1. victorsanchezmx

    Random Reboots

    Hi, i have some years following the forum, and this is my first "formal" hackintosh ever, i have almost a year with this setup, but im having some random reboots with a kernel panic, i search in here and some other places but can find something to correct this issue. This is the Panic Report...
  2. GuySwann

    Constant, Sudden, & Complete Shutdowns/reboot [Mojave]

    So I have been having a problem that has varied wildly and seems completely inconsistent aside from the exact same behavior on every occasion. the problem? - A random & complete shut down, screen goes black, fan turns off, pause for about 5 seconds, then the startup beep and return to the boot...
  3. tapetv

    Serious issue: Mac always restarts after boot, but continues flawlessly afterwards...

    Before coming across as a noob asking: my machine has a problem, fix it for me, allow me to shortly introduce it. My 2013 Trashcan always had some weird stuff mostly attached to graphics: once I seemed to have solved it by replacing my mouse: go figure.... Recently my graphics card got fried...
  4. kgfromthemv

    Black screen with cursor on reboot

    I've seen threads like this posted before, but haven't been able to find anything that has resulted in a fix for me. Essentially, when I choose "Restart" or "Shutdown" from the Apple menu, the process begins as normal, but gets stuck on a black screen with just a mouse cursor. Right before the...
  5. GuySwann

    Solved > Mojave installed... Reboots without ever reaching OS setup

    Ive installed by USB, unibeast and everything worked fine there. It shows the new OS bootable drive in Clover (the one on the USB since I've not run mutibeast yet) When i start into it, everything looks fine, but then after getting to the end of the countdown, it just reboots and starts me...
  6. benbumben

    Reboot after shut down 10.14.6 Mojave - 9900k - Z390 Aorus Pro

    Hi, I installed Mojave 10.14.6 on a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro with a I9 9900k and a Vega56 Saphire Pulse. I tried all kind of different UEFI drivers like AptioMemoryFix-64.efi and still no luck. Does anyone have a similar setup running and can provide me with information? I attached my EFI Folder...
  7. jamiewoods

    Solved > High Sierra - Automatically rebooted after panic

    Hello I've been running High Sierra smoothly for ages with no recent updates, and when I booted today, everything seemed ok, except I couldn't connect any accounts in mail, also, the app store couldn't connect even tho internet was connected. I worked for about an hour, then decided to re-boot...
  8. balder16

    Solved > Mojave 10.14.5 reboots when HDMI monitor turns on

    So everything was working just fine on 10.14.4, but ever since I upgraded to 10.14.5 I have this annoying thing going on: whenever the monitor goes to sleep, when you click ot type and the monitor awakes, the PC reboots. I tried maybe setting the monitor to never sleep, and turn it off in the...
  9. damola116

    Mac ox 10.13.6 booting

    Good day everyone please Mac ox 10.13.6 did not reboot after clover is says system restart and it not restart please what can I do
  10. cowcowpod

    Radeon RX570 black screen after wake - RadDeInit doesn't work?

    Hi, I recently got an MSI Armor Rx570, and it works mostly OOB. I know it's a non-reference design, so the ports are different that what MacOS expects, but I have WEG for that. It successfully goes to sleep, but on wake there is no Video output, and the same with other ports. It usually reboots...
  11. sleevezip

    Stuck At Language Chooser Screen Mojave Installation

    Hi there, I have trouble getting past step 4 of the Installation Guide, completing the macOS installation. After erasing my target drive and installing Mojave, the system reboots and I choose to boot from the new Mojave partition from the Unibeast boot screen. The Apple logo appears and the...
  12. koolkid831

    OSxAptipFixDrv Error -requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block

    Previously, I’ve been able to work around this by going to safe mode but recently after getting fed up, I reinstalled High Sierra and wasn’t able to boot up through safe mode anymore without getting rebooted. If I try to boot normally, I get OsxAptipFixDrv as the error. What can I do? Specs...
  13. Ernestocarvajal

    My Hackintosh gets stuck when turning off or rebooting it

    I've recently created my Hackintosh pc with macOs Mojave. Y downloaded the drivers on Multibeast and my Hackintosh was working perfectly, but when I turn it off or reboot it, it starts loading (the normal load that makes every Mac when it is turning off), but in stead of loading and then turning...
  14. ngc598

    Random Kernel Panic on Mojave 10.14.5

    Hi there, Very exciting to join this forum. A friend helps me built my new iMac Pro couples weeks ago. It's always rebooted by kernel panic when I'm working or even using Chrome. I tired to find some topics help me fix, but I could't find it. My system as follows: CPU: Intel 9900K GPU: MSI...
  15. musisean

    Keep rebooting after update Mojave

    Hi, I have an issue after upgrade Mojave from Sierra. I have new screen code I haven't seen before. After this screen keep rebooting but sometimes it can boot it up. I really appreciate if someone could know the problem. :) Thank you.
  16. christto1991

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6. It Shows up on the first startup of the computer. But then if i restart the computer the HDD disappears. Then for it to show up i have to shut down the computer and then turn off the power supply to the computer and then when i...
  17. pnadeau

    Z97X Memory problems

    I've built a hackintosh, and for the first time I'm regretting it. It's built around the GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK board, and I've been having memory issues. Once in a while, the system will panic (spontaneous reboot followed by the multilingual screen). Other times, I seem to get memory corruption in...
  18. phuongit0301

    Auto restart computer at progress loading

    Hi guys. My computer had install high Sierra 10.13.6. When I start computer then computer auto restart at progress loading. Can you help me resolve that, please?
  19. flakkebos

    HS reboots before instal

    Have tried installing HS for days, the farthest I get is a reboot right as the load bar appears below the apple. Swapped out the GTX 770 with an ATI card because I thought that is what was doing it but still can not get to the installer. I will send screen shots of verbose mode soon. Hoping that...
  20. Egor.tnt

    Random reboot or hang with mouse cursor moving in FCPX

    Hi, I have got issue with random reboot or (system freeze with mouse cursor moving) or (hang with black screen and gpu fan full speed) in Final Cut during export. Not every export but quite often. Mojave 10.14.3, FCPX 10.4.5, latest Whatevergreen and Lilu in EFI /other. GPU – Sapphire pulse Vega...