1. BowzerF30

    Crash and Reboot During Install - Mojave z370 HD3 970 - Evo 970 M.2 SSD

    Hi, I’m working on getting the hardware below up and running Mojave. HW: MB: z370 HD3 CPU: i5 8600 RAM: Viper 16GB SSD: Samsung Evo 970 M.2 SSD 250 gb Followed this guide to create a bootable USB, and install clover as well. Also used his EFI folder...
  2. kakorot

    High Sierra, won't shutdown, reboots instead.

    Hi, I been searching around for a solution for quite some time, but all roads lead to users who have Gigabyte mobos (which I do not have), and trying the ShutdownFix and/or darkwake=10 or 1 in Clover configurator which yielded zero results. (Also disconnected all USB devices) It would appear at...
  3. Pandorica

    Random Reboots High Sierra

    Hello all, Have a relatively stable High Sierra system running. Everything working except sleep, but haven't tried to tackle that issue yet. Been getting random reboots, can't seem to replicate the problem. Totally unpredictable. System: 8700K OC @ 5.0GHZ 1.28v (all cores) ASUS Z370-E Gaming...
  4. LucasMorris

    Stuck in boot loop after Multibeast update

    I recently installed 10.13.6 and everything was fine except my USB ports--external drives didn't seem to work. Read here to install “Remove XHCI USD Port Limit” and “USB Inject All” with Multibeast, did that, and now my PC restarts during boot. Things I've tried: - Can get in with safe mode...
  5. pilo3369

    Elitebook 840 g3 macOS cannot be installed

    Hi i have a problem for install High Sierra on my Elitebook 840 g3 during the installation my pc reboot (kernel panic for sure) : and after that when i reboot my bios show me that : after i press ENTER it's say me macos cannot be installed : I try many think but i find nothing to fix...
  6. pilo3369

    Panic - install high sierra on elitebook 840 G3

    Hi i try install high sierra on an elitebook 840 G3 but at the start i have the apple logo with a loading bar and it stop to 70% and my pc reboot then i try with -v and not reboot then i can take this both pictures : do you have an idea about what could be the problem ?
  7. cgsandison

    Premature Reboot during High Sierra Installation

    Hello, I'm working on my first Hackintosh. I have I used the following Bios settings, which I found on another forum. Save & Exit → Restore Defaults : Yes Advanced \ Integrated Peripherals → Network Stack : [Disabled] Advanced \Integrated Peripherals → Intel Serial IO : [Disabled]...
  8. OrchestraMan

    Sierra constant freeze/crash

    Hello, I built my Hackintosh almost four years ago. It runs pretty well but i occasionally get some freezes/kernel reboots from time to time. I first installed my rig with Yosemite and upgraded ever since until Sierra right now. The upgrade where clean installs every time, and i still get...
  9. Madrox24

    MSI GE72 2QF - instead wake, reboot

    Hi, my laptop is working well, but I have problem with sleep/wake. When I try to wake laptop up, it's immediately rebooting. Sometimes I also having KP related to CPU, when booting system. I think that my config is not prepared correctly. During booting I have many repeating APCI errors or...
  10. linken

    10.13.6 Random rebooting

    Hello guys, this is my first post here and I would firstly want to shout out to this great community for being so helpful ! Recently me and my friend build a Hackintosh (Z370/ i7-8086k / rx580), currently using latest version of Mac OS and everything seems to work fine, but I am getting some...
  11. Illusive510

    [Solved] Asrock H87M Pro 4 Issues

    Hi Guys, Rather new to all this so bare with me, Basically trying to get my old PC up and running with Hackintosh for my girlfriend only running mac osx and nothing else Spec are: Asrock H87M Pro 4 i5 4670 16gb DDR3 Samsung 120gb SSD I have installed High Sierra perfectly and it boots off...
  12. maldimeriggio

    [Solved] High Sierra installation: reboots and can't finish to install.

    Hello everybody! I'm new on tonymacx86 and first of all i want to congratulate because i've Always gave an eye on hackintosh world and found this forum as the best place to get info and support. So, i'm trying to build my first hackintosh, and after creating a bootable USB with UniBeast and...
  13. nikischwerin

    Random seed then reboot

    Hey, i´m trying to build my first hackintosh, so i don´t have any experience with that topic. I made the boot stick with UniBeast and High Sierra and plugged it in to my Acer Aspire 5 (A515-51G-55K5) and booted from it. While the booting progress i get this output (IMG_7966.JPG): Then i´m in...
  14. by600

    10.13.6 Update - Can't shut down/sleep, reboots instead

    I recently updated from 10.13.3 to 10.13.6 and everything works fine except I'm unable to shut down or sleep the computer, my system reboots instead. I know this is likely due to a kernel panic but I'm not sure how to see the logs (I tried looking in Console but didn't find anything useful)...
  15. kyzouik

    Random Reboot

    Hello there, I have a lot of random reboots. I can’t remember since I have this issue, I guess it’s since I updated the NWD or Clover. The computer reboot/crash randomly: navigating on safari, using one or two screens, using 3D software = at any time… Do you know how I can fix this situation...
  16. pool92

    [Solved] Random reboot while boot with clover

    Hi to everybody, this is my first topic in this Forum and i'm sure that you will have the solution for me :mrgreen: (hope) I had Sierra before update at High Sierra and the Hackintosh had not problems. My configuration is: Asus Z270 Mark 1 Intel i7-7700K (Not OC) iGPU RAM G-Skill 3000MhZ...
  17. ainsleyclark

    Computer Restarts before POST Twice, then boots successfully.

    Hi all, A strange problem occurring on my build since I got it; its more of an annoyance than anything else. I power on, lights come on, fans spinning, no display, then 5 seconds later it reboots. Then it boots fine. Sometimes it will be one reboot, other times two. I have never had any...
  18. Zuma2006

    macOS High Sierra Installer rebooting before finished

    Hi everyone! I recently built a pc and wanted to install Mac os on it. I followed the steps and got to the screen that asks you what drive You want to install Mac os high sierra on. I selected my drive that I formatted earlier. It then proceeded to install. It then got about 1/4 of the way...
  19. zen2

    Wifi diagnose cause reboot

    Sometime the system cannot connect to any wifi, so I run the diagnose suggested by the system. After running for a while, the system suddenly rebooted. Does anyone has same issue? System info: Network card: TP-LINK N900 Mother Board: GA-Z170X-UD5 OS: 10.13.5 (17F77) Graphic Card: GTX970
  20. APoplas

    Sierra randomly crashing (CPU 0, 4, 6 panic)

    I had recently successfully installed latest Sierra 10.12.6 on my Custom built computer. I had helped myself with tutorial posted on tonymacx86, which describes installing process to similar Motherboard but same components(CPU, GPU). The computer is now running Sierra with audio, internet and...