1. numerous

    Best hardware for Hackintosh under $1500?

    Hi there, I've never officially built my own Hackintosh, so I am in need of some moral/logical support. I primarily use Logic Pro X as well as Adobe programs, and I am also the most impatient person when it comes to waiting for slow technology. I have no intentions of spending $4k at the Apple...
  2. ellissitzky

    Does the MacBook 12" inch Take a Big Performance Hit Running Sierra?

    Hey guys, I think this is my first non hackintosh related question on this forum. I own the first series of MacBook 12"s fully-loaded and on El Capitan which serves me well as a super portable low performance machine for on the go. Can anyone give me any insight onto whether or not my machine...
  3. Tenebraeon

    Terrible Performance on Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

    I do not experience any graphical glitches and the web drivers are installed, but I seem to be getting terrible performance in game from my GTX 960. The games seem to recognise this and all the games I own that auto-select settings, set most of them to low. Borderlands 2 is basically...
  4. leoberpo

    Performance difference related to the bootloader used (Chimera x Clover).

    Hey, guys I wonder if anyone has noticed any performance difference in their hackintoshes related to the bootloader used (Chimera x Clover). My system consists of a motherboard Asus P5P43TD + Core2Quad Q6600 + NvidiaGT740 + 12GB Ram DDR3 1333 + Samsung SSD 840 EVO. I have both the Yosemite and...
  5. VroepVroep

    4K UI performance Nvidia/AMD

    Hi! I'd like to start a discussion about 4k UI peformance in El Capitan. I've been using a 4K monitor (60hz) paired with a 1080p monitor for a while now, and I'm very disappointed to say the least. Of course, one can't really be disappointed when using a hackintosh since hickups are to be...
  6. trent9645

    GPU Performance Issues

    Hey everyone, I recently bought the Titan X and I get graphics on Yosemite; however, when I run a GPU benchmark on Yosemite and on Windows 10 the score is around double on Windows than it is on Yosemite. I have installed the latest Nvidia Web Driver for the Titan X. Am I missing something? How...
  7. RutgerG

    GTX 980 not fully used by mac?

    Hi guys, I'm using my hackintosh for quite a while now. And except for the fact my gigabyte x99 ud5 crashed, the system works fine! Though, from the start it always felt like yosemite isn't using the full capacity of the GTX980. There's always 1 gpu fan spinning, on a very very low rpm...
  8. kolyapatrik

    OS X System speed / Performance

    Overall OS X System speed / Performance Choose carefully what you install or not Hey guys, :wave: Tell the others, what you install on your system and what aren't. What is the latest stable boot loader? What are the stable kexts? What plugins or binaries used your system? ​What is the best...
  9. gonzalozar

    Improve Intel HD3000 Performace?

    Hello, Successfully installed Yosemite on my ProBook 4730s, but noticed just one, not sure if problem, is the Intel HD3000 Graphics Card. The OS X animations looks too choppy IMO, the Genie animation, youtube, and more animations, even using Microsoft Word 2008 looks laggy. I wanted to know...
  10. yugox

    Intel HD 3000: How to improve performance on 10.10.3

    Hey :) I have an onboard Intel HD 3000: Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device-ID: 0x0116 Version-ID: 0x0009 I know QE/CI is working (DVD-Player - Help - Supported Functions) but the animations are a little bit laggy, for example if you open the applications folder or even more if you swipe left...
  11. joyzer

    New GFX card for better FCP X performance?

    Hi! I have a EVGA 470 GTX 1280 mb yet contemplating upgrading to an EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0. Will FCP X performance be supported/improved by the new card? Thanks.
  12. kumarc612

    Is it worth going for hackintosh desktop instead of iMac or Mac Pro?

    Hi, I had been looking for a good hackintosh that gives the same reliability, performance, safety as Apple macs do. I am a game developer. I use Unity or Unreal for game development. As you know, I'll release games for both iOS and Android and Windows Store. For all these I thought of...
  13. doylet84

    Gtx 780 low performance

    Hey everyone, I've just purchased a GTX 780 3GB Asus Reference Card and installed it without doing anything in my up5-th rig. I noticed right away though that I wasn't getting any performance from the card while rendering in iMovie. So i went ahead and downloaded the web drivers and cuda...
  14. spos86

    Significant Performance Loss with Clover on X58A based system running Yosemite

    Hello Everyone, I have a significant performance loss on my system running Clover. The loss is dramatic, almost 50%! But interestingly enough if the system sleeps, it wakes up at about 90% of Chimera. I guess napping replenishes even computers!!!! Same system, same install: Geekbench...
  15. freaker

    Samsung SSD 840EVO Performance Restoration

    As some may know an issue has been discovered on Samsung 840EVO SSDs where old data performance is degraded and it has long load times. This has been confirmed by Samsung and they have issued different firmware updates for different systems. I was wondering if anybody has tried the firmware...
  16. SuperMatt411

    GTX 760 Performance in Mavericks (issues in CS5.5)

    I have my Hackintosh working great now, only issue is in Photoshop lag is very bad when selecting things etc. I didn't know why it was lagging so bad. I am disappointed how much money is in the system and it isn't as fast on the Mac side of the dual boot as I would like. My build is in Signature
  17. jagdishar78

    [Tested] Geekbench scores with and without Graphics Card Geforce GT 740

    So i had almost perfectly working (minor QE/CI glitches) hackintosh system for 2 months with GA-H87M-D3H and I3-4130 HD4400 based config running 10.9.5 Then i recently bought MSI Geforce GT 740 2GB DDR5 Graphics Card to boost my system graphic performance. I had some strange...
  18. Tomas2D

    Geekbench 3 SCORE - Is it good or not?

    Hello, i am pretty new in Hackintosh. I am running 10.9.4 and my system definition is: Mac Pro 5,1. Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-OC Here is my result: - 7938points Is it good or not? Thanks for the help!
  19. theawesomejman

    Does dual booting Windows 8 and OSX Mavericks affect performance?

    Does it? Like making it slower or affecting performance in any way In any of both OS's.
  20. mattg42

    Drop in performance from Mountain Lion to Mavericks

    Hi, I've had a very successful 10.8 Hackintosh installation on a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H i5-3570K processor, over clocked from 3.4Ghz to 4.3Ghz, I would get a geek bench score of about 13,000 give or take. The installation had my older Crucial M4 64Gb SSD in there and it worked great. I ran a...