1. Pale

    Help with Clover Bootloader

    I need Help installing High Sierra (with NVIDIA web drivers) or Mojave/Catalina with iGPU, i have a lot of random freezes in clover bootloader, NVRAM problems and random Kernel Panics... at this point I don't know if it is my board or it is me that makes error... I have followed a lot of guides...
  2. oscarix

    please help

    How about someone help me, I want to install mac operating system on a pc dell 390 optiplex but doing all the process of the bootable usb and configuring the bios does not appear to me to put the option AHCI since I see that in several tutorials they select that option but I don't think so...
  3. romanmykytiuk

    Gigabyte Z390M - Empty Clover

    Hey guys. I appreciate the Internet that there is a forum like this where you can share your thoughts and get new knowledge. I bought a new motherboard - Gigabyte Z390M, CPU: i5-9600K, GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Nitro +, RAM: Ballistix 16GB - all from Buyer's Guide here. I changed the bios...
  4. janlin0116

    Error loading operating system

    Hi, nice to meet you guys. Here is my build. CPU:i7-9700k MB:Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite RAM:Crucial DDR4 2666 16GB*2 SSD1:Samsung EVO 970 plus 250GB (for OS) SSD2:Samsung EVO 970 plus 250GB (WIN10 installed) GPU:MSI RX580 8G (bought, still on delivery) POWER: Antec 650W CASE:NZXT H510 Now I'm...
  5. Montukhanna

    High Sierra Unibeast installer rebooting on Inel DH55pj Bios

    Hello, I have been running the macOS Sierra (and previous OS versions as well) without any issues, and I was trying to update to macOS High Sierra Hackintosh on my pc. However, the installation gets stuck at "apfs_module_start: 1279 load:" I was following this guide...
  6. this96

    ASUS Z370G Black Bios Screen

    As the title suggests my Bios is not accessible anymore. I tried resetting the CMOS by removing the battery but that didnt work. I cant flash the BIOS because I cant access it. Basically I am locked out. Does Anyone have a solution?
  7. iDrakus

    Custom Bluetooth mouse in BIOS and Clover

    I am using the BCM94360CS2 combo module in my hackintosh. The Magic Keyboard 1 works fine for me on macOS, BIOS, Clover, and Windows 10. I really like how it works. When working for macOS, I use the Microsoft Mouse 3600 (Bluetooth), but it does not work in BIOS and Clover. At the same time, the...
  8. kamrzard

    I don't know what macos version support legacy bios

    Hi, mi question is what macos version support legacy bios to boot because i'm reading about this in some sites and tutorials on youtube and i'm very confused about that
  9. SteveGary

    After update to 10.15.4, BIOS resets every time

    I'm experiencing an issue after updating Catalina from 10.15.3 to 10.15.4. My American Megatrends BIOS settings are set to default every time I reboot or shut down macOS, resulting in the inability to boot properly since my storage configuration is set to IDE and not AHCI. It appears that other...
  10. NewbieEditor

    Help-Reboot and Select proper Boot device -after restoring startup disk

    I recently did an OS upgrade from El Capitan to High Sierra but due to unresolved NVIDIA driver problems, I decided to go back to my previous El Capitan install. -Before the HS update, I had used CCCloner to make a backup of my El Capitan internal SSD startdisk on an external HDD. -I rebooted...
  11. wexdavid

    Can I run Mojave on this config?

    Hey guys, I'd like to ask for your opinion... I have a quite old piece of hardware, running Sierra since 2017 on it, without any issues... Would I be able to get away with Mojave on it? Mainboard: Asus Pk5 Pro (P35 Chipset) CPU: Intel Xeon X5460 (quad core, 12MB Cache) RAM: 6GB DDR2...
  12. gabrycosta04

    PROBLEM! Asus B360 VER. 2071 CLOVER does NOT START

    My bios ver. 2071 Problem: clover not start after republic of gamers logo Hardware I5 8400 Asus ROG STRIX B360M-G Gaming
  13. alx54

    unable to enable disable Vt-d in Bios " Intel Pentium G3220 and Gigabyte H81M-S2PV"

    iam unable to enable vt-d any option for it or i want need to buy a compitable processor?
  14. cramletram

    Solved > Asus Maximus VIII BIOS can't detect NVMe EFI Partition

    Working on a bunch of upgrades all at once. First, replaced my 980 ti with a Vega 64. Then upgraded from Sierra to Mojave, so that I can take advantage of Final Cut Pro 10.4.7. Decided to clean install instead of updating to avoid any extra weirdness. And for good measure replaced my boot SSD...
  15. shanike

    High Sierra won't boot after BIOS update

    I had a working X99 working setup with 10.13.5, but after an flashing my ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 bios from 3902 to version 4101, my boot process began to stuck at this point: after a considerable wait, the GUI is somewhat display in the form of a sole cursor in the top left corner: after that...
  16. Mom

    Problem With UEFI bios

    Hello, I have a problem with UEFI. Before this problem I install mac os High Sierra on my system and working 2 or 3 months but when os have a problem and don't boot I make a decision to reinstall mac, then I download unibeast and repeat again all level, after restart my system and go in bios to...
  17. dolgarrenan

    Can't boot into new BIOS v. with mac formatted drive connected

    Hello there, I'm having the strangest issue across all of my new builds, as with my signature build, my other X299 Deluxe II has the exact same behaviour. Whenever I try to boot to BIOS (latest BIOS installed v.2417) with a macOS formatted drive attached, it just goes to black screen! I have...
  18. Jimmy223001

    sony pcv-a1112m

    So I have been given a sony pcv-a1112m which is a fairly old touchscreen PC , it’ll be ideal to Hackintosh just for music DJ decks (only Mac compatible) The big question is can this be done , I’m very capable of the unibeast Install but F2 bios is very basic and you cannot config anything ...
  19. rygo13

    Stuck on apple loading screen with progress bar when I try to install Mac os Mojave

    Hello all, I've built my first Hackintosh, and I am currently trying to install the OSX for Mojave. The first time I set it up on a USB and then plugged it in, I clicked on install. Then the apple logo popped up and it started going for a little bit and then stopped. I attached a picture of the...
  20. PickupMan

    Bios - - > Primary display - - > PCIE or IGPU

    Hi everyone! I'ts been a couple of months since my first working hackintosh, and to be honest, I'm really happy with it! However, my laptop has a Nvidia GTX 950m, which some of you may know, it's a mobile graphics card based on the unsupported (for mac's) optimus technology, so I was using the...