a new hard drive arrive for my server. The drive is a WD Red 10tb and I could not get it to be recognised by the Freenas server. To try and check it I disconnected one of my DATA drive from my Catalina Hackintosh to try and test the drive with WD drive...
  16. Riffmarshal

    Fans working but not detected

    I was succeed installing Mojave om my latitude e6230 with mr.harve's method with my own dsdt patch all working flawlessly, but screen brightness setup not staying after reboot and also fans working but not detected and freeze when I opened App Store around 15 minutes please help I'm completely...
  17. jonlikesquirrel

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE(rev2) --> Thunderbolt3 --> Thunderbolt2 --> iMac (27-inch, late 2013) target display mode => [Cmd+F2 = BLACK SCREEN on ALL displays.]

    Long story short.. I have a `MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) - 16gb 1600MHz DDR3 - NVIDIA GT 750M 2gb / intel ires pro 1536 mb` it is running `macOS High Sierra - Version 10.13.3` it took a large CHUNK out of my collage funds to purchase, back in 2013.. I had to buy it for a video...
  18. everwisher

    Pixel Encoding=8 (YCbCr420)

    I'm running my Mackintosh with a RX560 graphics card connected to my LG C1 OLED TV on the HDMI2.0 port (2.1 on the TV end). When I tried to get a number of the status data using /System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsControl.kext/Contents/MacOS/AGDCDiagnose -a > AGDCDiagnose_a.txt 2>&1, I found...
  19. sql

    Does Apple support come for the 11th generation Intel processor, UHD 730?

    I am using a small STX system. But I'm not sure if this hardware supports Hackintosh. I am sharing my system information. I found a source, but I did not try it because my processor is 11th generation. What should I do in this process, I need comments from you, dear users. Thank you. Computer...
  20. Dot500

    Hackintosh Monterey MSI Z87-G45 Gaming + 4770K 2022

    Hello, Recently I’ve been using 2015 MB Pro and I’m really happy how everything there works there (I was only using Win OS). I found out that I have some spare parts laying around and why I shouldn’t use them for hackintosh. My goal is to build something which will allow me to web browser only...