1. nightgolfer

    Suggestions for updating my aging Dual 4K setup from Nvidia to AMD?

    Hi all! A pre-emptive apology for the wall of text, I'm trying to be as detailed as I can about my situation, partly because I'm very much outside my comfort zone with having to update my beloved hackintosh, and partly because I'm pathologically bad at being succinct. I hope you'll forgive me...
  2. macattack88

    Help! Sierra Build Working for 4+ Yrs Suddenly Boots to Severe Screen Distortion

    TL;DR - Sierra Hackintosh system that has been working with no significant problems for the past 4 years suddenly started booting into a crazy broken screen: - Booting on Verbose: - The OS boots with nv_disable=1 - EFI attached below ----- Hi, I have a Sierra build that I have been using...
  3. bubblechuk

    Geforce GT 330M & El Capitan Issues

    Hi! I encountered with the problem I can't solve by myself. So, I decided to install OS X El Capitan today. Everything was going well, I added Clover to EFI, set up the Wi-Fi, until I was trying to install video drivers. Whenever I try to launch OS X without nv_disable=1 its just freezes on...
  4. Motzart

    NVIDIA WebDriver stopped working, installer "can't be opened", potential signature problem

    Hello everyone, today, completely out of the blue, my NVIDIA Web Drivers stopped working. When booting, after entering my FileVault password, the screen fades to black and stays like that. Verbose mode didn't show anything useful. I did not update anything nor change any hardware or setup, I've...
  5. jugglehard

    << Solved >> ACM Infinite Loop High Sierra

    Hey hey, On Friday morning i want to boot a working system and i started getting infinite "ACM" loop . IDK if it was a bad shutdown previous day or what happened. I Followed this link https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/solved-updated-to-10-13-5-and-cant-boot-with-nvidia-webdrivers.254128/ but...
  6. tolgacaglayan

    Are my computer specs ok?

    Will my device with i7-700HQ Nvidia gtx-1050 graphics card and 24 GB ram run smoothly? Will I experience hardware incompatibility? My PC link : https://www.monsternotebook.com.tr/abra/monster-abra-a5-v11-1/
  7. samthefireball

    Recommend a graphics card that I can EASILY swap my old Nvidia GT 740 for?

    Hi all, Here are my specs: - I have GeForce GT 740 - Motherboard: ga-z97x-ud5h - Intel Core i7-4790K CPU - 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 - OS: Mojave 10.14.6 - System Definition: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) - Using clover 5.22 My comp can barely run any 3D games, so I want the easiest way to...
  8. c22intosh

    Flat screen resolution

    Like in the title, my screen is really flat… I have a NVIDIA GTX 1650 and Web Drivers installed, Whatever Green, and it do this. I tried to plug it in the motherboard and change to iGPU but same thing… I was also asking if it was possible to use a second monitor plugged in the motherboard and...
  9. donaldclover

    OSX Mountain Lion Post-Install Boot Issue Graphics Card HP Compaq DC7900 (Stuck at [AGPM Controller] unknownPlatform)

    Hey there, I am trying to set up OSX Mountain Lion on my HP Compaq DC7900 desktop computer and ran into an issue that I don"t know how to fix and would be happy if someone could help me with it. After finishing the setup I cannot boot the installed system and I get stuck with the line "[AGPM...
  10. pkay

    [OC] [BigSur] Help on disabling one of NVIDIA GPU in multigpu setup

    Hi fellow hackintosher, I am a long time user of this forum and have used it multiple times to get High Sierra, Catalina and BigSur system working. This is my first post and I apologize if I am posting in wrong section. Feel free to move it to a suitable location. I have a Haswell system with...
  11. fpscka

    << Solved >> Big Sur installation crash at 12 minutes mark

    Man, I hate to do this but it's been about a week of trying and not succeed. I know that there is a lot of things messed up but I can't find any solution and I can't even understand what I'm doing anymore My goal is to have a dual boot system with 2 monitors. In windows, I want to use my 1060...
  12. KruxConcept

    Sony Vaio VPCF236FM

    Hello! I have a quite peculiar laptop and have been searching around the internet to check compatibility but i stopped at a stalemate. This model in specific runs an i7-2760QM (HM65 Cougar Point), and has no multiplexer, just a GT540M that integrates the built-in display and VGA or HDMI...
  13. thmUNIX

    Acer Aspire A317-51G-78XF

    Hello there! I want to install Hackintosh on my laptop (A317-51G-78XF). Which OS version should I install (Catalina/Big Sur/...) and what hardware I can't get working? P.S. Unfortunately, I can't turn off NVIDIA graphics in BIOS, there's no such entry. CPU: Intel Core i7-10510U (1.8 - 4.9 GHz...
  14. Laureano

    nVidia GTX1050ti or intel graphics 2000/3000 on bigsur?

    Hi! Any simple method to install GTX1050Ti or Intel Graphics 2000/3000 on Bigsur? It's a shame because everything works fine for me except the video card.
  15. nachiketmore

    Big sur on i7-3770 with Nvidia GeForce GT 710

    I want to install on big sur on my desktop having i7-3770 CPU with Nvidia GT 710 2 gb graphics with Digisol motherboard "DL-H61MXP". Is it possible. I have already installed on dell XPS with ready made OC. Please help me. If not possible please help with supported Mac OS.
  16. regularnoname

    Acer aspire 5750g dedicated graphics

    I installed hackinosh on my laptop and trying to launch my nvidia graphics gt520m . I find this https://github.com/frbuccoliero/HighSierraAspire5750G but i dosen't know how to enable it Integrated and NVIDIA Graphics (use Integrated for less battery drain) //NVIDIA is disabled by default
  17. thejudge63

    2021 Hackentosh components list for approval.

    Hi, time for a new build, my 2013 machine is being retired. This is my list of components for the new build. My big Q is regarding the Graphics card. See below and please comment. Thanks, JV 2021 Hackintosh Components ASUS ProArt Z490- CREATOR ATX motherboard Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid...
  18. jezzalencko9

    GTX670 crashes openCl High Sierra

    Hi, I've recently rebuilt High Sierra and everything has been running smoothly until I've tried to do some video editing (in Wondershare Filmora) and have been getting consistent crashes out of the program. I'm running NVIDIA web drivers (downloaded). Error log attached. Mentions opencl runtime...
  19. SamuraiDutchie

    what is the Latest macOS version a Nvidia Quadro 600 run natively?

    Hi guys, it's been a while. I have bought a Quadro 600 for a new Hackintosh build and I am just wandering what version of macOS would be best to run with a Quadro 600. I know it is a fermi card from 2010 but I'm just wandering what the card is capable or funning natively on.
  20. l3dson

    What can I install with this ?

    Hello, I want to install hackintosh in my pc, but I don't know what is the best option for me,pls hp. my pc: Intel core i3 2120 Nvidia Gtx 645 OEM 10G Ram