help . no boot

  1. koolkid831

    OSxAptipFixDrv Error -requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block

    Previously, I’ve been able to work around this by going to safe mode but recently after getting fed up, I reinstalled High Sierra and wasn’t able to boot up through safe mode anymore without getting rebooted. If I try to boot normally, I get OsxAptipFixDrv as the error. What can I do? Specs...
  2. piouciraptor

    Installation problem

    Hello, can you help me please? Here are some days that I try to install MacOS without success. I followed the vanilla guide. I find myself with the loading screen at 100% but which is blocked on the apple logo. I unplugged the graphics card, without success. Then I started in verbose mode...
  3. tom101

    Trying to install Mojave on Alienware Aurora R5 (Need Help)

    HI, I'm trying to install the latest osx Mojave on my Alienware aurora R5 , using UniBeast and rough Config using Clover Configurator, I originally had an error on my first attempt with "end seed" and it froze. However, I am now past that issue and on to another problem stopping me from...
  4. R3CoNn3Ct

    Need Assistance

    Hi All, i need assistance for installation of macOS High Sierra, i've tried every single forum and guide to install it on my pc, but failed to do it. sometimes it stuck on apple logo or sometimes it shows ban image. i can't even reach to installation process. i've done all bios settings for...
  5. DallinDS

    [solved] Lenovo 910-13IKB installer boot Problems

    I'm having trouble booting into the MacOS Mojave installer. I fallowed the guide HERE for laptop installation and used the premade config_HD615_620_630_640_650.plist.
  6. MeloMilo

    System won't boot after updating Clover to 4784

    My system won’t boot after updating clover...
  7. MeloMilo

    didn’t boot

    Has any one any idea why my Pc won’t boot ? Or an Solution how I can fix it ? Thanks
  8. Hamshii

    [Solved] Not Able To Install Mac OS with Unibeast On Desktop Dell Vostro 3667

    Hello, I have tried multiple different guides on how to install Mac OS with unibeast, but to no avail. My computer will not boot from my formatted USB [it will only boot from my internal HDD] [The desktop can boot through USB ~ but isn't with this] ANY assistance would be appreciated...
  9. Atown

    [Solved] Can’t load installer

    Hey guys and gals, I was hoping to get some help. For some reasons I cannot even load the installer for high Sierra. Any advice at all would be amazing. The only boot flag I’m using in this photo is the default flags plus -v. I’ve tried other bootflags such as -x -f and a few other but when I do...
  10. vasubawa

    Need help installing macOS on an Lenovo Y500

    Hello, I have a Lenovo Y500 and every time I try to install macOS on my laptop, my CPU fans start speeding super fast and the system shutdowns. I have tried to debug and and turned on the options where the system wouldn't shutdown when theres a crash or something but no luck they are not...
  11. machack22

    [Solved] Plz Help! Soo close to getting High Sierra installed via usb

    Hey fam, This is my first post, first build and first Hackintosh. I've done a lot of troubleshooting and have learned a ton, and I think I'm super close to finally getting the os on my computer. But I could use your help, oh wiser ones than I, to get me there. So here's the hardware: Mobo ...
  12. Esau_Canto

    Hackintosh boots but no signal to display, mouse or keyboard

    Yes I know this sounds like every other Hackintosh problem but I have been experiencing some strange things. The first time a leaved my Hackintosh on all night, I was watching Netflix and fell sleep. When I woke up it was in the clover boot menu, like restart it during the night. It booted...
  13. Eddix28master

    "macos could not be installed on your computer" HS

    So, I was installing macOS in my build: Gigabyte H370M D3H Core i3-8100 Then when I boot from my HD and installing starts I get this message "macos could not be installed on your computer" when is 15 minutes remaining to finish the Installation, so I already restarted the installation from the...
  14. Eddix28master

    Can´t reach the installation

    Well, as you can see, I don't be able to install HS (10.13.6) in my build, my specs are: Mb. Gigabyte H370M D3H Intel Core i3-8100 4 GB Ram ddr4 2400 HDD Samsung 1TB So, what should I do?, I leave my Efi folder in the attachments. Pleaseee help mee, thanks. Installation stops at "2 minutes...
  15. oabegga

    My APPLE folder in EFI Partition is missing, can't boot

    Where should I download the APPLE File for EFI Partition? My Hackbook is Acer Nitro 5 AN 515-51-74NM I can only boot in safe-mode from Clover USB Please help!
  16. Idkwhattheasd


    I'm very very very new to the Hackintosh modding/fourms side of things but I've followed a guide and I keep on gettings stuck on the Apple Logo or Apple Logo with progress bar and my USB flash drive stops blinking which means its not reading/writing data. I have tried reinstalling but it does...
  17. SuperEpicStuff

    Doesn’t boot into High Sierra after second reboot

    My build setup is the one on my profile. I highly suspect it to be Graphics card related. I use the virtual NVRAM multibeast patch and the latest NVIDIA web drivers. Just like in the guid I also set it to true in the clover config. I then rebooted and everything went fine. All my multibeast...
  18. carlosoliva

    Boot screen

    Hi i am new on Hackintosh . I have a HP Elitebook 820 G4 . i am use Unebeast install for OS El Capitan but . The screen does not go beyond: OsxAptioFix2Drv: Starting overrides for System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi Using reloc block: no , hibernate wake : no Help meee please
  19. OneSnack888

    Stuck at the apple logo on first boot

    Hi Everybody, This is my first time building a Hackintosh and I'm having a problem. I will turn on the computer, boot from the flash drive, go to the Clover screen, hit enter, and it would get the apple logo and gets stuck. No spinning circle no nothing. It just gets stuck. I left it overnight...
  20. ThePromisedEnd

    Having trouble with mac os high sierra booting

    Hello guy this is my first build and my first hackintosh Computer Parts i7 3770k asrock z77 mobo evga 1080 I turned these bios setting off serial i/o VD-T Intel Virtualization Tech My problem is that when I use the UEFI on the USB to boot it up to the apple logo loading screen it starts...