1. Slickademo

    Z370 Gaming 7 Bios F12c update

    Anyone else running a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 with the newest Bios update? I upgraded my i7 8700k to an i9 9900k and figured I might as well update the Bios from F11 to F12c. I can't get passed clover into Mac os or get into the install screen. I want to do a fresh installation. Maybe there's...
  2. tnsantos

    [Solved] CMOS RTC Error after reboot

    Hi! I'm having RTC cmos errors after rebooting my hackintosh (mojave 10.14.2). My machine is a HP Elitedesk 800 G3 35w mini desktop, the battery is fine, this error only happens when I reboot from the hackintosh. If I boot from windows or linux, it won't happen. I'm using AppleRTC.kext from...
  3. Mackgregor

    Crash on installation OS X

    Hello, I'm sorry I speak very bad English. :crazy: I received my first Hackintosh config today and I wasted no time getting started. I had already prepared my bootable key a few days ago and I had followed all the recommendations on the forum. Today I started by changing the BIOS settings as...
  4. joan

    Hackintosh Asus Beginner

    Hello Guys, So, basically, I’m running into a problem. I am new in the hackintosh community and I’m right now trying to install High Sierra on my desktop (Win10). Here’s my configuration ; Asus Z87-A Motherboard (BIOS Version 04/19/2013) Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20Ghz nVidia 650GTX EVGA SLI...
  5. bikenbeer

    ASUS ROG Strix H370-I install hangs

    Newbie here, first time build, trying to build a CustoMac for my son. I purchased the following according to the CustoMac guide: ASUS ROG Strix H370-I Gaming Intel Core i3-8100 CPU Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) No GPU - using built in UHD 630 I tried to follow the UniBeast installation...
  6. a1337

    BIOS hangs when using Apple Cinema HD 23" Display USB hub?

    I'm trying to figure out a curious issue that just came up. I recently flashed my BIOS to a newer version, and in doing so it started to hang for quite a while (a few minutes) before booting. After some debugging, I narrowed it down to the built-in USB hub one of my displays, the Apple Cinema HD...
  7. heyyoumen

    z390 i9 9900K Having trouble finishing install

    Hi all, Hope y'all having a great holiday. I've decided to upgrade my system to the MSI Z390 with an i9 9900K and 32 GB (2X 16) 3000Mhz RAM. with my existing GTX 1070. Target drive is a Samsung 960 EVO NVME M.2 SSD. I've previously had a stable rig for about 3 years and never had any major...
  8. flamemanjr

    [HELP] BIOS Settings

    So I have a MSI B360M Pro-VD and was wondering what bios settings do i need to change?
  9. tokia

    macOS does not boot with newer BIOS

    Hello, I have a working macOS 10.14.2 installation as long as the motherboard BIOS version is 3101 or earlier. With any newer BIOS such as 3202, the screen is stuck on "PCI configuration begin". How can I debug this and find the cause? I have compared settings between these versions, compared...
  10. adambarry

    BIOS Questions - Updating to Sierra from stable Mavericks build

    Hi, I currently have the following Mavericks setup (chimera) which has served me well for a number of years without any hiccups, however I am beginning to miss updates on a number of programs I need to use so I think it's time to update. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3GHz Quad Core...
  11. Lucioconner

    mojave usb reading problem

    I have a problem with the reading of mojave usb, my pc does not read me the bootable usb with mojave above you can give me some advice?!?!?! i7 8700 16gb ddr4 ASrock h310m-hdv NVIDIA GE FORCE GTX 1050TI
  12. Lucioconner

    Usb Bios

    I created my mojave usb but my pc does not read it, it tells me that there is not an operating system, I do not want to have to activate something from the motherboard
  13. nassim

    mojave compatibility on the dell optiplex 7020 i5

    i want to install mojave on the optiplex 7020 i5 sff desktop , the desktop form factor is excelent for me and also the motherboard , but i am not really shore is the motherboard and its bios are compatible and how much compatible , i am seeking your help for clearing the fog on this matter .
  14. CuriousMac

    Asus Flashback file names for Intel 6/7/8/9 & x79 Series

    Please use the correct file names for your motherboard for the BIOS Flashback to properly install the update. Related Links: x99 Asus Flashback file names. Asus BIOS Flashback guide. Curious/\/\ac
  15. Jeffreymbu123

    8700K won't boot not even BIOS... overclocking

    Hello, I was overclocking mu CPU and a added a profile for 5.0 GHZ overclocking. my 8700K coffee lake. Whilst rebooting ... well it didn't reboot. The pc light of the on and of switch turned on. But nothing at all happend on the screen. Holding the delete button didn't get me into the BIOS...
  16. MacFreak

    Mojave Installer crash and Rebbot in half way

    Hello.The time has come to assemble the hakeintosh.I bought all the necessary parts from the guide I set everything i can in BIOS right. I followed the installation instructions for mojave, and each time the installer reaches half, the computer restart. My PC while installation : Aorus Ultra...
  17. chro15matic

    Dell motherboard compatibility

    Hello, I have a desktop computer with no operating system. My goal is to install El Capitan and dedicate this machine to avid media composer (video editing). I've run into some issues getting this to work, and I've tried troubleshooting to the best of my abilities. The main specs are...
  18. visamac

    Z370 Bios & i9 9900k instead of 390

    Hello, As the Z390 Chip is already not fully supported I consider to buy the old gigabyte z370. My question: for i9 support you need a Bios update on the z370. Lets say this ist possible with a old CPU to Start the update. Could this cause the same problems as a Z390 Board regarding the...
  19. clarkdv

    H61N-USB3 upgrading from i3 to i5

    I have a Gigabyte H61N-USB3 with a i3-2105 currently running High Sierra. I'm about to remove the i3 and install a i5-3570K. Is that all I need to do or do I need to set anything differently in the BIOS? Thanks!
  20. strych

    [Solved] BIOS not detecting UEFI partition

    A little backstory. Plugged my friend's presumably dead SSD in my desktop to see if there was anything I could do, while my other drives were plugged in—two SSDs, one with High Sierra and the other with Windows, and an HDD for my data. Since I plugged it in, the bootloader in neither of my SSDs...