1. Piero2411

    Why is my hackintosh lagging?

    In daily use my hackintosh very often lags and makes its use very annoying Anyone know how to fix it? O.S. High Sierra to the latest version same for the nvidia driver
  2. PickupMan

    [GUIDE] ASUS K550JX - MacOS Catalina 10.15

    ASUS K550JX - MacOS Catalina - Full Guide (ASUS K550JK GUIDE COMING SOON...) Hello! This is a guide on how to install macOS Catalina 10.15 on your ASUS K550JX. To be clear, I will provide all the files, folders, SSDT´s and DSDT´s I used on my Laptop, but bear in mind that you may need...
  3. mrmeister

    What is the most automated Nvidia/Intel setup?

    I've been out of the Hackintosh game for a while, trying to get by, but it's just not the same. Now that I'm working from home, I don't get to do the bulk of my work on my office Mac every day, and I'm really starting to feel it. My current setup is an 8700k with a 1080Ti. This powers a 34"...

    I had full resolution, but no QE/CI [GF 9500 GT]

    My specs: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT 512mb DDR2 FX 6300 ASUS M5A99X EVO 2.0 OS X 10.10.1 After installing Yosemite, when I boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes I have black screen with cursor, after that I boot with -x and delete all GeForce* Kexts. At this moment I can boot without -x, but I don’t have...
  5. smaksy

    Hackintosh Upgrade el Capitan to Sierra (10.12.6) - can't install Nvidia Webdrivers

    Hi, i needed to upgrade my Hackinosh from 10.11.6 to 10.12.6 due to different Apps that are not supported by el Capitan anymore. I've used this build since 3 years without any problems. The update itself worked flawlessly, but my Graphicscard (GTX 980Ti) is not working. I've installed the web...
  6. dlzx

    Nvidia difficulties, black screen for ASUS VIII GENE

    Hello all, I am encountering what seems to be a common Nvidia web driver problem, but I've tried various methods without any luck. It has been almost a week of troubleshooting and reinstallations, so I thought I should just seek advice and tap on the collective wisdom here. So a little...
  7. AFX

    Is it possible to increase RTX nvidia card memory from 32MB?

    I'm running a dual boot setup with WIN10 & macOS Catalina which works great, but because I have an RTX 280 installed I have to run WIN10 from the RTX via the USB C port and MaxOS from the Intel 630 via displayport on the mobo. This setup actually works pretty well, but can sometimes be a pain...
  8. MrRodoSmith

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Graphics Card Not Recognized in Catalina After Update

    Hey folks, Firstly, I pray and hope all of you are doing well. Please be safe out there. Here's the challenge I'm having. This is my first Hackintosh. Started with macOS 10.11.6. Upgraded to High Sierra and things have been working like a charm. Last night, I decided to do an update Catalina. I...
  9. p4skal

    NVIDIA black screen when 3rd monitor connected

    Hello, i am currently running a High Sierra Hackintosh with a Zotac GTX 1080 Ti and NVIDIA WebDrivers. I have three 4k Monitors, all connected via DisplayPort. When everything is connected and I start my PC, I'm getting a black screen on all of them. If only two are connected before starting...
  10. simplyanin

    Nvidia gtx 760 on catalina

    im running GTX 760 on high sierra with Nvidia Web Driver..I want to install catalina which supports the card natively. Will there be a difference in performance?
  11. Piero2411

    Everything lags continuously

    Hi, I updated after some time clover to the latest version but now the interface has started lagging. When I move the mouse when I scroll the pages ... In short, it has become almost unusable. Some advice?
  12. Victorlee

    Can this way works on dual gpu laptops?

    According to Rehabman,macOS cannot run on dual-GPU laptop.So we have to disabled dedicated GPU via BIOS to boot into macOS.But if we disabled UHD620/630 by modifying scrips and put kext into bootable disk.Then we can boot macOS in single GPU.Take HP Spectre X360 for example,it has UHD620 ang...
  13. jakehacktosh

    Can I use an RTX Turing card as a display adapter for Mojave?

    I'm new to the scene and am trying to install Mojave on a recently upgraded system of mine. I understand that RTX 2xxx series cards aren't supported by any version of macOS due to the lack of web drivers, so I'm wondering if an RTX 2070 can be used in a Hackintosh as a basic display adapter? I...
  14. Erizur

    High Sierra wont boot in normal mode but it boots in verbose mode.

    Hello everybody. After i read about mavericks and why i cannot use my nvidia card on there, i decided to upgrade to high sierra and i got it fully working without graphical or other issues. The only problem is, when i boot high sierra, enabling the nvidia web drivers bootflag and InjectNvidia...
  15. Loxhero

    Need Help...from Sierra to Catalina with nVidia 980TI

    Hello good people of TonyMacx86. Here is my short sorry: 3 years ago I made a custom Hackintosh which worked well with macOS Sierra until now but the day had to come and I had to update my system. I finally did it, reinstalled it on a new SSD and after a few days off 'suffering' I finally...
  16. griz99

    Webdriver installed however graphics card not showing GTX 1070 TI High Sierra

    Does anyone else have this issue? I attached the boot log. I would be very grateful if someone can help. So basically I installed a fresh version of high Sierra, I did not select any Nvidia injection on install and then managed to install the driver with Nvidia web driver all versions, however...
  17. underfl0w

    Nvidia and AMD GPU's in one system?!

    Hi there, I have recently made the decision to upgrade my Windows gaming PC so that I can dual boot a Hackintosh instance on a second drive, as my daily driver (mid 2012 MacBook Pro) is increasingly struggling to keep up with the workload I am throwing at it. I intend to keep the Windows...
  18. caiyu

    Black screen issue, nVidia GT740, Sierra

    system info: Asrock Z87e-itx C2 (BIOS 2.30A) Intel i7 4790 Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB kingston 8gb ddr3 1600 (x2) Nvidia GT740 2047GB DW1510 WIFI card Dell E2214hv Display MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 step 1 install Sierra follow the standard Unibeast/Multibeast guide...
  19. silverme

    ASUS M70vm reboot loop during installation

    Thanks ahead for who is helping this. I know I'm pushing my luck to install Catalina onto my old laptop. I have been using OSX 10.8.5 on this laptop for over 7 years and it still works like a charm. I remembered how painful I was to install the OSX last time with zero experience of Hackintosh...
  20. bonana

    Catalina only boots in safe mode or with nv_disable=1

    Hello everyone, after updating from Mojave to Catalina my hack stopped working properly. More specifically, there seems to be a graphics related issue that I just cannot sort out, even after trying everything I could find on this forum and elsewhere for the past 2 months. The problem: Booting...