1. Jimmy223001

    sony pcv-a1112m

    So I have been given a sony pcv-a1112m which is a fairly old touchscreen PC , it’ll be ideal to Hackintosh just for music DJ decks (only Mac compatible) The big question is can this be done , I’m very capable of the unibeast Install but F2 bios is very basic and you cannot config anything ...
  2. rygo13

    Stuck on apple loading screen with progress bar when I try to install Mac os Mojave

    Hello all, I've built my first Hackintosh, and I am currently trying to install the OSX for Mojave. The first time I set it up on a USB and then plugged it in, I clicked on install. Then the apple logo popped up and it started going for a little bit and then stopped. I attached a picture of the...
  3. PickupMan

    Bios - - > Primary display - - > PCIE or IGPU

    Hi everyone! I'ts been a couple of months since my first working hackintosh, and to be honest, I'm really happy with it! However, my laptop has a Nvidia GTX 950m, which some of you may know, it's a mobile graphics card based on the unsupported (for mac's) optimus technology, so I was using the...
  4. ibeddine

    USB not Booting - Toshiba z30-C

    Hello, a newbie here, I have a Toshiba z30-C, i have followed the guide to make a bootable USB on mac, everything is good in USB side, My problem is when i plug the usb and i turn on the laptop and i choose USB as booting option nothing showing on, I have already modified my BIOS setting as...
  5. Thrashavich

    Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 - 10.14.5 - Can't get to installer

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I last dabbled in this stuff. I had set up 30+ systems in the days of Sandy Bridge but the process felt so much easier back then. I've searched tonymac forums as well as other websites for solutions but none of the fixes I come across seem to work. I cannot...
  6. competetowin

    Can't get to BIOS anymore (black screen after CSM)

    Hello good people, My old DVI-connected monitor was working fine. The 4K I just got shows no signal via DP and no signal or a purple hue (depending on the port) via HDMI. Someone on the forum had luck by disabling CSM in BIOS. That didn't help in my case. Worse, I can't even get back into BIOS...
  7. switt

    Solved > HIS RX560 successfully working in MacOS Mojave.

    Hi. I'm here to share my experience getting my graphics card to work in Mojave. My graphics card is an "HIS, RX560 iCooler Green OC 4G, Radeon RX 560 Series, (1196 / 1750)" >> tl;dr : I flashed my card's BIOS with this one : ASUS BIOS link, and it worked properly. My computer is a Dell...
  8. isaaclim

    Solved > [HELP] BIOS won't recognize UNIBEAST drive.

    Hello all, below is my setup. Intel Core i9 9900K ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (BIOS Version 1005 *Latest) Sapphire RX 580 SAMSUNG 970 EVO 250GB X 2 I used everything that is compatible according to tonymac list. When I tried to boot using the unibeast usb, my motherboard won't detect the drive. I...
  9. N8261D

    Preparing to Hackintosh Lenovo Flex 4 (14") i5-7200U 256GB SSD

    Hello all, I am getting ready to Hackintosh my second laptop. I am watching an auction on eBay for a Lenovo Flex 4 (14") with an i5-7200U, 8 GB DDR4, and a 256GB SSD. As usual, the wifi won't work, so I am pulling the DW1830 from my previous build. Does anybody know if this particular laptop has...
  10. Youpapaye

    Solved > Gigabyte Z370N wifi bios update

    Hi everyone, I have a Hackintosh running the latest version of Mojave, yesterday I thought it was a great idea to update my bios, so i took the latest version available on the gigabyte website (F1 to F11). After the update, I did set all the bios setting as they were before the update, but...
  11. studiologic

    Clover theme to fit right on the monitor orientation

    Hello ! I want please some help, I want to see clover theme to fit right on the monitor orientation, does anybody know to tell me please now edit clover themes ;
  12. MrFKF

    Problem creating bootable USB

    Hi guys, i have a problem. I am selecting this configuration but i return this error. I need this configuration. Someone knows how i can fix it Thank you my friends
  13. alexramone

    Clover installed in m.2 Samsung 960 EVO make BIOS freezes

    Hi folks! I have a Sandisk SSD with Mojave running ok and I bought a Samsung 960 EVO m.2. I've used CCC to clone SSD to m.2 and restart. So, until this I could start Mojave from m.2 normally. Clover was in SSD EFI until this. After this, I installed Clover in m.2 EFI and move all files from...
  14. jsm1994

    Cant boot from USB. Can’t pass the bios logo.

    Hi guys, My problem is i can’t start from usb. I tested with High Sierra and Mojave and it does not start. I tried to create the usb using the macOS and unibeast terminal. Nothing works. I have followed many guides, none has helped me. Can someone tell me what could be the reason? Thanks for all
  15. Slickademo

    Z370 Gaming 7 Bios F12c update

    Anyone else running a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 with the newest Bios update? I upgraded my i7 8700k to an i9 9900k and figured I might as well update the Bios from F11 to F12c. I can't get passed clover into Mac os or get into the install screen. I want to do a fresh installation. Maybe there's...
  16. tnsantos

    [Solved] CMOS RTC Error after reboot

    Hi! I'm having RTC cmos errors after rebooting my hackintosh (mojave 10.14.2). My machine is a HP Elitedesk 800 G3 35w mini desktop, the battery is fine, this error only happens when I reboot from the hackintosh. If I boot from windows or linux, it won't happen. I'm using AppleRTC.kext from...
  17. Mackgregor

    Crash on installation OS X

    Hello, I'm sorry I speak very bad English. :crazy: I received my first Hackintosh config today and I wasted no time getting started. I had already prepared my bootable key a few days ago and I had followed all the recommendations on the forum. Today I started by changing the BIOS settings as...
  18. joan

    Hackintosh Asus Beginner

    Hello Guys, So, basically, I’m running into a problem. I am new in the hackintosh community and I’m right now trying to install High Sierra on my desktop (Win10). Here’s my configuration ; Asus Z87-A Motherboard (BIOS Version 04/19/2013) Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20Ghz nVidia 650GTX EVGA SLI...
  19. bikenbeer

    ASUS ROG Strix H370-I install hangs

    Newbie here, first time build, trying to build a CustoMac for my son. I purchased the following according to the CustoMac guide: ASUS ROG Strix H370-I Gaming Intel Core i3-8100 CPU Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) No GPU - using built in UHD 630 I tried to follow the UniBeast installation...
  20. a1337

    BIOS hangs when using Apple Cinema HD 23" Display USB hub?

    I'm trying to figure out a curious issue that just came up. I recently flashed my BIOS to a newer version, and in doing so it started to hang for quite a while (a few minutes) before booting. After some debugging, I narrowed it down to the built-in USB hub one of my displays, the Apple Cinema HD...