Is there a tried and tested way of enabling Nvidia Web Drivers on High Sierra 10.13.6

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Mar 19, 2012
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Hi I have a GTX 1070 that I am using as my RX 570 broke and want to keep using OSX so I am trying to run High Sierra. I also don't want to shell out $1800+ for a RX 6800 right now.

I have installed it and everything is working except graphics acceleration.

I have scoured the internet but nothing seems to work. Since this configuration is over four years old I was wondering if there was now a tried and tested way of getting Web drivers to work or everybody has just moved on from using Nvidia for Hackintoshing.

I have the latest security updates installed so my High Sierra is version 17G14042 and the web drivers I have installed are 387.

It either boots without acceleration while saying Nvidia web drivers are enabled or gets stuck three quarters through booting. I have now disabled SIP which lets it boot but web drivers still don't seem to be working.

I have tried
NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> nvda_drv: <31>
all separately and none work.

I am running opencore 0.7.2 on a Ryzen 3600 Gigabyte A520i. I would try clover but I don't know of a way to install it on AMD based hardware and have seen people online are using Pascal cards on Opencore so it seems like it is possible.
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You need to disable SecureBootMode for the Nvidia Web Drivers to work.
Do you mean SecureBootModel? I have that disabled already. Thanks for replying though.
I have sort of given up now and am waiting for my RX 570 RMA.
So the latest update is the RX 570 was refunded because they didn't have a replacement as it was EOL and I bought a 6800 XT with the credit. I was going to buy the 6900 XT which was on sale for $100 off (so only $200 more than the 6800 XT) but by the time the credit had come through they had sold out. So I got the the 6800 XT for roughly 1700 AUD or 1250 USD.

I was going to just take a leap of faith and buy a 6700 XT for $900 AUD (with the credit) and hope support comes but I caved in and there doesn't seem to be any hint at when or if Mac OS support might come. I have not had a decent GPU for so long (was originally going to buy the Radeon VII then the 5700 XT) and before that I was using a GTX 670 for just under 8 years (the GTX 1070 which I have had for 2 weeks, was a friends which I brought back to life (temporarily) with the oven), I just thought what the hell. My next upgrade will potentially be the 5950X if I feel like I really need it but that also probably means a new cooler and a new case.
Sorry to hear about your predicaments with the GTX1070. Seems a bit crap nobody had managed to solve your case.

Anyways afaik (with my Z490 GTX1060 build on High Sierra) all you really need to do is install the CUDA drivers first and then the Nvidia webdriver afterwards from Nvidia website. If the macOS build version doesn't have a Nvidia driver (which one of them does not in HS), you should upgrade the macOS supplementary, which should bring you to one that does. Also the way to enable the Nvidia driver is to switch it over from macOS version to Nvidia version with the GEForce app on the taskbar and then reboot.

But good choice you've made going with the 6800XT though. I have that also with my B550 Vision D build. With the 6800XT you shouldn't have any problems Big Sur 11.4 onwards, although using Mojave/Catalina might be problematic because the drivers aren't available for it until after Big Sur 11.4.

For me personally, I think Ryzen is a worthy chip to an Intel build because it is a blindingly fast chip (in comparison). The only issues that faces Ryzen users are the app incompatibilities we face with say running Adobe or similar software (which often just needs a special patch added from Terminal).
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