1. deeveedee

    Big Sur on HP EliteDesk 800 G4/G5 Mini - The Perfect MacMini8,1 Hackintosh - OpenCore

    This thread is dedicated to installing / running Big Sur on the HP EliteDesk 800 G4/G5 Mini PC. This thread is derived from the original Catalina Guide and will gradually replace the Catalina guide. Getting help with your hack Before you ask for help, do your homework by reading ALL Known...
  2. hb260698

    Intel hd 630 graphics 7 mb, in 10.15. 4

    Hey, can any one help with this, tried many things, but didn't work. Acer predator helios 300 I7-7700hq Intel hd 630, gtx-1050ti 16 gb ram 500 gb ssd.
  3. Cottoncandy98

    Kernel panic when using Display Port

    My new monitor Benq PD2700Q (1440p 60Hz) arrived today and I hoped that it would work together with the Dell P2417H (1080p 60Hz). But the display port doesn't work at all. When I plug the cable in, the computer turns black instantly and restarts. My laptop is GL62m 7REX with Nvidia GPU...
  4. onx

    Dual monitors on HD530 by HDMI and DP

    Good day guys! Need your wise advise with connecting second monitor to my Hackintosh. I used only one display before with HDMI connection without any problems. When I connect another one to DisplayPort the second screen just working until MacOS loading screen and then loosing signal. I tried...
  5. benthewolf

    IntelHD 620 7mb VRAM on Mojave Hackbook

    Hello I am new to this but I managed to install macOS Mojave on my Lenovo Thinkpad E570 (for iOS development). I have ironed out most the kinks but the main issue now is that my IntelHD 620 shows up with only 7mb of ram I also have no 3d acceleration (grapher doesn't show 3d graphs). I tried...
  6. balaexplore

    Intel HD 510 Graphics issue in Sierra

    I am having Graphic issue in Intel HD 510 on Sierra OS. How can I accelerate my graphics?
  7. wajdideutscher

    ASUS X555LA with Hackintosh?

    Hey guys, so this is my first post here, and I want to know few things from you so we can exchange experiences. So at first I've been searching and figuring out ways to install Hackintosh for my ASUS X555LA (It said X555L only) Laptop. Finally I did install Hackintosh, but what happens is that...
  8. jknvv13

    Intel HD 4400 Graphics boot glitch, dark texture

    Hi everybody, Toshitba L50-B-15F here. Intel Core i3 4005U 8GB 1600 DDR3 RAM 1080 FHD IPS Intel HM87 Chipset Intel HD 4400 Graphics 240GB SSD V300 Kingston macOS Sierra 10.12.1 The main issue is that there is a boot glitch that makes a dot array on the top and the Apple logo is divided...
  9. steveharman

    Enabling onboard Intel HD as well as GeForce / Nvidia 9600GT?

    Hi, Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-SLI ( ) which I'm reliably informed is the same spec as the Graphics: Nvidia / GeForce 9600GT & Intel built-in GPU (System...
  10. lollypoes

    Disable Intergrated Graphics or use Dedicated gpu instead

    Hi all! Sorry if this is the wrong section, I just dont know where else to put it :banghead: So I have a laptop (specs can be found below) from which I know I can hackintosh it, I don't mind that the wifi doesnt work. So now for me to fully use it I want to run programs like premiere pro, unreal...