1. bibiig

    Portable (case) Work Station ,1080ti,i7.

    Hello everyone.I am bibi ,I am a french designers I apologize in advance for my english a bit crappy It's been several months since I want to do a hackintosh, I finally find the case of my dreams, a portable work station : The Project I wanted to have a comment on the componets chosen...
  2. haha

    Solved > Lenovo Legion Y520 Nvidia Graphics

    Hello Guys, I'm trying to get my Nvidia 1050 ti running. im using -nvda-drv=1 dart=0 -v as boot arguments. I have installed Mac os High Sierra 13.6 (17G2208) and using the 387. Driver. For now I'm using my internal graphics (intel HD 630). In the attachment i have Fotos...
  3. skydevment

    AMD Vega Questions

    So, i was a bit stupid and updated my hackintosh to 10.14 without checking if there are drivers for my GTX 1060. As i've learnd there are none. So i've done some reserach i'v decided that i want to got the Vega 56 / 64 route. Now i have some questions, i have a tripple monitor setup with 2 x...
  4. rozp89

    Is Nvidia 580 GTX supported by Webdrivers in High Sierra?

    Hi guys, I'm struggling to get my Nvidia card drivers to work - its a 580 GTX. What might I be missing? I've followed various guides, and its either resulted in the looping black screen +cursors, or booting fine by still no nvidia driver being utilised. Cheers!
  5. cooler9711

    Dual GPU + Dual Monitors not working on 10.13.6

    Hi there. I have two GPUs in my system: a GTX 1050 TI and a Quadro K4000. When booting, the Apple logo shows on my monitor that is connected to my 1050 TI, but then once I get to the login screen, my 1050 TI monitor goes black, and my K4000 monitor works. Anyone have any ideas as to why this...
  6. hkisthebest

    Multibeast version options

    I installed my first hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.6 (17g66). Everything stopped working after I unplugged my usb and reboot. My ethernet, audio and graphic card(GTX 1050) doesn't work, although the graphic card never worked before, but I'd like to find a solution for it, because I can't find the...
  7. ArtyCZ

    GIGABYTE Z390 UD + GTX 660

    Hello, I just installed fresh Mojave to new SSD. After some initial problems, i managed it work. BUT only if i set Initial Display Output in BIOS to IGFX. But then of course i cant use my dual monitor setup and GPU acceleration and im stuck with very slow (but stable) system. When I set Initial...
  8. WinteryFox

    Solved > Intel KBL kernel panic after installing NVIDIA web driver

    Hi everyone, I'm getting this kernel panic on boot after I installed the NVIDIA graphics web drivers on High Sierra 10.13.6 Laptop: Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 CPU: Intel i5 7300HQ GPU: GTX 1050 (4 GB) Ram: 8 GB Thanks for the help! Anonymous UUID: 07C7A74D-2738-C1BC-58E9-C9CEF521582A Sat...
  9. erwan123

    Dual Nvidia Gpu

    Hello there, I have a workstation with two Nvidia GPU. I run on High Sierra 10.13.6 and everything was fine until I added my second GPU (GTX 1060). I use it for 3D render, not for gaming or SLi etc. MacOs is very fluid, but when I use Cinema4D or Houdini the viewport is very slow. I have...
  10. N8261D

    (Upgrading?) GPU in Ivy Bridge System

    Hello all. I currently am running Mojave 10.14.2 and am using a GT 740 SC which worked OOB. My brother needs a GPU and I found a GTX 650 TI and was wondering if that is compatible with macOS Mojave OOB, or if I need kexts or a patched DSDT, etc. Obviously if it requires web drivers then it is...
  11. C0gL0rd

    Solved > GTX 1070 and High Sierra won't combine.

    Alright I have spent days looking and reinstalling to no avail. I have: Mobo: GB Aorus z370 Ultra Gaming rev 1.0 GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 CPU: i5-8600k OS: 10.13.6 (17G66) So I am very fresh to this. Tried using Mojave at first and realized at least as far as I can tell there is no support for GTX...
  12. tao

    [HELP] Edit NVDA::rmStart failed

    hey guys does anyone know how to edit the NVDA::rmStart in the nvdia web drivers i am trying to edit it so i can get my gtx 1050 ti to work on my laptop with an external monitor but when i boot i get this 2019-01-08 07:43:47.009943+0200 localhost kernel[0]: (NVDAStartupWeb) NVDAStartupWeb...
  13. xBlitz92

    ZBook G1 Haswell Display Port/VGA/Mini DP not working Mojave

    Hi, I followed the Probook/Elitebook/Zbook Mojave guide of RehabMan, everything work well on my Zbook G1 Haswell except of the video ports. Tried Display Port, Mini Display and VGA, no one works. The GPU switching is enabled in BIOS (but disabled by some patch I think) and some ports like Mini...
  14. Tiggerstar48

    Nvidia Pascal Laptop Brightness Fix (Probably)

    After scouring the internet for any brink of hope, I had an idea. There is a third-party software on the App Store called "Brightness Slider". The original intention of this app was to create a fast way for OS X and macOS users to have a quick brightness adjustment on their screen (too lazy to...
  15. Inspector42

    Wake issues on GA-H61M-D2-B3 with GTX650Ti

    I had my office hack (i3-2125) working perfectly, in particular sleep and wake worked well under High Sierra. This is important to me as this computer serves our color laser printer and needs to be available over the network 24/7. Therefore wake on LAN is activated and worked flawlessly under...
  16. realizelol

    [HELP] Fujitsu LifeBook AH531/GFO

    Hi Tonys, I successfully installed Clover 4741 on /EFI (JHFS+ - Root-Patition) by using "High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch 10.13.x." because this Laptop is BIOS MBR only (no GPT!, so also no APFS Support for Boot-Drive :/). Added these propeties to get a screen without adding a...
  17. atomicamp

    Login Screen goes black unless booting in verbose or safe mode

    Up until a few hours ago, I had a perfectly working install of High Sierra. The only changes I made, was updating clover, and replacing lilu.kext and applehda.kext in the efi folder. Then I rebooted. Upon reboot, everything seems to boot fine, up until the login in screen. The screen goes...
  18. SavingPrincess

    Dual Boot i7-9900k Advice

    Hi Team, Here is my goal: Build a dual-purpose DAW (Hackintosh) and Gaming/VR machine (Windows 10) inside the same rig. The specs will be (owned parts marked with *): CPU: i7-9900k GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition w/ iCX Cooler * Motherboard: ?? (Need the most SATA and most USB...
  19. Rjchaveiro

    Random Reboot NVIDIA webdrivers High Sierra

    I've been trying to sort this out for two weeks and no dice. I had a fully functional build running High Sierra 10.13.4(17E199) On a hackintosh with the following config: Skylake i5-6600k MSI z170-A tomahawk AC Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb. And on 12/08/2018 I installed Mojave on a new SSD without...
  20. idoo

    Asus UX32VD graphics crashed

    I've installed Mojave by that guide but looks like graphics corrupted like that during boot sometimes lines keep after even switch laptop off Most of the time I can solve that bug by closing laptop for a few minutes, but it doesn't go...