1. Jsprling

    [Solved] Sierra no longer booting

    So I had a working Sierra build with an old nvidia GPU (One in the 600 series) and I decided to upgrade to a 750ti for triple monitor support. I replaced the old card and the PC would not get past the bios splash screen with it installed so I tried the following: Unplugging all external devices...
  2. Tomifonication

    Trouble with Asus Z170-E UEFI BIOS Settings

    Hey all, I'm just preparing my machine now, and not able to get a clear answer on what settings I'll need for my Asus Z170-E UEFI BIOS. There's pretty varying opinions, and I was just curious if someone can advise we exactly what I'll need to configure. Thanks!
  3. kcleminson

    z77x-ud5h BCM4360CD not working in bios

    Hi, my hack works amazing, everything works, i mean everything... except one thing and its started to really annoying me. My wifi bluetooth card works flawlessly in OS but I can't for the life of me get the magic keyboard to work in bios/boot loader without plugging in a usb cable; this is...
  4. DifferentComputers

    GA-Z170M-D3H BIOS F20 vs. F7? Worth it?

    I've got my Hackintosh running just fine now, but it's not got the latest Gigabyte BIOS update. The docs on the update don't mention anything super important or compelling. Has anyone done this update? Necessary? Worth it? Thanks
  5. jesuisaller

    Thunderbolt card install in z170-a

    Hey, guys. I'm not sure if this belongs in the hardware or bios sections, since its kinda both. System: OS 10.12 Asus Z170-A i5 6600k Asus GTX-1070 Asus Thunderbolt EXII 2x Crucial SSD (one for win, one for osx) boot order is osx first so we can choose windows from clover...
  6. JkayM

    UEFI-Partition in BIOS not visible, after BIOS Settings reset (Sierra 10.12)

    Hi guys, I have just built my first hackintosh. The guide on here is great and clearly understandable, thx for that. Everything works perfectly, besides one thing. After I couldn't open the boot device option in BIOS to install Windows 10, I reseted all the BIOS Settings and restored all the...
  7. gsbence

    macOS modifies my BIOS voltages on Sierra 10.12.2

    Hi everyone! It's my first working hackintosh attempt. :) The only issue I have is when I boot to Sierra, and reboot my PC, the RAM voltage goes insane. (DDR3 2.5V) o_O and resets 2 other voltages to Auto (My OC doesn't work with) MB: Gigabyte X58A-UD7 1.0 F8 CPU: Intel Xeon X5650 @4GHz GPU...
  8. Daravean

    [Solved] HDD not recognised

    Hey there, I just bought an ASUS ROG GL553VW and I'm trying to install Sierra on it. I'm stuck at the formatting the disk part. It doesn't recognise my 256 GB SSD nor my 1 TB HDD. I can only erase my Unibeast USB. What can I do ? I already disabled the BIOS settings below : VT-d, disabled...
  9. mrtoasty97

    Replaced Motherboard can't find EFI Partition in BIOS

    Hello guys, because of a technical issue i had to replace my motherboard (GA Z170X UD5 TH) with a new one (same model). Thankfully I made pictures of my BIOS settings, so i just made everything like I had before. Windows is starting fine and the Windows bootloader is found from my BIOS. When I...
  10. mistikbeaver

    UniBeast Installation USB-Stick not bootable

    Dear, First of all, thanks for having such an active community with mods and admins. Also thanks for taking your time to read through my post. I’ll appreciate your help with my issue greatly! I work in IT Support, so I know my way around PCs quite a bit, but I am pretty fresh to...
  11. spanakorizo

    HP 4530s + i7 quad core , need to update AC adapter for BIOS post?

    Hello , i would post to laptop threads but it's a hardware question so please excuse me. Normally most of the 4530s 15'' laptop come with i3 CPU as you know , this is 35W and the main AC Charge adaptop is 65W for this unit. Recently i purchase an i7 2630QM (45W) from an ebay 100% feedback...
  12. tolekk

    Boot from USB doesn't work on Skylake

    My issue is, that after setting up bios according to the guide, I can't boot Clover from USB, no matter what I try. 1. I rebooted my PC. 2. POST appeared 3. Black screen appears 4. "_" flashes a couple of times 5. BIOS opens up. I've tried to fix it for a while now, and I'd really appreciate...
  13. silvoc

    BIOS not showing up. Power on, LED on, Fans on, no beep.

    Hi, After giving power, the system does not boot and the BIOS is not accessible. The LEDs and fans are on, but there is no beep, and the screen (either VGA or HDMI) is black. The motherboard is an Asus z170 pro gaming. The system worked flawlessly until few hours ago, when I tried to boot from...
  14. skx926

    CSM Support auto enable problem

    I dual boot Sierra and Windows in a same disk with different partitions. It works all good when I turn CSM Support to disabled in BIOS Settings, what strange is that it will be set to enabled a few days later. I'm sure I don't make this change. So anyone know how to disable this option forever?
  15. billyb

    No signal detected - computer turns on but no display output

    I have built a computer (over a year ago) which I originally put yosemite on, which i replaced with Windows 10. However I have now accidentally deleted windows 10 off my hard drive (clever, i know) and i wish to put sierra onto it now. I have a usb with sierra created by unibeast ready to use...
  16. Szoku2003

    How to unlock BIOS on Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro?

    Just Question from tittle.
  17. onx

    Clover do not load mac OS after BIOS update

    Hi! For a long time everything worked perfectly. But after updating BIOS (F5 to F20b) on my Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 Clover can't load Mac OS El Capitan: it's showing Apple logo and blank progress bar for a long time. I tried to load mac OS in recovery mode but the same result. I enable...
  18. krx46

    "Missing Operating System..." + No UEFI USB boot option available

    Hello everyone, so today I made a bootable USB for macOS Sierra using UniBeast. However, when I boot from the USB, I get a "No Operating System" error. I read elsewhere I need to boot from UEFI USB mode. The thing is, in the BIOS I can't select UEFI USB boot mode, only the normal legacy mode...
  19. bmoag

    [Help] Catastrophe: BIOS Dead! GeforceSensors? Dual Boot Separate SSDs

    I would assume this is a power supply problem until proven otherwise. I presume you have made sure all components are seated, the cpu cooler is seated and working and there is no smell of a fried component. If your power supply is failing, a fundamental possible cause of the boot failures your...
  20. BIBIML

    Can't boot clover without usb key

    Hi everyone ! I'm trying to install Sierra on my Desktop. I've created the usb from the Mac of a friend using the guide. I've disabled/enabled all the settings in BIOS(UEFI) as described in the installation guide. But when I select my usb to boot from, all I got is a "error!" line white on a...