nvidia web driver

  1. robomartion

    Is there a tried and tested way of enabling Nvidia Web Drivers on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hi I have a GTX 1070 that I am using as my RX 570 broke and want to keep using OSX so I am trying to run High Sierra. I also don't want to shell out $1800+ for a RX 6800 right now. I have installed it and everything is working except graphics acceleration. I have scoured the internet but...
  2. Netanelsaj

    there is any way to enable hardware acceleration on Catalina?

    Hi, I build my first Hackintosh: Asus H110M-k Intel I5 GTX 1060 6g and I download Nvidia web driver from Nvidia web driver all versions the resolution works well, but hardware acceleration doesn't work. what do I ask that if there is any way to enable hardware acceleration on Catalina?
  3. HanHuman

    [Solved] Nvidia web driver for High Sierra 2018-003 10.13.6?

    Hi, I currently have a 1070 with High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65). The last compatible update last time I checked month ago. OSX keeps giving me the update popup so I was wondering if any new web driver pack was released for the High Sierra 2018-003 10.13.6 update (last to date)? (I don't even...
  4. D4RKW4YN3

    Can't boot with a gtx 1060

    Hello everyone, last evening i finally booted my mac os high sierra hackintosh. i removed the gtx 1060 before because i read that it could cause some errors, but now that i have a working OS i would like to use it. So i mounted it and the system started, i downloaded the nvidia web driver for...
  5. colinYCW

    Acer Aspire E17 [was: Nvidia graphic acceleration not working!]

    Hi, I'm using Aspire E5-772G laptop. i5-5200U 2.20GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM Intel HD Graphics 5500 Nvidia GeForce 940M Recently i have followed so many tutorials on fixing graphics problems on hackintosh. Like, https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/read-me-first-graphics-setup-troubleshooting.183617/...
  6. famous_dallara

    [Solved] Nvidia Web drivers (GTX 1080) not being used with Z370 and 8700k

    Hi there. My system was running fine. My specs were: - GA-Z170X-UD5 - 6700k - Gygabyte GTX 1080 G1 8GB - Samsung 960 EVO 500GB (NVMe) Everything was running smoothly, but I decided to upgrade to Coffee Lake (i7 8700k) with the Gigabyte Z370 HD3P. I swapped out my motherboard, installed the new...
  7. wolarts

    macOS 10.12.6 Security Update (2018-002)

    This security update for Sierra was released along with 10.13.4 and I was wondering if it breaks video drivers and if NVIDIA has released a Web Driver update for this version.
  8. gors6607

    Black screen after installing Nvidia Web Driver (Fix Doesn't work)

    Hi Folks, I successfully managed to install High Sierra on my Hackintosh for the first time yesterday. After some stumbling about and guesswork in MultiBeast, I had most things up and running. All that was left was the Nvidia Web driver for my 1050Ti. I used the thread linked in the...
  9. iLikeHackintosh

    Install any version of NVIDIA Web Drivers

    Sometimes the latest drivers might be a nightmare. For example there are issues width latest 10.13.3 dirvers currently. But thee is no any option provided by NIVIDA to install older drivers. For example I had black screen by using 387. and newer, whatever I tried. For digging...
  10. originphase

    Sierra 10.12.6 X99 Post install NvidiaWeb driver issues gIOScreenLockState 3

    Hey I hope I can get some help here. I have been trying for some time to get the Nvidia web drivers to initiate on my X99 build. The drivers install fine without any problems. And Nvidia is always selected under the nvidia desktop menu and under system preferences. The problem is that I...
  11. Thorsager

    Nvidia 760 High Sierra web driver fan noise

    Hi there everyone I hope someone can help me with my gfx fan noise problem! The card is a ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU Mini and is recognised and supported OOB in both El Capitan and High Sierra. I have a fairly old I7 sandy bridge setup (asus p8h67-I motherboard), that has been serving...
  12. RyanWang

    Laggy Windows/UI after updating to High Sierra 10.13.3 with nVidia card

    Yesterday I decided to update my hackintosh Sierra to High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D47) I updated clover and all kexts to the latest version and there's no pain in the installation and booting. But after I installed the latest nVidia web driver for 17D47, the window animations become laggy especially...
  13. thereckoner

    [Solved] Fresh Install: stuck loading after setting up 980Ti

    Hi all, I'm trying to do a fresh install of High Sierra. I'm having some post-install issues, and was wondering if I could get some help. I have the following hardware: Motherboard: GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K Processor- BX80646I74790K Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 32GB (4...
  14. domestosby

    EVGA 1070 gIOScreenLockState 3

    Hi guys i've installed High Sierra 10.13.2 trying to enable Nvidia Web Driver (378. driver install with no error and asks to reboot system booting with flag NvidiaWeb=true and getting black screen and system freeze after gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 fixes i...
  15. venkystudios

    Nvidia Web Driver Installed but i couldn't get result..

    Hi, ive installed the Nvidia web driver.. the system rebooted and i could see nvidia icon on the top. But the driver isn't enabled and i could able to get the result. Once i tried to enable the Nvidia web driver, the system rebooted and stuck with a blackscreen leaving " NVEnabler probe : ROM...
  16. BipinGaspar

    [Solved] Help me out Sierra guyz

    Spec Gigabyte GA H81M-DS2 Core i5 [email protected] 12gb ddr3 ram @1600mhz nvidia gtx 950 MSi I want to install it perfectly thats why i need your help, i installed it 1st tym i boot succesfuly and when i try to install nvidia web i cant boot it restarts after apple logo(Vga monitor) can anyone...
  17. songks

    Unable to boot after installing Nvidia Webdriver

    I installed the newest mac os x 10.13.1 successfully without any change. But when i try to follow this link to install nvidia driver, it shows the following error. I also attached my plist file. Can anyone help me? Appreciate!
  18. Fernando330

    [Solved] Can't Boot with nvda_drv=1

    CORRECTION: CANNOT BOOT WITHOUT NVDA_DRV=1 OR NV_DISABLE=1 Hey all, I recently just fresh installed El Capitan on my Hackintosh. I was able to go through all of my post-install with Multibeast 8.2.2; however, I cannot boot from clover without inputting either nv_disable=1 or nvda_drv=1. My...
  19. AwesomeOne554

    GTX 750 Ti Won't show my main display

    Hi there, I've recently reinstalled MacOS Sierra version 10.12.6 on my PC and I am experiencing some issues with displays I managed to get the Web Driver installed and its working great, only one problem is that only one monitor is showing and that my main monitor refuses to respond to...
  20. iLikeHackintosh

    Fix for failure NVIDIA Web Driver on High Sierra, black screen, panics.

    This post addresses very specific issue which seems to be common problem world-wide - black screen or infinite reboot loop after installing NVIDIA Web Drivers. You have installed High Sierra on your comp or upgraded Sierra into High Sierra and everything looks nice expect you month have...