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  1. fufulord

    macOS 10.12 Sierra Installer has been removed from the App Store.

    Where do I download it now?
  2. cyberdogg

    If Apple removed Sierra from the App Store, what do?

    This blog is claiming it's gone! A few people noting this here: So what am I to do as someone with El Capitan but wants to upgrade? Instead of...
  3. DanielmnB

    I Want A Hackintosh :D

    Hello people of the internets, I've been a freelance producer for just under a year now and i've done all my producer work on a macbook pro with okay specs, nothing too flashy, but it's starting to get a bit old now. I'm also an avid gamer but I had to sell my old gaming rig to pay rent (I know...
  4. faxu189

    [Solved] App Store Not Opening - macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    I was successful installed macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and updated to 10.12.6, but when I try to open App Store, this simply not open, only "bounce" once a time the icon and no window appears My ethernet device is on en0, the serial number on SMBIOS is unused, i have readed that it's necesary.. It's...
  5. qughzx

    Cannot sign into app store - Laptop does not have Ethernet interface

    10.12.2 OS VER It's my first time around here trying to Hackintosh my ASUS laptop. I tried Googling and looking through threads searching for help. managed to fix lots of things with my laptop but there's this one thing that is still bothering me for hours and is refusing to be fixed.. I am...
  6. Sushiman133

    Add SSDT on BIOS system

    After a mostly successful installation of Mac OS Sierra on my computer in Legacy boot mode (My computer is from 2009 and does not support UEFI), I was not able to get my ethernet adapter working and an ethernet adapter is needed to use the app store. How do I use the NullEthernet kext if I don't...
  7. OlliverAira

    Appstore, Messages, FaceTime not accepting log in.

    Hi, once and once again, sorry for posting so much xD Trying to get everything working iTunes & Mail works fine, also I was able to log in on iCloud on system preferences, but I can't log into Appstore, Messages & FaceTime. In "about this Mac" > System Reports > Ethernet Cards I have... Type...
  8. Sniki

    Apple Makes iMovie, GarageBand, and iWork Apps for Mac and iOS Free for All Users

    Hey Everyone, Just spotted this news post on macrumors and i thought it would be great idea to share it here to everyone iWork (Pages,Number,Keynote),iMovie & GarageBand now free for all Users :thumbup: Source...
  9. Ajbros2

    Cannot Boot from my El Capitan SSD no more :(

    I was trying to fix my icloud, facetime and imessage on my hackintosh by following iDiot's Guide to imessage. I created a new config.plist file and instead of choosing mac pro (what i originally put to define the system) i chose imac 4790k to see if that would solve the problem I tried and...
  10. Cyrano22

    [SOLVED] Sierra App Store Login Issue - iCloud and iTunes are working fine...

    Hi everyone, Today I installed Sierra on my hackintosh. The system is stable and running great, however I noticed I cannot download apps from the App Store. I can sign in to iCould and listen to my library on iTunes via Apple Music but I cannot download anything from the App Store. For your...
  11. HackuStar

    [Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-791G] The device or computer couldn't be verified in App Store

    Hello, for some reason I can't seem to log in to App Store. I am using HoRNDIS usb tethering using my phone's wifi. I tried removing all networks and NetworkInterfacs.plist, tried changing my serial, didn't work. Any suggestions?
  12. ChrisXC

    AMD-Action:authenticate:SP no downloading from App Store

    Fresh install of Sierra on a SSD. Works fine, but I cannot download apps from the App Store. After giving my logging info I get: An unexpected error occured while signing in AMD-Action:authenticate:SP I looked around and found that it is a known issue with regular macs (not very frequent). It...
  13. ecosee

    App Store Access with USB WiFi

    Hi... Sorry for the NewB question. I have built my very first computer ever and decided to build a Hackintosh. I'm super happy with it and only have two issues I have not resolved. I am running Sierra 10.12.1 and using Clover Configurator to make fixes. THE FIRST ISSUE I bought the BMC94532Z...
  14. mrkiller808

    Mac App store app upp updates

    Can i update my applications on my hackintosh and not break the system?
  15. Spencer7220

    Can't download the installer

    I can't download the installer for macOS Sierra on my genuine Mac, so I can't really create a Unibeast bootable drive to use on other computers. I get the error shown below when I try to download it from the Mac App Store. Is there any way to get around this or download it from Apple another way?
  16. iNeed-Downloads

    Can't Install Apps from App Store

    Problem When I try to install XCode from the mac app store I get an error when signing into my apple id stating that my device can't be verified. Error Message An unexpected error occurred while signing in. Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance. Specs...
  17. alexander750

    issues, issues, issues...

    After a reinstall, finally got Sierra up and running on this beast, but it still feels very much like a kludge. As I suspected, one needs to use KextBeast—simply dropping the kexts into the appropriate folders won't work. I'm using the iMac10,1 sysdef and DSDT for my Gigabyte board. Clover is...
  18. Darkdragon105

    "App was purchased on another computer" on every reboot since 10.11

    So here I am, admitting to myself that I can't do this alone, posting on a forum for the first time. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Ever since I upgraded to El Capitan (10.11) I have been plagued with this stage bug/glitch, in which every app downloaded form the App Store...
  19. CastleNtheSky

    [solved] App Store Fix - I've tried EVERY tutorial... :(

    Hey Guys, I'm a lurker who has been dabbling with building a hackintosh for quite some time. Well I've finally gotten around to it and have everything working EXCEPT the App Store validation. I've deleted the network preferences files. I've modified the Clover boot loader to register the en0...
  20. HDDAW88

    Can I submit app to the app store from hackintosh. Will Apple detect it that it is compiled from non

    Hi Guys I'm wondering, if Apple will reject app submitted from hackintosh ? Has this ever happen to you ?