1. alfredcool1

    [solved] Cant patch DSDT

    I cant patch the Brightness fix (Haswell/Broadwell) patch from MaciASL. The apply button is just grayed out. What am i doing wrong? Im using intel hd 4400 and trying to get the brightness slider to work.
  2. conath

    Help fixing brightness on Asus Z53S with only nVidia Graphics

    My Hack is nearly fully working on El Capitan 10.11.5. Hardware specs are in my profile. I am using Clover boot loader with custom patched dsdt for battery percentage. Even sleep is working! Only the backlight problem remains: In BIOS, I can change the brightness using FN+F5/F6 keys. When not...
  3. LaughingQuoll

    How to get brightness working on HP Spectre

    I have been looking around for guides to get my screen brightness settings working on my laptop: But nothing is helpful. I have tried Intel Backlight.kext which did nothing. What can I do to get brightness working. El Cap 10.11.4
  4. TVTechDirector

    Brightness Setting on El Capitan

    Hey Everyone, So i successfully installed OS X El Capitan on my Hackintosh, installed my GTX 970 driver, and everything works great except the brightness. There is no software based brightness adjustment to fix the brightness on the screen. It wouldn't bug me except the fact that when i open...
  5. akshbhutani

    Please help with DSDT!

    Please help me fix my DSDT. I want to patch my DSDT to fix brightness but i've never done this before so I don't know how to. Whenever I try to patch with RehabMan's patch, I get many syntax errors.. Please help.. I am attaching my DSDT..
  6. TSims3c1d

    [solved] Intel HD 4600 QE/CI and Brightness Control [DSDT/SSDT]

    Hi, I am a noob when it comes to DSDT patching, and I'd like to get some help to make my MSI GE40-2OL run Yosemite properly (I am using Clover as my bootl). My machine has the following specs: - i7 4702MQ - 8 GB DDR3L - Intel HD4600 5MB + Nvidia GeForce GT 750M (Optimus) I have...
  7. yushi90

    4k Monitor brightness control?

    Hi everyone, is there a known way to control the brightness of a DP attached Monitor by system? I found a somewhat buggy shell script to set the brightness with DDC-CI, but that does only accept levels like 50%. The increment or decrement option does not really work. I hope, someone can...
  8. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Asus VivoBook S400CA - Brightness not Working

    Hi all, My HackBook's had backlight control working ever since I installed OS X on here about a year ago, and now it's not working as I've upgraded from Yosemite > El Capitan 10.11.1 Public Beta. I have ACPIBacklight installed and in S/L/E and in kextcache, and I've had the correct DSDT patch...
  9. dkidd92

    [solved] Lenovo Z50-70 DSDT brightness and other issues with Patching DSDT.

    Hello guys! SO I have a laptop here, the Lenovo Z50-70, Intel 4510U i7 Hasswell, 8GB Ram, Intel HD 4400 Graphics, Realtek Ethernet and I'm using a USB wifi dongle to connect to the internet. I installed using Clover EFI, patched the GFX Acceleration, Audio and Battery but for some reason I...
  10. orgixmh

    Desktop Brightness Control

    Hackintosh Brightness Control v0.2 Description: With hackintosh brightness control you can control your screen brightness of your desktop computer by pressing F1 (decreasing brightness) or F2 (increasing brightness) keys. How to install: 1) copy to your...
  11. matthewharrison01

    Help patching DSDT/SSDT

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to patch my DSDT/SSDT to get the brightness slider working for my Intel HD 4400 display. I've been trying to follow this guide: I have the...
  12. toon1888

    Volume, brightness steps

    Heey I've an Asus N750JV, got it full working :D. But the only problem is that the volume steps are very small, even with brightness. i don't want to fine tune them. Does somebody know how to change this? I hope so :)
  13. ravikhannan

    Max Brightness After Sleep(yosemite 10.10)

    My specs: pavilion Dv6 6164TX Intel core i3 2.2GHz sandy bridge Intel HD 3000 Graphics I installed OS X yosemite Successfully but i trouble with one problem, Max Brightness issue after sleep, Any way to fix this problem? i attached my DSDT here..
  14. shoumma

    Dell 3442 wired brightness and networking issue

    Hi,I have installed Mavericks on my Dell Inspiron 14 (3442). I have a patched DSDT (only the "brightness" patch from Rehabman Laptop Patch && I got my brightness slider enabled). My ethernet is Realtek 8101E/8102E. I have installed Realtek RTL8100 from Mieze. My graphics is Intel HD4400 and it...
  15. SilleBille

    [GUIDE] HP DV6 7040tx (Clover)

    [GUIDE] HP DV6 7xxx (Clover) I would like to post a guide for those who are newbies. There are tons of guides explain the same concepts. But, I would post guides in detail so that this will be useful for Newbies to follow easily. Before I start, I would like to thank RehabMan for his kind...
  16. KiiNNNTeLL

    Backlight issue on Acer V3 371-521

    Hey, I've been trying to fix every issues i had with my laptop, so far i fixed: -Sound with VoodooHDA. -Battery stats with RehabMan's ACPIBatteryManager.kext. -Ethernet with drivers from MultiBeast. But i still can't figure out how to have the brightness. I tried to patch my DSDT following...
  17. kaneorotar

    Lenovo Y410p Keyboard Shortcut Problem

    Hi, I'm using VoodooPS2Controller.kext v1.8.13 on OS X 10.10.1 and could not adjust the brightness of the monitor using the Fn+↑ and Fn+↓ shortcuts. I thought that this can be solved by editing the custom keyboard map so I installed the debug version of the driver and tried to capture the scan...
  18. tgobi

    10.10 Yosemite brightness control issues on Vostro 3350

    Hello everyone. After installing official 10.10 I have stumbled upon a bug that makes me unable to control brightness with fn hotkeys. These were working perfectly under Mavericks. Basically pressing the FN+F4/F5 key combination once makes OS X think that the keys are still held down, thus...
  19. vashavoc

    4530s Display Brightness Issue

    This was not an issue in 10.9 Mavericks but with 10.10 Yosemite, my ProBook 4350s' display will not run at fully brightness by itself. It seems that its running at 50-60% brightness levels. I have checked: F2/F3 dimness buttons to verify its maxed SysPref > Display > Brightness is shown as...
  20. Sigma

    Sleep, Display Brightness, and Webcam Not Working on HP Pavilion g6

    Hello, I have succeeded in installing Mavericks on my HP Laptop, and it is almost perfect except for a few components. Sleep: When I try to make the computer go to sleep, the screen goes black, however, the fan continues to spin and it doesn't really seem to be in sleep mode. The login screen...