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  1. ripaldi

    Won’t boot without usb. Only showing Apple logo.

    i just did a fresh install of high sierra everything was going great I install the boot loader and drivers via multibeast. When I come to boot the computer off the ssd I installed everything it gets stuck at boot, only showing an Apple logo, no progress bar, I ran it in verbose mode to see whats...
  2. domtech

    [Solved] macOS High Sierra Install issues

    Hello, My Hackintosh has a Core 2 Duo with a 500 GB HDD and a Foxconn G31MV-K motherboard. Every so often I have an issue where Clover won't show up, and I get a weird bios screen. Im not able to get into macOS no matter what I do. I didn't install any updates to trigger this. I just turned it...
  3. princeramteke

    nvidia graphics doesn't work

    after installing drivers from multibeast, everything in fine, but when i install nvidia web drivers and reboot my system gets stuck at the apple logo. specs- i3 6100 msi h110m pro vh plus gt1030 8gb kinston hyperx furry lenovo 1tb ext hdd(where i am...
  4. kevdechef

    I need help with the installation

    I need help, what is the problem? IMG_20180222_213808 by kevdechef posted Feb 22, 2018 at 9:53 PM IMG_20180222_213756 by kevdechef posted Feb 22, 2018 at 9:53 PM Gigabyte z370n wifi Intel i3 8100
  5. AkTeCk

    Problem during High Sierra boot (clover)

    Hi, when I I turn on my pc and in clover boot I select "boot macOS from...", after the apple logo the pc reboot(without loading). The problem I don't understand is that after 2/3 reboot like the first the apple logo loading starts and my macOS work perfectly. Every time I reboot/shut down my pc...
  6. shadokan87

    (HELP)Mac os High Sierra won't boot when Inject ATI is in True state

    Hello, i recently installed High Sierra on my pc, everything is OK but i can't use Mac os when the "Inject Ati" checkbox is checked,i don't have a good english so i made two pictures of both case when Mac os won't boot and when it boot succefully but with no graphic support... down below Thanks...
  7. Hcrofty94

    High Sierra - Not booting to install

    Hi folks, Having a bit of trouble booting into the HS installer. Have followed the install guide and searched around here for some answers, but have had no luck yet. Booting into Verbose gives me the 'windowserver service exited with abnormal code: 1' Any help would be much appreciated...
  8. Impy91

    High Sierra Won't Boot

    Hi guys i tried to make a dual boot with win 10 and high sierra on 2 separate drives... The installation goes well but when i restart the pc and try to boot high sierra it won't boot What i have to do? pls help and thx Spec: MSI Z270-A PRO I7700 16gb ddr4 Corsair Vengeance Auros gtx1060 Xtreme...
  9. aakrit

    [Solved] Help New User: Clover reboots before installation

    Hi, i am facing a problem, my pc reboots as soon as i boot from my USB. i have followed all the instructions and have made necessary changes in BIOS,when i boot from my pendrive it shows the apple logo and then reboots. Please help me and Thanks in Advance
  10. Boxy75

    MSI X99s Gaming 7 I7 5820K gtx 980 Hight Sierra

    hello guys, is my hardwares compatible with hackintosh ? I need help i try it from two days ago i had constantly somme error or crash at the installation state... Im really done ...
  11. Mmohab

    HID legacy shim 2, cant bootup after a week, macOS Sierra

    hi everyone, i have a problem with my hackintosh build, by no apparent reason, stoped working after a week without using it, with the lines in -v, HID legacy shim 2 to later show the prohibited logo. i dont remember if i did something or installed any kexts that could make that happen, the only...
  12. BadGoldish3725

    Still Can't Boot High Sierra

    Hi, I have been trying to reinstall MAC OS for a while now. When I boot up, things work out as planned, but then it gets to this screen with a little buffering icon halfway through. Someone suggested I boot with IGPU and I removed my graphics card and it did not work. I also tried to boot in...
  13. Pereira96

    [HELP] El Capitan on ASUS P2520LA-XO0281D

    Hi I'm trying to install Hackintosh on my ASUS P2520LA, I don't have UEFI Bios so in my Unibeast configuration after choosing the USB I wanted to use, I select Legacy Mode then El capitan. But when in Clover I try to boot the installation it just shows a black screen with a blinking underscore...
  14. kylestessy

    Install on Acer V Nitro VN7-593G-76SS laptop

    Hello I have setup the install through UniBeast. My problem is when I choose to boot Mac Sierra from the usb, the apple logo pops up for a few seconds, then I get a signs. (Circle with line through it). I’ve tried a few things like using UniBeast itself, and the different boot modes. Any idea...
  15. daniel51a

    Dual GPU: RX 580 - Can't get past boot screen

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me out since I'm stumped and don't even know where to start. I recently installed a second Gigabyte RX 580 8gb gaming into my system (multiboot for mining while away from computer). With the second card, I can't seem to get past the boot screen. I've tried...
  16. ppp7032

    I can't boot onto my Sierra USB!

    My laptop is an HP Pavilion g6 laptop that has the following specs: CPU: i3-3110M GPU: 3rd generation Intel HD 4000 MOBO: HP 183F RAM: 4GB Single Channel DDR3 Wi-Fi: Ralink RT5390R 802.11bgn Ethernet: Realtek PCIe FE Family Conroller BIOS: UEFI So when I try to boot off of the Sierra USB I...
  17. ChrisLCrawford

    [Solved] HELP!!! SSD not visible on initial boot.

    I've used the exact steps on the Installation Guide and am at the initial boot up screen. When I get to the point where I need to run Disk Utility to format the SSD, I ONLY show the USB flash drive. My Samsung 500gb SSD is not showing up. Steps taken to remedy: changed the SSD cable to...
  18. cazagar


    i installed os x sierra on my pc, when i boot without the unibeast usb it says please insert a valid boot device. I've tried downloading the fakesmc and nullcpu kexts but it does nothing. i can boot just fine through the usb. my pc: asrock h97m pro4 intel i3-4100 haswell dual core ht gigabyte...
  19. GoToDi3

    "Couldn't allocate runtime area"

    Almost every time I boot my pc I get this error: "sxAptioFix2Drv: Starting overrides for \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi Using reloc block: no hibernate wake: no Error allocating 0x116a2 Pages at 0x000000000655e000 alloc type 2 Couldn't allocate runtime area" After a couple of attempts...
  20. xvistas

    can't boot without nv_disable=1 after installing nvidia web driver

    First off, I have got everything to work including audio, keyboard, ethernet, expect the web drivers. Everything else works like a charm. I have a MSI GEFORCE® GTX 960 2GD5T OC as my graphics card. I have installed the latest web driver, version: 378.05.05.15f01 and the latest CUDA...