1. robc123

    [solved] Dell Vostro 3500 Rebooting On Install

    Hi, trying to install 10.11 onto my vostro 3500, used the legacy EFI and it works fine with the apple logo but when the progress bar starts it quits half way through loading and reboots the laptop, not sure if there's a flag i can use to see why it's doing this. Thanks
  2. gmeles

    Random reboots after login (El Capitan)

    Hi All I successfully installed El Capitan on my Customac The specs are Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PV i3 4370 2*4 GB Crucial Balistix Tactical OCZ Trion 128 GB SSD Everything is working perfect; LAN, DVI , audio etc and then ... with no excuse ... reboot There is no interval and I cannot do...
  3. rdmitry0911

    Reboot after wake problem

    Hi guys, I have a skylake Asrock Z170M-ITX_ac m/b with Core i3-6100 and GTX 950 connected via club3d adapter to a 4k@60Hz TV Seiki SE42UMS. It's running 10.11.3 with clover uefi. I didn't make any direct DSDT patches. I'm using only clover config options and kexts injecting. Almost all works...
  4. nickwelsh

    System Reboots at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

    Trying to convert a Dell Precision T1700 to a hackintosh. While booting to the installer, it gets to Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport and then reboots. I've tired this but that didn't help. The other posts are seeming to just freeze on this line but this computer is rebooting. Any ideas?
  5. hotdoghelper

    Long boot times after several reboots

    I'm struggling to figure out what it is, and maybe someone else has had this same issue. When I first got El Capitan running (dual boot with W10) with Clover, I would get almost instant boot-up. It would take roughly 15-20 seconds to get from post screen to login screen. After several boot...
  6. gakio12

    GTX 970 & z97 Pro WiFi - Reboot after loading nVidia web drivers - 10.11.3

    I recently upgraded a family member's hackintosh to 10.11.3 from 10.10.5, which means I had to install with the clover bootloader. I got everything working great, nvda_drv=1 was working and I could boot to the desktop with full graphics. Now, the next day, that family member told me that the...
  7. Dennisdepijper

    Sudden reboot during video editing / exporting

    Hi All, My build has been working flawlessly since the beginning of 2015. Since the addition of the GTX 980 TI (6GB) this week (former GTX 770), my build seems to randomly reboot whilst video editing or exporting. This has happend 3 times in the last week. I'm guessing that it draws...
  8. Jacopopiazza

    El Capitan - System Uptime in nanoseconds and reboot

    hi, i have a problem in the installation of el capitan 10.11.3. It starts the system but it shows the errore "System uptime in nanoseconds xxxxxxxxx". my computer is: -i7-6700k -z170k -32gb ddr4 -gtx 970
  9. bukerjiang

    install OS X Success, after that reboot loop

    [solved]reboot loop. another problem hello everyone, thanks to see my problem I am already install El Capitan Succes, after that, I use MultiBeast - El Capitan 8.0.1 & installing kexts in 10.11 folder and I reboot my laptop ...... and it start reboot loop I don't know how to fix this problem...
  10. kokotpica

    Panic CPU 2 caller

    Hello, at first I'm sorry I'm creating thread in desktop forum, but I didn't find forum for laptops here. Here's my problem: I created bootable USB following guide, but when I choose to Boot Mac OS X from USB, there's apple logo and progress bar goes to about 30%, then it stucks and after short...
  11. dereviankina

    Solved > El Capitan problem on 2009 PC: Can't go to Installer

    hello guys, it's been a week i'm trying to solve this problem, but I never find a way :crazy: anyone can help me to figure out this problem? my problem is can't go to installer, it's always stuck at missing bluetooth controller transport. people say it's not actually bluetooth problem, but...
  12. 3nderkul

    HP Laptop El Capitan - Help!

    So, im trying to install OS X el capitan on my hp pavilion m6 laptop, and I successfully managed to install the os, but now when i try to boot the system I installed on my HDD, it goes normal untill it reaches "Apple extensions search path: /system/library/extensions in the ACPI PATCHER, when it...
  13. Appel

    Reboot loop before installer

    Hi My system keeps rebooting before I can get to the installer. I have tried everything in the troubleshoot section and found no answers in the forums. Here is the screenshot before the reboot happens. Help would be very much appreciated than you.
  14. alamilla

    Running into DMOS Has Arrived Bootloop

    I can't seem to load the graphical installer for El Capitan. I always run into a restart boot loop when the DMOS has arrived command comes up. I'm running a custom built desktop. CPU: intel i7 4790k GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 Motherboard: ASrock z97 Anniversary I've attached a screenshot below and...
  15. kosakgroove

    HDMI causes reboot on Asus X550LD

    Whenever I plugin HDMI cable to my hack it just hangs and reboots. If HDMI is connected on boot, system will not even get past the apple logo.. What path should I follow to fix this??
  16. wts1

    Cant update to yosemite , capitan

    Hello i have problem i have installed mavericks on my pc i had so many problems installing it (still cant manage audio and graphic card to work),but now im trying to update to yosemite or el capitan and both give me same problems when i boot for installation from usb it just reboots, i have...
  17. erwin9

    Hackintosh keeps shutting down when i try to upload something to Gmail

    Dear Community, my Hackintosh ( Gigabyte DS3H Z77, Intel i5, HDD, Nvidia GTX 660) is shutting down when i try to upload Files to Gmail. I click on upload and it reboots immediately. Kexts installed: ALXEthernet AppleIntelE1000e AtherosE2200Ethernet FakeSMC RealtekRTL8111...
  18. 2k1197

    Unable to boot to installer.

    Recently put together a nice small portable rig for the purpose of being a hackintosh, this is the first rig that I have built from the ground up but I have build from a base rig in the past. However this is also my first hackintosh computer and I am hitting several snags at the installation...
  19. shrek6000

    El Capitan Success - nearly

    Thanks to everyone at for the great work Installed El Cap and everything works (H77N Wifi, i3 3225 HD4000 on board) Every 3rd -4th boot I get a panic and it reboots Also with the new split screen function it can freeze- any ideas?