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  1. Rasala

    OpenCore Progress bar stuck at apple logo

    Hi, I have a problem, I made a pendrive to make a hack (monterey, I use opencore) and everything works normally, I start the computer, the inscriptions appear, the menu appears, I choose the macos installation, for a moment I have a black screen and then the apple logo and a progress bar appear...
  2. integra00gsr

    Catalina USB wont boot past Apple logo

    Hey all, I did some searching, and found some similar posts, but nothing with a solution yet unfortunately. Whenever I try to boot from the USB to install Catalina, it goes to the Apple logo and then sits on the logo forever. One of the errors suggested I was having an issue with unpacking the...
  3. monkey4k

    << Solved >> High Sierra won't Boot. Stuck halfway on Apple Logo

    Hey Guys, I have been running my High Sierra built for quite a while now without any problem. This morning I tried to boot and it showed me the Apple Logo. The progress bar fills halfway and then the screen turns black and stays like that. If I boot in verbose mode, even if I hit Spacebar on...
  4. mickmcgurk

    Catalina stuck at Apple Logo

    Hello all. I am on my first build and I've had a a lot of head scratching (banging) trying to figure it all out. I have followed the Catalina install using the Unibeast method and all was going well. I installed it from the USB and then onto a SSD. TAAADAA! All was well with the world and it...
  5. reecevdw

    Stuck at Apple Logo with no progress bar

    I can not get Catalina to install on my PC. I just get stuck at an apple Logo with no progress bar, so I ran it with nv_disable=1 -v to show y'all the errors. I have disabled 3rd party USB 3.2 controller I have disabled VT-d
  6. rcampillo1

    Help Please !!! ... Catalina OS Reboots just when first Apple logo shows up !!!

    Hello Forum !!! I need your help to solve the problem I have with the Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3 upgrade !!! I have been doing FRESH installs from USB which go OK without any error until they finish !!! In all of them I restored my personal Apple account data and applications from a time machine...
  7. swapnilbennington

    Bios Ver. 1.5.0 problem while installing Hackintosh Catalina on Dell Inspiron 15 5593

    Hey Guys, So i've a problem with the installation of hackintosh on my Dell Laptop (Inspiron 15 5593 model). When I goto clover boot loader and flash the Catalina Mac OS, the installation stops at the apple logo and nothing loads up. But when i flash it on my other PC which has a older version...
  8. brownknee

    (RESOLVED) Slow boot on apple logo 10.13.6

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh running for a few months now just fine, but it is starting to boot really slowly recently. I've looked and tried a few fixes, that shaved off about half of the loading time, but now Im stuck. I've disabled TRIM added config.plist/Boot/Debug=false Initially the...
  9. ByKiwito

    Stopped loading bar while installing Mojave.

    Hello! I have entered Hackintosh world few weeks ago. Now during the installation, I select the EFI device, and I select "Boot to install Mojave". It start but the loading bar still without moving of the starting. I have done everything that it's says on the guide to install Mojave on an ASRock...
  10. mrxhaos

    Stuck in apple loop when installing

    Hi, I am having issues trying to install sierra in my Hp 15-cx0056wm laptop. I will attach the -v screen error. I have tried so many different settings, boot args, but nothing seems to work. (Inject USB, fix header, common solutions found in other posts.) If someone can give me a hand...
  11. Hernandah

    Need Help - Stucked on Apple logo while installing

    Hi there! I was following many guides as there are not a clear one for z390 chipset, so I followed z370 ones as they may be really similar. First I tried with Tonymac one, but I got stucked on the apple logo. This also happened to me with every guide I followed, not even a load bar. I also...
  12. hugh.thomson

    [Solved] Stuck on apple logo no progress bar

    I've tried taking my 750ti out and using intel built in graphics as well as checking USB Ownership and USB injection, I still get stuck on the apple logo and no progress bar comes up. Any ideas?
  13. Matt21321

    Issues installing High Sierra

    Hi, I am new to working with Mackintoshes and I need some help. I have tried using unibeast to install the software, clover and others but I get the same issue. It opens up the clover boot, but when I tell it to boot on the flash drive, only the apple logo comes up and it doesn't go away. If...
  14. rigelsikeq

    Hackintosh installation stuck before installer

    Hello everyone, i am trying to make my first Hackintosh work. I was able to follow the Guide up until i need to get to the installation of MacOS. My Installation gets stuck all the time at the same point and i can't get further. I was able to make some screenshots with verbose mode where it...
  15. Idkwhattheasd


    I'm very very very new to the Hackintosh modding/fourms side of things but I've followed a guide and I keep on gettings stuck on the Apple Logo or Apple Logo with progress bar and my USB flash drive stops blinking which means its not reading/writing data. I have tried reinstalling but it does...
  16. aalam5552471

    White Apple logo screen then reboot before installation

    Ive done everything properly like creating a bootable disk in mac os with the official high sierra from the app store and using unibeast. Ive used a range of boot arguments. i can stop it from rebooting by using the debug argument but it doesnt boot at all. my specs are DELL Inspiron 5770 Intel...
  17. punkoli

    High Sierra Install - Apple Boot Logo Freezes (Stuck On Apple Logo)

    Go to Install High Sierra and Apple boot logo freezes, followed the instructions very carefully but feel there maybe something simple Im missing. Tried this from similar thread: " Download EFI Mounter v3 and Clover Configurator Use EFI Mounter to mount the EFI partition on your flash drive...
  18. jordesqu

    OsxAptioFixDrv - Freezing boot

    Background: I have an HP touchscreen laptop. It’s a small little “convertible” one. I made an OSX installer using unibeast, and it wouldn’t even boot into it on the little HP. I took the HDD out of the HP, installed OS X into it using a different laptop that would actually boot into clover...
  19. Pooya511

    Asusn552vw Fresh Install Stuck at Apple Logo

    Hi I'm trying to install fresh Hackintosh but I get stuck at apple logo. My Laptop Config: Asusn552vw i7 6700HQ 4k Display GTX 960M VT-d is disabled. Smart Boot is disabled. There is no config for disabling graphic card. There is no I/O port config in my bios as you can see in attached images...
  20. BrownNimrod

    Setup reboots after apple logo

    I have been trying to install macos high sierra on my pc and have encountered a problem. Clover boots from the usb but when i select mac os setup, the apple logo comes up w/o the loading bar. It stays for 10 seconds and then the system reboots. Sometimes a stop sign shows after the apple logo...