1. dz0rpw

    Opencore 0.6.7 causing BIOS instability

    Hi All, So my first venture over to Opencore has gone well however but it has thrown up a concern. If for any reason I get an unclean shutdown i.e. I'm at the picker list I think...crap I forgot to plug in that USB drive and push the reset button (no shutdown or restart option at the pick...
  2. CLFAS

    [SOLVED] MSI GE72 OpenCore Boot Entry Not Found on M.2 SSD in BIOS

    SOLUTION (using bcfg tool in OpenShell for some reason was not adding the entry. The following fixed the issue, but it may have just been the final step which was needed): Reflashed the BIOS then reconfigured to the same settings as stated below. Reset NVRAM via USB OpenCore (same as attached...
  3. Yogobell

    Broken BIOS

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask, can the installation destroy the BIOS or damage EFI? In history I installed 5 computers (with Clover). From Sierra to Mojave. Every time without big troubles. In one case, an error occurred during the installation (probably due to incorrect EFI configuration...
  4. maurizio696

    Rampage iv Black edition - i7-3930k - rx 590 nitro

    hi, I'm trying to install Catalina with open core on this build: - I7-3930k - Rampage IV black edition - 32GB ram DDR3 G.skill - RX 590 Nitro+ 8gb - ssd name 512 KingSpec (the ssd is on a adapter pcie and I load a modded bios for nvme support) I followed the opencore guide, I created the...
  5. zalador

    Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND

    Hi, i have been stuck with this problem for 6 hours now, and can't fix it still. I have looked on all websites and they all say i need to set XHCI Handoff to Enabled, however that doesn't exist in my asos BIOS. Anyone had this problem and solved it?
  6. SimonT

    Solved > BIOS borked by attempted Catalina upgrade - what next?

    After a series of disasters with a Catalina upgrade, I'm now nearly back to a stable system with Mojave again. But every time I shut down my computer, on restart it won't boot past the 'Gigabyte' flash screen. I can't boot into BIOS and holding down the 'del' or 'F12' keys does nothing. The only...
  7. jamieblood

    CATALINA - M.2 Samsung 970 Evo not showing in BIOS

    First ever query. Z97X Gaming 5 i7 4790K CURRENT - Samsung 850 Evo 250gb SATA I am trying to upgrade the SSD to the M.2 Samsung 970 Evo. I have used the Carbon Copy Cloner App which has done it job. I then used Clover Configurator to mount the EFI and copied the EFI folder from the current SSD...
  8. Hamza93

    Forgotten HP ProBook 4540s Bios Password?

    Hi! I put a password on my Probook 4540s Bios when I bought it (that was a childish move) and now I forgot it because it was a long time ago. I contact HP support and they surprise me they don't reset the Bios password anymore the only option is to replace the board. Here is my chat history...
  9. kSilva

    Bluetooth mouse does not work in Bios/UEFI or Clover boot screen

    I have the BCM94360CD card which is supposed work OOB with my Magic Mouse 2 but for some reason it doesn't work in bios or the clover boot screen. It only works after MacOS loads. I'm able to use my logitech keyboard with no problem but I would like also be able to use my magic mouse 2 as well...
  10. raphah96

    MacOS and BIOS clock are not matching... 4 hours difference...

    I installed macOS Catalina last Tuesday, a 100% vanilla installation, so the system is very stable, didn't have any problem so far, except for the clock, that is not matching my BIOS clock. MacOS will always be +4 hours compared to the BIOS, and when I boot to Windows, it uses the BIOS clock, so...
  11. DuGalaxy

    Problem with Clover

    Hi! I em having problems trying to install clover. After the installation, I restart the machine and the drive doesnt appear like a boot option. What can I do to fix it?
  12. osMACfor

    ASUS H110T+8700T+macos10.15

    Hello ,i want to build my hackintosh 10.15 with asus h110t , this mb have two WLAN,and i hear that 8th and 9th cpu can build on it, can any friends share with your bios and efi,sincerely thanks~ here i get some bios version 2002 can install macos ,but@dust261 say that:2002 version BIOS has some...
  13. cmorellato

    Solved > (SOLVED) Black screen/no input on pre boot

    Hey everyone, I really need help. When I enable CSM in BIOS, computer powers on perfectly, boots clover, starts loading Mojave then loses signal on 75% apple logo. When I disable CSM, I lose signal on pre boot/clover screen, but screen comes up perfectly into macOS. CPU i7 4790K + GA-B85M-D3PH...
  14. patchmanimal

    HELP! Can't Install Catalina [Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi | i9-990K | Sapphire Nitro+ 5700 XT]

    I am able to get the apple screen and the initial progress bar. When that first progress bar completes the screen just goes black and nothing else happens. I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a viable solution here. I followed the install guide as close as I could. When I got to the...
  15. Pale

    Help with Clover Bootloader

    I need Help installing High Sierra (with NVIDIA web drivers) or Mojave/Catalina with iGPU, i have a lot of random freezes in clover bootloader, NVRAM problems and random Kernel Panics... at this point I don't know if it is my board or it is me that makes error... I have followed a lot of guides...
  16. oscarix

    please help

    How about someone help me, I want to install mac operating system on a pc dell 390 optiplex but doing all the process of the bootable usb and configuring the bios does not appear to me to put the option AHCI since I see that in several tutorials they select that option but I don't think so...
  17. romanmykytiuk

    Gigabyte Z390M - Empty Clover

    Hey guys. I appreciate the Internet that there is a forum like this where you can share your thoughts and get new knowledge. I bought a new motherboard - Gigabyte Z390M, CPU: i5-9600K, GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Nitro +, RAM: Ballistix 16GB - all from Buyer's Guide here. I changed the bios...
  18. janlin0116

    Error loading operating system

    Hi, nice to meet you guys. Here is my build. CPU:i7-9700k MB:Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite RAM:Crucial DDR4 2666 16GB*2 SSD1:Samsung EVO 970 plus 250GB (for OS) SSD2:Samsung EVO 970 plus 250GB (WIN10 installed) GPU:MSI RX580 8G (bought, still on delivery) POWER: Antec 650W CASE:NZXT H510 Now I'm...
  19. Montukhanna

    High Sierra Unibeast installer rebooting on Inel DH55pj Bios

    Hello, I have been running the macOS Sierra (and previous OS versions as well) without any issues, and I was trying to update to macOS High Sierra Hackintosh on my pc. However, the installation gets stuck at "apfs_module_start: 1279 load:" I was following this guide...
  20. this96

    ASUS Z370G Black Bios Screen

    As the title suggests my Bios is not accessible anymore. I tried resetting the CMOS by removing the battery but that didnt work. I cant flash the BIOS because I cant access it. Basically I am locked out. Does Anyone have a solution?