1. skeezon

    Decline icon on installing / Stop sign

    This week i tried to install hackintosh and i did it succesfully , but i failed with the disk selection and decided to reinstal windows and hackintosh. I installed drivers ( one of them was BIOS update ) and after i'm getting this errors
  2. Mash003


    Hi guys! I recently had to reset my bios settings and lost the configuration to run sierra. Can anyone tell me all the settings necessary in order to run a fresh installation again? I got assignments for next week and I really need to work on logic after tuesday!
  3. ColBo

    Clover problem

    i installed clover on my machine, then read somewhere that i could delete clover by deleting the clover folder! And foolishly i did that! Now i cant back into Yosemite! My machine boots into the bios - see picture. How do i return my system to auto boot into yosemite???
  4. pizzaguy

    Z87x-OC bios driving me crazy

    I made a change in the Bios the other day and selected Save & Exit - instead of exiting, it locked up at that bios screen. Next attempt at booting resulted in the Gigabyte banner displayed but no keyboard input would do anything. So I moved the bios switch to Main (apparently I was running on...
  5. IgnacioJD

    HELP... macOS installer not working

    Hi everyone! First of all, thanks to everyone that comes onto these forums to help fools like me make things work... My setup: PRIMARY SYSTEM: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: i7 7820x Motherboard: ASRock X299 Taichi XE GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme RAM: 32GB (4x8GB) USB creation: Macbook...
  6. Nyak

    Booting into BIOS

    My hack only boots into BIOS when I press the startup button. Once I'm in BIOS I can boot to Clover and startup by hitting the restart button on my case. The computer is functional, but the extra step is a nuisance.
  7. 404visuals

    Cannot Boot After Accidental BIOS Update

    Hello, huge fan first time participant here. I recently ran into a bit of a problem with my build and I am hoping I can get some advise. I accidentally upgraded my Gigabyte BIOS through my Windows 10 partition from F2 to F22 and now my High Sierra hack doesn't boot. To make things worst, I...
  8. WillBerner

    UniBeast Activated 32GB USB Won't Boot Up Hackintosh

    Hello! I recently decided to try to replace my family's unbearably slow 2011 iMac with a Hackintosh built from my old custom PC. I successfully followed the very clear and informative instructions here and was apparently able to get a version of Mac OS X High Sierra on to my flash drive...
  9. lucasrassiii

    Unibeast Doesn't Show the Installation

    Hello , everyone i am an beginner and i downloaded unibeast and i tried to make hackintosh , i did all the steps in the motherboard , but when i boot with my usb it does not show high sierra.The second picture is when i remove the usb.i Have a : B150M-D3H DDR3 Gigabyte i7 6700
  10. RandomNumber

    GA-Z77x UD5H users, what BIOS ver. and OSX are you using?

    I had to replace my faulty GA Z77 DS3H MB with a GA Z77x UD5H (rev 1.0). The new board posts (as much as I've tried thus far) but I noticed it was at BIOS version F4. That must be the first version. I want to get this rig from El Capitan (which is where it was when the old board went boot loopy)...
  11. lucasloud

    Help! My BIOS won't recognize my Clover UEFI Partition!

    Hi there! I was having some stability issues with my overclocked 6700K dual-booting (OSX and Windows) Hackintosh, which was strange since I had been running great for over a year, and when I did the overclock I ran tons of stability tests and had no problems. Nonetheless, I decided to reset my...
  12. lucasloud

    Help! I screwed up my BIOS

    Hi there! Not sure if I'm in the right topic... I was having some stability issues with my overclocked 6700K dual-booting Hackintosh, which was strange since I had been running great for over a year, and when I did the overclock I ran tons of stability tests and had no problems. Nonetheless, I...
  13. woukie

    Ram Voltage changed after reboot

    Hey guys, since the last Sierra Update everytime i reboot my ram voltage is set on 2.5V. Is there a solution to fix that. I used the DSDT from the database for my gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3.
  14. TimDrucker

    USB 3.0 External Hard Drives not found in Finder/DU [Z170XP-SLI, 6700k]

    Hi there, I've recently finished my first Hackintosh build and I am having an issue getting my external hard drives to show up in Finder and Disk Utility. From posts I've read of people having similar problems to me, the common solution is to change XCHI Mode in the BIOS of the motherboard...
  15. thmsrock

    Can't boot with SSD M.2 Samsung SM961

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire E5-575G-551M with InsydeH2o BIOS v. 1.32. The BIOS detects the drive because it shows up as HD01 on the main page. Problem is, it won't show up as a boot option. I did install Sierra and made all the steps to make the drive bootable (RehabMan's guides). How could I...
  16. sheik yerbouti

    Bios update Cul de Sac

    hi, my gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard recently died and i had to replace it with a new used one. i can't get OSX to load and my guess is that the BIOS is too old (F3). so i#m trying to update it. the problem is: if i'm trying to start the computer with a USB stick in one of the slots, the...
  17. filippo0002

    BIOS Options not available

    I just bought a z370 aurus gaming 5 for my new hackintosh as i saw many people having successful installations with relatively low roadbumps but I found myself a bit confused as soon as I got into the BIOS. A lot of options are not available on my motherboard BIOS: Os selection, a ton of...
  18. dakishimesan0

    Has anyone installed motherboard firmware patches for Meltdown and Spectre?

    Hi fellow hackintoshers, I've been debating installing the Meltdown And Spectre microcode updates on my high sierra 10.13.3 NUC 5i5. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried them with their Hackintosh and what your experience was? Part of my hesitancy is that, at least on the NUC, once you...
  19. OlliverAira

    BIOS not reached during motherboard startup after installing macOS??? ._.

    (pasted from another thread) I wonder if anyone have any knowledge about if macOS boot up procedure can 'harm' motherboards that are somehow unsupported? I have a Z170A and had to replace it twice (on 'insurance') after that I started using macOS kinda, the boot up of the motherboard became...
  20. JpBac

    [Solved] MSI BIOS settings for Snow Leopard installation

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to work my way through the iBoot + MultiBeast installation guide and I've hit a snag at the installation of Snow Leopard. I eject the iBoot Ivy Bridge cd as the guide prompts, insert Snow Leopard, and then hit enter to run OSX. From there I get an apple logo for a...