nvidia web driver

  1. SeannM1988

    nVidia Driver not being selected after selecting and restart.

    Hello, So I finally got my Hackintosh up and running but for some reason, when I select the option and restart the computer it reverts to the default graphics driver. I'm not sure what to do about this. I've looked around not really finding a fix for my problem. Any suggestions? Here's my...
  2. KShion619

    [SOLVED] Help on TZ77XE3-V5 / i5-3570k / 2x GTX 660

    Hey guys, I'm seeing exactly what I'm missing here on El Capitan with Clover, hoping that someone can shed some light on what SMBIOS/DSDT (if needed) and Clover's Config.plist changes I need from the defaults. I can give a DSDT from AIDA64, LSPCI/USB from Linux, UEFI Settings, anything you guys...
  3. oberrocker

    Success: GT730 on Gigabyte Z77 DS3H

    Hi all, just in case anyone else stumbles upon the same problem: I just found out how to enable a GT730 graphics card on my Z77 DS3H board and 10.10.5. I used to run Mac OS using the onboard graphics, but then needed support for 2560x1440 pixels - which is not supported by this board. I...
  4. trebolde4

    Yosemite Black Flash at Boot

    Black Flash at Boot in Yosemite with NVIDIA Driver Hello, I recently build my first Hackintosh, I installed Mac OS X using UniBeast and MultiBeast, so I'm using Chimera. Because of this amazing forum I successfully make all work: GPU, Audio, etc. The only problem I'm having right now shows up...