1. ainsleyclark

    Computer Restarts before POST Twice, then boots successfully.

    Hi all, A strange problem occurring on my build since I got it; its more of an annoyance than anything else. I power on, lights come on, fans spinning, no display, then 5 seconds later it reboots. Then it boots fine. Sometimes it will be one reboot, other times two. I have never had any...
  2. Zuma2006

    macOS High Sierra Installer rebooting before finished

    Hi everyone! I recently built a pc and wanted to install Mac os on it. I followed the steps and got to the screen that asks you what drive You want to install Mac os high sierra on. I selected my drive that I formatted earlier. It then proceeded to install. It then got about 1/4 of the way...
  3. zen2

    Wifi diagnose cause reboot

    Sometime the system cannot connect to any wifi, so I run the diagnose suggested by the system. After running for a while, the system suddenly rebooted. Does anyone has same issue? System info: Network card: TP-LINK N900 Mother Board: GA-Z170X-UD5 OS: 10.13.5 (17F77) Graphic Card: GTX970
  4. APoplas

    Sierra randomly crashing (CPU 0, 4, 6 panic)

    I had recently successfully installed latest Sierra 10.12.6 on my Custom built computer. I had helped myself with tutorial posted on tonymacx86, which describes installing process to similar Motherboard but same components(CPU, GPU). The computer is now running Sierra with audio, internet and...
  5. ultrazone

    [Solved] "End randomseed" with GA-Z370 Aorus UG 2.0: about to give up...

    Hi there! This week I received the parts for my newest build and once assembled I started with the installation of High Sierra. The motherboard came with BIOS version F1 and I started the install with my Unibeast USB stick, but the error "End randomseed" appeared. Since it is the first time I...
  6. wesbluemarine

    Reboot on Wake

    Hi! I have built the PC on my profile, everything works (also audio over HDMI/DP) except wake on sleep. After I click Sleep, power led turn off and there is a reboot. I've tried to: remove all USB devices, set darkwake=0 and darkwake=8, change SMBIOS... but the problem remains. Display sleep...
  7. chr0m1ng

    Vostro 5480 Install Reboot Without Showing Error

    Hi, I'm trying to install High Sierra on my laptop Dell Vostro 5480, already followed every step of the laptop guide But everytime that I try to boot I get no errors with verbose but the log stucks...
  8. infopz

    [Solved] High Sierra Freeze after reboot

    Hi, i'm t trying to install/upgrade my hackintosh. I had an hackintosh with macOS Sierra, yesterday i tried to upgrade my system to High Sierra following the guide, but after the first reboot the progress line stucked to a 10%, after some hours i tried to press some keys in the keyboard and the...
  9. AceEmpire

    Random Freezes in HS with random reboots. Please Help!

    Hey all, I finally got my system up and running and it seems to be performing just right other than random freezes and reboots. I have 2 safari windows open and in the middle of doing something, my screen freezes. I'm still able to move the mouse and see the curser move but can't click...
  10. johnbgood

    computer reboot

    Hi I have a big problem since I switched to high sierra, often my computer reeboot or closes its session when the load cpu and heavy I do not understand, I did not have this problem under sierra, and I do not have this problem under windows 10. it's been months and I don't understand, other...
  11. Zdarova

    [Solved] Problem with sleep

    Hello. Today, my computer fell asleep, and after that, when i touched the mouse he started to cyclically reboot. But after 5 times, he boot into bios and BIOS say's that my pc failed to start because were problems with voltage or with cpu overclocking. After that, it's booted fine. But now, i...
  12. egmus

    10.13.4 (17E199) wake=reboot H170

    motherboard asus h170m-e d3, cpu skylake i3-6100, intel hd530 graphics, high sierra unibeast 8.3.2 & multibeast 10.2.0 system appears to sleep fine i.e. disk and fans stop & power led blinks. when I press any key disk and fans restart and then it reboots. also when I type "pmset -g everything"...
  13. AdeelS

    Reboot at first boot On Sierra

    I just successfully installed macos sierra on my acer nitro 5 but unfortunately when i boot first time it automatically restart the system with this error.. Failed to load kext com.driver.AppleXanScheme - request to user space are disabled Laptop Acer Nitro 5 Please Please SomeOne Help I Need...
  14. grisu70

    [SOLVED] High Sierra 10.13.3 no shutdown or reboot

    Hi, After installing latest High sierra update, my hackintosh is not able to reboot or shutdown anymore, after i try, the screen remain black and i see the mouse cursor. Some time the hdd led flashes but even waiting 1 hour the hack will not reboot or shutdown. If i try to boot in safe mode...
  15. paulo_paulo

    Photoshop CC 2018 "select subject" button and "preseve details 2.0" restart PC

    Photoshop CC 2018 "select subject" button when pressed and image resize with "preserve details 2.0" enabled instantly reboots PC. Anyone has this problem? I am on mac os Sierra 10.12.5 i7 4790k no OC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2047 MB 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 CUDA Driver Version: 387.128
  16. prototypeDCB

    [solved] Hackintosh reboots instead of shutting down (T470)

    When I click the shut down button, the computer restarts instead and boots into Clover as if I clicked "reboot". I can't seem to find anything about this neither in the clover installation guide for laptops nor the FAQ for High Sierra.
  17. JessBot

    Cannot Logout, Reboot or Shutdown, only black screen with cursor

    Hi there, I have a build using the customac mini recommended list from 2-2018 with the addition of an old ATI 5450 card for dual display (in my profile). I was rebooting like a champ while I was building this machine, but at some point I lost the ability to shutdown or restart, it just hangs at...
  18. aedan929

    Constant Reboot Loop

    Hi, yesterday I posted an issue I was having with the could not connect to recovery server, now that I think I fixed it by using a different Ethernet kext. But either this or something else is causing it not to boot properly because it keeps rebooting every time I get to the apple logo, I see no...
  19. filippo0002

    Attempting System Restart... MACH Reboot

    Hello! I'm trying to get my first hackintosh up and running but the installation process has been merciless with me ahaha I created my usb boot drive with unibeast, edited it with clover configurator gettin rid of all the fixes and changhed the SMBIOS to imac18,3. The bios setting I used are...
  20. sohrobby

    High Sierra post-install stability issues

    I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping the community can help me with. I have successfully installed Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.3 on a machine I built with the following specs: Gigabyte GA-Z270N-Gaming 5 (not on the recommended list but almost identical to one that is, GA-Z270N-WiFi). 7th...