help . no boot

  1. jakeglav21

    im stuck and need help

    this is where i get stuck am i not waiting long enough or what am i doing something wrong
  2. FujikiNoShi

    Unibeast USB not recognised by bios

    Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem. I've created multiple el capitan usb install usb's (on multiple usb-sticks) using Unibeast(and without Unibeast). And so far, none of these installer usb's are recognised by my bios. When I mean not being recognised i mean that it is not showing up at all...
  3. MatteoBeccari

    [PROBLEM] GA-Z97X-Soc F7 / 16GB / ASUS GTX 960 / 10.11

    Hello to every one :) My gear: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC Intel Core i7 4,0GHz Socket 1150 i7-4790 ASUS GeForce 960GTX 2x Samsung EVO 250 SSD (1 for OSX , 1 for Win10) 1TB WD Blue i've scrupulously followed the El Capitan's Guide Desktop...
  4. Asturar

    MultiBeast Settings Help Needed

    I was running my Hackintosh yesterday, and out of the blue, something must've updated, and I got a Kernel Panic satin something about "Deadbeef" with a lot of 0s and Xs. I tried to reboot, but I've had no success getting into my computer without nv_disable=1 and GraphicsEnabler=no. So, I decided...
  5. g.paganini

    Can' boot to Mounain Lion 10.8.3 anymore !!!! HELP !!!

    After I had some issues with sound on my new hackintosh 10.8.3 , i tried to install some kexts from an older multibeast that has hdarollback and system utilities. After reboot i only have a black screen and thats all. My config is Ga p55 ud3r F8 DSDT core i5 750 WD 1 TB HDD Anyway i had...