1. ngc598

    Random Kernel Panic on Mojave 10.14.5

    Hi there, Very exciting to join this forum. A friend helps me built my new iMac Pro couples weeks ago. It's always rebooted by kernel panic when I'm working or even using Chrome. I tired to find some topics help me fix, but I could't find it. My system as follows: CPU: Intel 9900K GPU: MSI...
  2. musisean

    Keep rebooting after update Mojave

    Hi, I have an issue after upgrade Mojave from Sierra. I have new screen code I haven't seen before. After this screen keep rebooting but sometimes it can boot it up. I really appreciate if someone could know the problem. :) Thank you.
  3. christto1991

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6. It Shows up on the first startup of the computer. But then if i restart the computer the HDD disappears. Then for it to show up i have to shut down the computer and then turn off the power supply to the computer and then when i...
  4. pnadeau

    Z97X Memory problems

    I've built a hackintosh, and for the first time I'm regretting it. It's built around the GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK board, and I've been having memory issues. Once in a while, the system will panic (spontaneous reboot followed by the multilingual screen). Other times, I seem to get memory corruption in...
  5. phuongit0301

    Auto restart computer at progress loading

    Hi guys. My computer had install high Sierra 10.13.6. When I start computer then computer auto restart at progress loading. Can you help me resolve that, please?
  6. flakkebos

    HS reboots before instal

    Have tried installing HS for days, the farthest I get is a reboot right as the load bar appears below the apple. Swapped out the GTX 770 with an ATI card because I thought that is what was doing it but still can not get to the installer. I will send screen shots of verbose mode soon. Hoping that...
  7. Egor.tnt

    Random reboot or hang with mouse cursor moving in FCPX

    Hi, I have got issue with random reboot or (system freeze with mouse cursor moving) or (hang with black screen and gpu fan full speed) in Final Cut during export. Not every export but quite often. Mojave 10.14.3, FCPX 10.4.5, latest Whatevergreen and Lilu in EFI /other. GPU – Sapphire pulse Vega...
  8. stalin21r

    Solved > AppleALC reboot kernel panic

    I don't start my hackintosh sierra, i installed a sound drivers with multibeast on sierra, after one reboot, my hackintosh dont boot, it stays in a reboot cycle, and a message appears. HELP please!!!! I leave the message image
  9. eq85

    [SOLVED] H77M chipset - keeps restarting after macOS install screen reboot / one problem after another.

    I've been having all sorts of problems, having fixed one yet introduces another upon each and every fresh install attempt (hard drives not recognised, then stuck on partition map, then missing firmware partition, then circle / slash error, then macOS install failed, then error when updating...
  10. threequartersearth

    High Sierra Installer Reboots Before Finishing

    I'm currently stuck trying to upgrade to High Sierra. I can boot into the installer on my USB stick and get it started, but the computer restarts every time once the progress bar gets to around 2 minutes remaining. After it reboots, clover does give me an option to boot into the target drive to...
  11. blob810

    Random Kernel Panics after longer Sleep

    Hello, i have a problem with my hackintosh. Everything is working fine except some random reboots after I wake my system from sleep. The last panic was yet, after a sleep session over night. Here is the report. I hope someone can help me. Anonymous UUID...
  12. Bears

    Solved > Restarts after shutdown & Security update question

    Hello all! Apologies in advance. My first post and I'm already asking for help :) I finally built and got my first hackintosh running thanks to this forum. It took me a few days to get everything working as I'm learning on the go; but the majority of my hardware works as it should. The one...
  13. smeds

    Machine crashes randomly

    Hi. I'm running 10.14.2 on a custom desktop. Here's the specs: MOBO: ASRock H110M-g/m-2 SSD: Kingstone 240GB (Mojave), Team L5 Lite 240GB (Win10) CPU: i3-7100 @ 3.9GHz w/ 8GB DDR4 GPU: Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB I've managed to successfully install Unibeast on the SSD and the system can...
  14. Ballie

    Hackintosh black screen while booting of of ssd and totally works while booting from usb

    Dear Sir/Madam, As the title describes, I'm having issues running mac os high sierra 10.13 on my pc: * i7 8700k * gtx 1080 ti * msi z370 gaming m5 I can succesfully install mac os and boot from it using my usb (multipe times). But ofcourse I want to boot this as a standalone machine (without...
  15. ameeno

    Audio crackling/noise on Mojave - Dell e7440 - ALC292

    Hello. I Have an E7440 Dell Laptop, It is working with Mojave, However, whenever I plug a Headphones in, It is crackly and unusable. A cold boot usually fixes this and I think it may be related to CodecCommander. I have uploaded the files, could you please help me solve this issue? Thanks!!!
  16. Slickademo

    Solved > Kernel Panic, Crash Reboot

    I got a Hackintosh I use for music production. Gigabyte z370 Gaming 7 I7 8700k 64 GB RAM Sapphire Vega 64 I can't get through mixing a song or working on a song without my computer randomly crashing. I already tried replacing the RAM and it did nothing. Here's a crash report : Anonymous...
  17. Rjchaveiro

    Random Reboot NVIDIA webdrivers High Sierra

    I've been trying to sort this out for two weeks and no dice. I had a fully functional build running High Sierra 10.13.4(17E199) On a hackintosh with the following config: Skylake i5-6600k MSI z170-A tomahawk AC Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb. And on 12/08/2018 I installed Mojave on a new SSD without...
  18. jonhkr

    Gigabyte h360m d3h shutdown, sleep and reboot not working on High Sierra

    Hi, I have High Sierra 10.13.6 installed on a Gigabyte h360m d3h, an i3 8100 processor and a GeForce GTX 760. I'm having some issues with sleep, shutdown and reboot not working correctly, this is what happens: Sleep: the machine restarts Shutdown: the OS appears to not be running but the...
  19. jspalding

    Restart while rendering Adobe (premiere/after effects/ media encoder)

    running High Sierra 10.13.6 i7-8700K Geforce 1070 32GB DDR4 Ram (2x16GB RipJaw Cards) Gigabyte Auros Z370 Gaming Wifi Mobo Using the 387. Web Drivers for (17G65) build and CUDA 410.130 SMBIOS is iMac14,2 since I heard it was stable-ish (though I had it on iMac18,3 with the...
  20. Slickademo

    Computer Crash/Reboot ?

    Z370 Gaming 7 I7 8700k 64 GB RAM Sapphire Vega 64 Samsung M.2 drive I use my hackintosh for music production. My DAW is Reason. In the middle of recording today my computer crashed/randomly rebooted. How can I troubleshoot a problem like this? No clue what could of caused a random reboot...