1. improbable

    Nvidia drivers - freeze at login screen?

    I've just built my first hackintosh, following the buyer's guide and installation instructions here. It's an i7-8700 in a Gigabyte Z370P D3, pretending to be an iMac14,2 with High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65). And it basically works. I have a graphics problem which I can't find on the list, for a...
  2. Joegriffinable

    High Sierra 10.13.6 Nvidia GTX 1050 ti Screen blinking/flashing

    I'm going crazy with getting the NVIDIA GPU to work in High Sierra 10.13.6. First build here so apologies for the noobness! I've followed numerous guides and threads on Tonymacx86 and have failed to get the GPU working properly on OS X, I have a dual boot system set up with Windows 10 running...
  3. jsfotografie

    Poor GTX 780 cinebench performance with stock driver 10.13.6

    Hey all after a hard fight i got my upgrade from 10.10.4 to 10.13.6 done :) on my very old Gigabyte x58 u5 mainboard with also an old gtx 780. i installed on a fresh 250gb ssd :) after i installed multibeast the graphicard is correctly recognized and as the system runs now without a problem so...
  4. DigiDan

    Nvidia GPU not detected after otherwise successful install

    I just recently rebuilt my hackintosh using my Ivy Bridge i5 machine (in sig). Everything went swimmingly installing High Sierra (10.3.6 specifically) although I had to use the standalone Clover UEFI+NVRAM v2.4 r4586 to allow the system to boot from the SSD without the USB stick present, rather...
  5. alex-hryzak

    OpenGL with multiple GPUs

    High Sierra 10.13.6 NVIDIA Web Drivers 387. NVIDIA CUDA Drivers 396.148 I have 2 graphic cards - one GTX 1080 Ti and one GT 1030 (only for third monitor, to prevent the GTX 1080 Ti running at full clock). Everything is working fine (besides some Safari graphic glitches), but...
  6. raiNxK

    GTX 1080 Ti unrecognized (7mb display)

    I have recently wanting to get a Hackintosh and got into it about 3 days ago. it would be the 4th day now in 2 minutes because it's 11:58 PM (I'm located in Seoul). Anyways, After the installation process, I was not even once able to get my graphics card to be recognized. The problem is that my...
  7. jimmyco2008

    [Solved] Black screen but NOT after updating, just after rebooting

    So I go through the Corsair Bulldog Hackintosh Guide and the NVIDIA web driver works, I get GPU acceleration and multiple display output. Hooray! But after rebooting, without changing anything, I get that dreaded black screen issue and can only boot by not using the web drivers. All I did was...
  8. paviro

    DaVinci Resolve Green Graphic Artefacts

    Hi there, I am having some very strange artefacts when using DaVinci Resolve with RAW footage. Normal ProRes is fine but whenever I use Cinema DNG files or ARRI Raw I get this every strange artefacts when the playback is paused and on export. When I play the footage in Resolve it looks fine...
  9. arshavin69ru

    Display freeze when using night shift, or changing resolution Sony Vaio

    I have Sony Vaio vpceh25en, with Nvidia 410m, earlier I had El Capitan which ran smoothly, but ever since Sierra, I had problems like shutdown and reboot never worked on Sierra and High Sierra without nv_disable=1 flag, until the latest update of 10.13.5 when these issues were somehow fixed...
  10. LvxMagick

    Should I Install My Titan xp's At begging of Build?

    Hello this is my first Hack build, I seem to have it down at least all issues so far with the 'Boot Flags' nothing to drastic has gone wrong yet.. My question is this, I took my graphics cards out of the pcie lanes so the boot would go smoother.. I just went ahead & installed the MB graphics &...